Friday, January 15, 2010

How Much Can You Put In Here?

I am in my filing cabinet up to my neck.
I am a pack rat for papers. and pictures, and information
that is never looked at again until
I go through it until the next time.
I keep saying I need to get organized.
I have been off work for seven years now,
and my organizational skills have left the building.
Those days of having everything just so
are long gone.
So in my little room I also have all my art supplies,
my clothes closet, my computer,
storage for the vacumme.
It has become a lovely disaray of chaos.
But it is my chaos.
Sometimes it feels like the weight of an elephant,
that is why there on my picture.
I have seen some of your work spaces
and I think oh how lovely,
I could be more productive there.
So today I am embracing clutter
with the goal to get my office in some semblance of an office.
So if you do not hear from me,
I am somewhere in there.
How bad is my room
my niece may still be there from her last visit
on a mattress she insists on throwing down,
hard to tell but it actually curls up on the wall.
going, going, gone
hey kiddo get up, get up.
you can help me clean this shite up!
If you have any ideas,
I would love to hear them.....
Until then, take care!


  1. Dear Cinner -
    I have simply outgrown my current surroundings.
    The blogging, the diet, the fitness, the treadmill...
    9 months ago that it would just be a phase, I thought.
    I remember hoping that I would remember to check on my progress every so often. I never dreamed I would be so involved that it would change my life.
    So my answer is to get a 2 bedroom place that holds my treadmill, my computer and my protein shakes....none of which I had (or used) a year ago!

  2. I like how you say it is your chaos. Yours. You own it and you get to have it the way you want to. Yeah.I say right on.

  3. Suggestions? Nope!! I have my own chaos that I own and deal with every day! Sigh!! I don't know if I am proud or blind? LOL!! So sorry I couldn't be of more help!! But I find a certain comfort in my clutter and chaos. So it stays for now that is.

  4. sheesh...where does all the stuff come from anyhow ? what a mess I have too...
    maybe february will bring to me some major filing and de-cluttering while I watch the olympics....YES, that sounds good ! I'll write that on my to-do list that I might find again in june :(

  5. Don't get buried too deep and come up for air soon! I say throw out what you don't need......
    Take care :)

  6. Keep it simple, what you don't use, need or enjoy just get rid of it.....someone else may want it but don't wait on them too long. This stuff just mulitiplies, I know I clean mine out every Spring and I can't believe it's almost that time again.....:-) Hugs

  7. Bernie, It does multiply, and yes where is the time going. Take care, have a good weekend.

    Cora, that is the thing, my house is too tiny to hold onto too much stuff...I have always been a country cottage kinda girl, maybe I can become a minimalist.

    Beth you make me laugh, You will find your note in June. lol. In june I better be outside and not thinking of any of this what did I do today....nothing, and watching it did not change a darn thing. lol. Have a good weekend/

    SueAnn, if I move things or file them or put them in new hiding spots. I swear I can never find a thing. Heres to having our own chaos. Have a great weekend.

    TechnoBabe, it is my Chaos, I think I need a better storaage system...Like those little rooms at Ikea where everything is just mistook myself for someone that has extra money. lmao. Have a great weekend.

    Anne, I think you will love your new place, it sure has been a life change for you. I really am so very proud of you, Take care, you will have to tell me about these protein shakes,,,,as a large and in charge woman I know nothing about Hug to you.


    Sift and sort......prioritize. Keep saying those three words until it makes sense to YOU.

    Love you

  9. Hi Cinner:

    I know you will find your way through. I bet that mattress is comfy on the floor. Your niece surely looks it.

    sending lots of positive vibes your way.

    one love.

  10. I say stick with the chaos, it's more fun... and if you do decide to sort it out you will only find a 'treasures' and decide you need to keep EVERYTHING!!

  11. I always say take it in very small bites and try not to get overwhelmed with it

  12. Someone told me once if there is a task you hate doing to set a timer for 15 minutes and you can stop when the timer goes off or continue on..but at least you worked on it for 15 minutes...Now if I can just go upstairs and work on my file cabnit tomorrow..


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