Friday, January 22, 2010

It's How We Look At Things!

The snow continues to fall, softly layering a fresh blanket of white,
covering any tracks or signs of life, But it is fresh and beautiful!
Even the fallen trees tell a story of weathering.
For a moment I wonder did they crack or silently  lay down their weary branches.
Or was it the wind or possibly lightning during one of its trysts.
Other saplings and trees mowed down possibly by moose or dear.
They are sure to be found just beyond probably wondering at the strange prescence,
and being cautious of the unknown..
I wonder, are they watching, or have they already taken cover deeper in the bush.
So as I am sitting here silently wishing for Spring,
I remind myself of the beauty that I have for right now.
It is a gift, one that I should be holding in my heart and treasuring!
Every day see the beauty of the moment,
because if we wish,
well we will
be wishing
our lives away,
and sometimes in the process
we forget to live.
I hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. "we will be wishing our lives away, and sometimes in the process we forget to live."
    I love true Cindy! :)


    this video is from Bonnie's site - it is worth the 22 minutes.

    Hi Cinner-

    Our new puppy arrives Saturday morning - I posted about her hesterday. Take a look when you have a moment. We have re-named her "Gracey-Blue".....we are allset for her and SO excited.

    I really loved the nature of things in this post and picture - it gives way to much personal interpretation. I feel the solitude and unyielding force all at once. I have a sense of adventure and surrender all at once. I am paralyzed with wonder and jolted by fear. All at once.

    Love to you my beautiful friend

  3. I think sometimes we hide in our wishes, to avoid facing the Ever Present Moment - The Now which is the only time there is, or will ever be.

  4.'s all about the journey....

    happy weekend to you, too

  5. it is about the journey....a beautiful reminder of that.

  6. I love your description of the fallen boughs, Cindy. This is lovely...
    One day at the time...that's the way we take it, my friend...and smell the roses along the way.

  7. Jackie, one day at a time, I feel that more with all the troubles in Haiti. YOU are right smell the roses along the way. I hope you are well, I am trying to get around to visit everyones blog. hOPEFULLY I will find time over the weekend. Big Hug to you my friend.

    Char, thanks....the journey, I sometimes think taking the road less travelled is better. just a thought in the middle of the night.

  8. Beth, Happy weekend to you too, I hope you get a chance to go take some photos!Big hug Beth to you.I can hardly wait to put my flags out in the Spring..You are a darlin.

    Anne I am sure we do, if I am sitting here waiting for Spring, and I really enjoying the days the best to my ability. Probably not. Have a great weekend. hugs to you.

    Gail. I tried to watch the video, I had no sound on it though...I found Bonnies site and joined it , thankyou for that. Thankyou for your words about the poem. Be well with your family today. I know it will be a hard one, I am glad you will all be together.

    Cora, thanks for the kind words ....I am trying to embrace everyday, I have just been really down in the dumps with all thats going on in the word, so I pull myself up by the bootstraps!Take care Cora, think of you often. take care.

  9. the end of a season is nearing. i feel that in your words. and there's an eagerness to embrace the change that spring will bring. lovely!

  10. Wonderfully written Cinner and so true! Wishing can take over ones mind if not careful.


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