Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Being Silly!

Some days we don't need any reasons for being silly!
One of the nephews got back at some of the Uncles at Christmas!
He even got back at one of his cousins,
One size does not fit all!
The other Uncle thought he was forgotten,
but no he got his turn!
Anyway it was all worth the laugh!
And if any of them see this,
 I  would hate to see what they would get for me!
Today I am just resting after my appointment yesterday,
all went well, just a little tired.
Tell me if strange presents are given at Christmas,
and is there usually one fellow that is the culprit,
or is it you?
Have a great day!


  1. Those are great gifts!! No we don't do strange presents at Christmas. But there is always a present or two that was secretly wished for and they receive it. Lots of tears usually ensue. I am the culprit in that department...I seek and find. LOL!!

  2. Too funny sister, that was good you hadn't told me about that! I am sure your man was howling. thankyou for helping me with my bog setup. love you, u must come down soon!!

  3. I'm glad you're appt. went well and YES....we do crazy stuff like this too !

  4. what fun!! i'm so glad that your appointment went well, that's always happy news.

    we're pretty straight forward with our gifts as we do not exchange much really.

  5. I like giving the silly schtuff! I usually try for at least one fooferaw for each recipient.

    Nice post, Cinner! Thanks for the smile!!

  6. So glad your appointment went well!

    I think all boxers that fancy should be worn over the pants, haha.

    Yes, we do exchange some crazy gifts in our family. My husband and I have never gotten each other 'normal' gifts. One year, we had to open them before we woke up our little one because they were completely inappropriate for Christmas. haha. We are just cool like that, I guess.

    I love a crazy gift, don't you?


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