Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Is With This!

Hi, My Name is Cinner and I am addicted to changing my blog designs on a continuos basis,
I am not sure and try to refrain from such odd behavior,
What am I looking for, I have no idea,
I do have to admit that every time I change it I do learn something.
So once again in the middle of the night
I have succombed to the trials and tribulations
finding the right design,
abstaining thus far from learning any coding...
but I have a feeling I may take a course in the future for that.....
So one of these days I will get it together and stick to the same one,
blog design that is.....

oh I could go to other places with this but that is for another day.
Another thought, I watched a bit of  TV today ,
and I have to say some of these reality shows are just getting ridiculous.
after surfing I found one show about a couple,
suddenly they were in a suntan booth spraying everywhere,
and then he was having a brazilian wax.
I turned from that show rather quickly.
then turned to some Real Ladies of some County,
I don't know but it did not appear too  lady like to me!
I felt like I was watching wrestling on T.V.
then there is Brooke Knows Best,
I don't think so!
but it is not for me to judge right,
It is just my opinion!
and with that in mind,
I  turned the T.V. off
and took my dogs for a walk.
No brazilian waxes or wrestling matches occurred.
Note to self.
no more watching T.V. during the weekend during  the daytime!
Have a great weekend.
What is your opinion on these reality shows, I would love to hear from you.
Until next week.
Take care.


  1. I love your new design! Though the black print on the royal blue is hard to read!! I try to steer clear of the reality shows. But I do like Heidie Klum's Runway show. I love to see the designs but the drama can be a little much!! LOL!!!

  2. addicted to blog designs....IS NOT A BAD THING AT gambling, that's a bad addiction :)

    anyhow...I love reality TV...BUT have NEVER NEVER watched the ladies of whatever county and refuse to...

    but big brother, american idol, the bachelor, etc.....oh lord, I'm right there in the front row hogging the clicker and giving ugly looks to any family that might be thinking it's time to change the channel !!

  3. I've watched the women of whatever from time to time but have been horrified that people with that much money do such silly things.

    but i am with beth - i adore big brother and bachelor.

  4. Totally ridiculous...I say. It may be reality to some but not in my world!

    I do watch Project Runway for the artistic design aspect and the creativity coming from the artist. But their winners are not always my choice!...thats about it for reality shows for me. Unless you count shows like Extreme HOme Makeover, where they actually help someone.
    Other than that I like simple TV...the way it used to be!
    Have a good Sunday Cindy!

  5. Hi Cinner, your description of what is shown on TV as entertainment reminds me of one of the reasons I do not have TV and do not miss any of it. What a waste of time. Good for you to turn it off. The colors in your blog are beautiful.

  6. Cinner I haven't got a clue what these TV shows are, but boy, do you make me laugh! I read about the man getting the wax I started snorting! Big fella thought a travelling zoo was going past! ((hugs))

  7. Oh I love this new look, I think I need a course as I am not good at doing things like this at all and I am definitely due for a change.
    I do not like reality shows at all and if sports were not on during the weekend I wouldn't even turn the TV on. I also love a good movie though even if I have seen it before. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday cinner,........:-) hugs

  8. Hiya, Cinner - I am glad you are a blog changer!
    We are shapeshifters and blog changers, eh?

  9. Aunt Cindy Im addicted to reality TV shows, well they are not actually true reality so it is hilarious to watch. Love Brooke knows best, real houswives of New Jersey, OC ect, Jersey Shore, Real World they are all awesome lol. You have to just laugh watching them because they are so ridiculous. Love ya

  10. Cindy, I'm sooo impressed with your blog changing. Teach me how!! ;))
    I don't watch much TV....if I do, it's shows that most people don't like to watch (Forensic Files, Dr. G...I love medical programs...programs that deal with real-life mystery solving.) I don't watch any reality me, it's boring....but to each his/her own. That's what makes life interesting!!
    Love the lavendars and blues here!
    Smiles a bunch,

  11. I like what Anne said, "Shape Shifters and blog changers." I think you'd agree with me that one is much easier than the other....btw, these are some of my fav colors!!! nd the dried flowers on the left are called, "Love In A Mist" and are one of my favorites!

