Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thoughts !

Sometimes in the least  expected place you can find love,
or reminders of  it.
I  found it in a photo I had taken of a candle.
Right there is the symbol of  love.
Lately I have read some incredible posts about people and their families going through different circumstances!
Some of it has stopped me in my tracks, my heart aching for their pain, their sorrow, their loved ones.
I  bow down to some that face the fights of their lives with such courage,
such wisdom, such grace and such overwhelming  trust in a higher power.
I have read or seen of such unselfish acts of kindness and love,
acts of encouragement and support.
acts of friendship and fellowship.
and I have felt inadequate in searching for the right words to say what I am feeling!
 And because of all these feelings I have had.
I pray for the strength to not question or ask why, or how come,
I will be silent when I want to shout out in anger Why?
Why Do Bad things Happen To Good People?
Today I embrace prayer, that in days to come,
that people who are sick feel no pain,
that people that are sad can remember reasons to laugh,
that families that are torn apart can come together,
that a harsh word yet umspoken can be replaced with a loving word..
I also pray that we do not take for granted one moment.
And I pray today is a day filled with much laughter for us all.

I hope we all have Our Very Best of  Days!


  1. a heart shaped flame that reached out and grabbed your attention and helped you add a little inspiration into our lives are an angel and I'm going to try laughing a lot and tomorrow....yes, especially tomorrow !

  2. That is a really cool picture of a candle flame, a heart shape reaches each of us in some way. Your warm words in this post are a good setting for your picture.

  3. You have a kind heart...and it's no wonder that you wonder (as do we all at one time or the other) why bad things happen to good people.
    I continue to think of you...and I hope that you feel the thoughts, my friend.
    Hugs to you from Jackie
    (I love the heart shape in the flame...!!)

  4. a beautiful prayer cindy -beautiful.

    and sometimes the best things are in the unsaid too. never worry about saying what is best, just the heartfelt.

  5. I say this prayer along with you...

    May we all be filled with serenity, love, and hope in the days to come...

  6. I too have read so many sad stories of those fighting for their lives and for those who have lost loved ones, so much sadness and sickness in this world.....I join my prayers with yours for all of those good people who have had bad things happen to them.....:-) Hugs

  7. Pray from the heart, speak from the heart...
    Seek with the heart, embrace with the heart.

    I join your prayers.

  8. Oh wow did this give you chills!!!Beautiful!!
    I have been following you for a little while and I would like to invite you to follow me if you want that is at

  9. Thank you Cinner....beautiful post! Love and laughter is surely the best answer to all questions!!

  10. Wonderful post Cinner!
    Very touching to my heart!

    Sending you a hug across the miles!

  11. SueAnn, I just wish sometime I did not have so many questions.

    Gayle, yes I did become a follower of your blog. I love the picture of you and your grandson. Take care.

    Cora, thanks Cora, be well.

    Claire, thanks, hope all is great with you.

    Bernie, I know, it really can shake you up a bit. hugs to you.

    Cam that would be great if all could be. take care

    Char, yes heartfelt, sometimes does not seem quite enough.

    Jackie, I left a message on your blog today, I am thinking about you too. thanks.

    Beth, sometimes I think we all need some inspiration. take care.

    TechnoBabe, Ribbon got me noticing hearts all over the place. hope you are well.

  12. these are good thoughts, cinner. not that people are hurting, but that we have a choice of attitude and prayer. good night to you!

  13. How beautiful and kind you are. Thank you for sharing your blessings and prayers :)

  14. Caroline, I just came from your blog, your the beautiful one, we can do anything.

    Dani, good night to you too, we do have choices of attitude and prayer. Thanks for visiting. I was at your blog, why do I have trouble leaving comments...?


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