Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They were Here!

Our fine city has been abuzz for the last few days,
   the Olympic Torch would be ran through parts of the downtown area ,
      and then continue on heading West to Vancouver.
     The streets and downtown were literally  lined with people.
Showing thier pride by wearing Red and by being involved and showing their support for the Torch runners!
as a little child of six said, This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!
She said she felt that the whole world had shown up to watch.
The atmosphere really was like a party, so festive, so joyous,
I watched from my house on the news. Once it ended I thought wow,
There had been so much excitement, it was a great feeling!
I felt proud to be a Canadian!
The above picture is courtesy of
It made me think how very beautiful this world is.
Soon I hope to be out taking pictures again.
I am almost over my cold, breathing better,
embracing each day,
each moment!


  1. I'm proud to be an honorary Canadian, eh?
    How cool is that, Cinner - the Olympic torch!
    Pretty pic, too!

  2. Yahoo! that is way cool :)

    I'm looking forward to viewing the winter olympics from down here.

    x Ribbon

  3. I had a laugh the other day when I saw an ad on television, saying that the TV station was going to cover every Australian Medal. I thought "what all 2 of them" Not knocking our sports men and women at all it just we aren't really a winter sports country.

    I have never been to Canada but I fell in love with it when I was studying my degree in Tourism. If could no longer be Australian, I would chose to be Canadian.

  4. Sorry you are sick but glad you are some better!

    The torch came through our city years ago. I remember so well! They run by the bank where I we all had on our t-shirts commemorating the event. We locked the doors of the bank and stood with everyone else along the street with our flags in hand waving them high. A very emotional event and one thats not likely to happen again! Thanks for spuring a memory!

  5. the torch running always amazes gives me chills almost of something so much bigger than we are....

    and FEEL better....if I were there I'd be making you pots and pots of hot tea !

  6. Such a beaitiful picture of winter wonderland!
    Glad you are feeeling better, Cinner!
    Take good care!



    And I am embracing you, and all you mean tome and SO many.

    Love you girl

  8. Such excitement. Sounds great and how wonderful for you to feel pride in your country. The Olympics in your area is indeed once in a lifetime exciting event. Take care and heal from your cold.

  9. i remember having one of the soccer venues in Birmingham during the Atlanta games - it is a great sense of pride.

    hope you're having a beautiful day.

  10. I went out to watch the torch pass through St. Albert yesterday and oh the excitement in the air and all the happy was electric and I felt very proud and happy to be Canadian.......:-) Hugs

  11. Thank you for sharing your joy with us...and I share the joy for you...your American neighbor hopes that the Olympics will be the best EVER!

  12. Hi Cinner,
    Good things happen to good people, I was just on Monica's "The White Bench" and saw that you won some of her beautiful will love them for she sent me one last year. Congratulations!

    Wishing you the best,

  13. what a proud moment!


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