  12. Your blog is different every time I visit and I love it. You must be the HTML expert

  13. Liss , no expert here darlin, just copy and paste, I don't even know how to make mine 3 colums...but I have figured the rest out and I made my own buttons for the side, so that was fun.
    I think it is called the winter boredoms. ha ha! hope you are well liss, and by the way I call you an honorary Canadian, are you still in Tourism....Take care.

    Holly, I definately agree one is easier than the other....although Anne is inspiring me, man she is right into it , no wonder she looks so great,,,,and she did not even have to pay me a quarter for that...I sent you an email today. please get back to me, your envelope came back to me on Friday... i love the colors too. are you itching to get out in the flowers and play, i can hardly wait, thanks for letting me know the name of the flowers on the side. they are pretty. hope you are well. hugs to you.

    khande, yes I know they are ridiculous, I have enough reality of my own,,,,like a niece that goes to mexico for seven weeks and has not even called to say how she was doing, Are you recovering from all the fun, or are you homesick now for Luis. I will phone you since it is on my dime...let me know when is a good time. are you back in School yet? Mom said they were sure glad to see you kids, mom as in your Mom. miss you poohkey. bLAH, bLAH, BLAH!!11

    aNNE, HA, HA, Shapeshifters and Blogchangers,,,,how bout video Babes, because your singing in the car was just awesome, I think you like playing for the camera, cause you always got that twinkle for us at the end...which I love....Oh Johnny yu were giving it.

    Jackie, I will if you know how to copy and paste we can do it no problem. I will put it together and send you an email. Oh I love all the law and orders, csi, without a trace, etc.
    my favorite is Extreme Makeover home edition,,,I HOPE you are well. I will work on those directions for you. if you like....big hug, oh and chug a lug the water....!

    Bernie, I might just send you a step by step how list,,,,or Bernie when you are in Edmonton, you could come here and I could teach you or help you with it. but you have to let me know, so I can clean house first....just a thought. I will send the list first. Hope you are well and have a good week.hugs to you.;

    Clairedulalune, so your a snorter are you....big fella be know I just can not imagine having that done in front of the cameras....well any time really, unlesS i WAS ever about to wear a thong....start snorting! have a great day Claire..hugs to you, c

    Cora, not my reality either. Like you I am an Extreme Makeover Lover. they do such good on that show, last night they had Kelly Pickler on it, I just love her. She was right in there helping too. Always make me cry because they are so happy. but they are good tears. take care...Is your pet sitting over?

    Char, when I was working all the girls talked about Big Brother, so I finally watched and after 5 minutes I was so is crazy what they do with money, it would be nice to see them do some charity work with some of it....just my opinion....even if I ever had lots of many, I don't think it would change me too much....maybe I have been a coupon clipper for too long now. lol. Have a great week.

    Beth, you remote control hogger you....I do like American Idol...when my husband is home if there is sports of any kind I lose my clicker pretty quick. But then I can sit and harass him, every once in a while I impress him when I say something about I must be learning something...although I will never admit it to him. Have a great week. take care.

    SueAnn, I changed the color just for you. thanks for letting me know. Oh I have not watched that one...I think I have enough reality of my own. lol. take care, have a wonderful week. thanks for all your comments and visits. Hugs to you.

  14. I love the colourful vibrancy of your new background - it's lush! But I liked the last background too.

    I am just like you - I spent hours on Thursday evening looking for a new template and background for my blogger blog, but the more I look, the more frustrated I get. It's the template that's bugging me at the moment. I need to get more savvy and figure out how to do my own code changes.

    Enjoy playing, coz I enjoy seeing what you've been up to!


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