Monday, January 18, 2010


Well just a quick update today on a few things.
First I wish I were sitting in my yard looking at my flowers,
but instead here is the next best thing!
About a week ago I did a post on Newspaper art and how intrigued I was by it.
Maybe you remember the post of  the Snowy Owl.
Well anything I tried to do with mine looked like a joke in the making,
so thus I have nothing to show you.
I did make a big mess, they say the messier the merrier,
I was frustrated by the time I took all my papers,
scrunched them into a ball, and put them in the recycling bin.
Anyway a very quiet weekend,
watched the Globe Awards last night,
no surprises there,
other than Mel Gibsons introduction.
I am resting today as I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.
They do tire me out, so will be back on Wednesday.
Enjoy your day, may it be your very Best!


  1. Wow! The colorful flower in the header is a waker-upper. Lovely color. Vibrant.
    Best wishes for your doctor visit tomorrow.

  2. Oh well at least you tried!
    Hope your appointment goes well.
    Will visit later......

  3. Lovely photo! And yes...Mel's such bad taste, but so funny too. Gotta love that British humor (and I do!!!). Hope all goes well at the Dr.

  4. take good care of yourself and have a good appointment tomorrow. xox

  5. Mel Gibson is Australian not British, I didn't watch the globes but I am going to have to know to find out what Mel said.

    Take it easy.

  6. making messes is sometimes better than actually creating anything at's a learning process I always say :)

    the golden globes....the best part was ricky gervais....gosh I love him !

    good luck at your appointment !

  7. ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
    pretty poppies, cinner!

  8. Beautiful flowers!!! Makes me wish this snow away and spring to come!! Please!!!!! Good luck on your doctor's visit!

  9. your blog is beautiful, as usual.
    i am hoping you got the rest you deserve. : )


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