Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soon in Spring will come the Roses!

This is one of my pictures I had painted and I edited it tonight,
and added all the roses, changed the tint,
fooled around with it and well it is still my horses!
I watched a show the other night on t.v.
and I was very saddened by what I saw.
I never knew the extent of the wild horses running the range.
It made my heart ache when I was listening to the controversy/
I don't know all the facts, these horses need to run free.
That is my opinion!
Here is a poem I wrote tonight!
It was a long, rough, winter,
Due to the deep snow,
the digging for food was  harder than the last few.
There had been freezing rain, that froze over the snow like solid blankets of ice!
We would jump and try to dig, to no avail.
The Spring thaw arrived two days later!
We were happier than we had been in a while,
Now we will have  food to access.
Our spirits soared,
we could be horses,
running and playing for hours,
needing nothing but to continue the circle of life.
As i ran to the meadow,
my muscles rippled,
I could hear the pounding of my hooves echoing in the valley,
The fresh air at my face,
I had been captured once before,
Luckily I broke from the fenced in area.
Today I am free, I run, I neigh,
I am with the herd in the wild,
Many of the others have gone,
being taken away in trucks,
we are not sure what happens to them when they are taken
by the men that come in the trucks and guns...
Today we have not seen them,
so we will run in the meadow,
and eat pink flowers,
And we shall live as wild horses do,
In the wild!
I love horses, I love cowboys, I love caring souls that treat the horses right.
In the last few years there have been issues of finding horses and cattle,
that have been badly neglected, starving,
some abandoned in trailers for a couple days
while someone has gone for help.
I had met a lady last winter that takes horses into her barns
and helps them back to health when they come to her when they are so sick.
She was a very interesting woman,
you could tell she was just full of love for them..

Sorry I did not mean to ramble,
I really just wanted to show you the new picture.
Please give all you can to help in Haiti,
even if it is just in prayers.
I watched Oprah today
and it just broke my heart.
I pray for strength, for the people of Haiti,
We can all help in some way!
I learned a lot about Haiti today,
I learned of a very strong courageous people.
I  can not remember the mans name on Oprah today
but he was from there and his accounts of how things truly are,
is a reason I can't sleep tonight.
Those tears that rolled down his face were  so genuine..
I  hope in the days to come that
some of the tears can be replaced by a renewed hope and joy.
I am going to bed and dreaming of meadows with flowers,
where Haiti children can play and  feel once again like children,
If I could I would be there and hug them and smell the flowers together.
For now I sleep!


  1. Beautiful poem, Cinner.
    I can tell you care alot - about horses, and Haiti, and people - all kinds of things!

  2. Loved the poem. To see and hear of mistreatment of animals breaks my heart. I am thankful there are those who care for these abused creatures.
    I just can't imagine what the Haitians are going through. It is all so overwhelming...I have donated but it seems so insignificant when I see the magnitude of their plight! So sad!

  3. WOW! Cinner - Simply beautiful and amazing! Your background is absolutely gorgeous, your painting is outstanding!

    Keep moving forward!!

  4. you little writer/poem creater/painter you !!!
    talent my friend...talent !

    and I watched oprah, too...and oh my heart is just aching.....

  5. it is heartbreaking what is happening



    Beautifil artwork - the strength of the lines of the horses blended with the innocence and beauty of their style and surroundings is truly lovely.Yo are so gifted.

    And I SO love horses too. I bought one for Kristie, my daughter, when she was 10. A chestnut Appaloosa. She was beautiful and strong. We had her for 10 years and the she was put to just graze and live out her days on a small farm with other older horses doing the same. She was happy right up until the end of her peaceful days in the pasture. I think I cried for months afterwards. Yes, months.

    Love you

  7. I am a lover of horses and loved your poem!
    Thank you for sharing it, Cinner.

    Joy and peace to you, always!


  8. Great poem and I could feel the free spirits of the horses. The horses and flowers painting is really nice. Kind of a marriage of western and victorian.
    Very nice.

  9. Hi Honey.....just came to say the poem....cowboy poetry comes to you naturally....pursue it'll do your health good......good year ahead Cin...lotsa good changes for ya'll........s'all positive.

  10. Beautiful painting and poem...I love the lavendars you have going...on your your art.
    Horses were first brought to America by the Spanish. Many people think that the Indians had the first horses, but they didn't.
    The horses need room to be free, wild, independent. I love all animals....
    My prayers are with all people tonight that ae matter what country. Please, Lord, grant us the love in our hearts to pray for and to reach out and help all that we can. We can help person at the time.
    Thank you for a lovely blog, Cindy.

  11. I absolutely love the changes-- the most recent ones! ha!-- to the blog!!

    And the post was... would i be abusing the word 'beautiful', be running it to ground? Words... heh. So limiting at times...

    Thanks, Lady Cinner, for the tears.



  12. Cygnus, thank you my friend. What a pleasure to hear your kind words. I have been very good the colors have been the same all week. Take care my friend,

    Jackie, interesting info about Spain. My prayers are with the people of Haiti praying for strength fo help them through this awful mess.. Whatever we are able to do ! Take care Jackie.

    Spotted Wolf, I hope your predictions are accurate....I have been thinking about writing about such, I know nothing about marketing....but I am on a journey and feel envigorated for the first time in a lomg time.

    Thank you TechnoBabe, it is a bit different but I liked it. lately I am going through this pretty phase, I Think it is because I want to get into my yard and play with my flowers. lol.
    I hope you are well, hug to you.

  13. Margie, thanks, always room for another horse lover....I am a lover of them but not a rider, maybe one day. joy and peace to you, take care.

    Gail, I remember reading that in your blog, do you know I have read every post. How is Icy, do you have him yet. I am sure you will have stories for us about him and all the trouble that ensues.Love ya hey!

    Char it is heart wrenching what is happening. jugs to you too. I mean hugs. oops what was

    Beth, you are a sweetheart, thanks for your kind words......It really saddens me when these things happen. But the outpouring of love and kindness is amazing, whatever little I can do does not seem enough. Take care, Beth.

    Dreamwriter, thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your kind words. yes forward and onward.
    Hope you are well. take care.

    SueAnn, I think from even watching t.v. that there is so much more going on that we do not see, and like you said what we do does not seem enough. I am glad people are coming together to do what they can do.

    Anne, I do care about things, I am so easily brought to tears, until I have been on my medications, so it is a bit easier now...I cry when people arrive and leave, when I get a gift that is one meant for me, any hallmark movies, I
    cry going to the farm and coming from the farm, anne the list just goes on and on, and I love to have a good cry, then all is well in my world...Anne I think you have triggered a new post. Take care...I hope you are doing great, well I know you are. you probably have 15000 steps on already. Go ANNE!


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