Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Love Me Some Mountains!

The light was piercing through the lace of the curtain,
the breeze moving the curtain every so slight,
I lay with my head on my pillow,
The birds were singing.
I could hear them in the pine trees just outside,
The scent of the air, mixed with the trees and the rainfall last night
was beckoning me to get out of the huge bed,
I was too warm and cozy.
I wanted to savor the moment.
I reached out my arm beside me.
I could still feel the warmth of where his body had been!
He was not too far ahead of me!
As I thought this the door opened,
My husband walked through the door with an armful
of chopped wood,
He said good morning as he lay the wood down in front of the stone fireplace.
He wanted to take the slight chill out of the cabin.
I jumped out of bed put my housecoat on,
gave him a kiss as I walked past him.
I  put the coffee on and came back and sat in front of the fire with him.
We listened to the crackle of the fire, soon feeling the heat warming our bones.
We both asked the other at the same time,
What did we want for breakfast.
and we laughed,
we were so in sync
and yet so different!
It was our first day of our honey moon,
I  looked out the cabin,
we were alone,
not a vehicle or a person in sight.
That was back in 1999.
We spent a week in the mountains,
We went for walks, and on the second day there was snow on the ground.
Each day it would be melted in a couple of hours!
We loved it there.!
Almost every day of my life I have dreamed of living in a cabin in the mountains or close to them. That week was the best of my life.
I am embracing the possibility
that sometimes all your dreams come true.
As a matter of fact they will come true
I just have to believe!
The picture was taken down east by my sister in law,
To me it symbolizes my dreams, a different time, and one day new beginnings.
Have a great weekend
Thanks to C and D for making that week possible.
Love you guys!


  1. It's Me *Dreamwriter* with a new blog :) Thanks for joining! Love ya!

  2. Nothing as special or wonderful as being in the Mountains!
    A perfect place to spend your honeymoon!

    Such a nice story and I love the picture!

    Have a wondrful weekend!


  3. Oh how beautiful! Sweet memories! Love it!

  4. What a great memory sister. I hope the time comes again where you both can be in a cabin in the mountains. love you!

  5. I spent just such a week in a cabin in the mountains of Idaho, Thanksgiving 2008. It was the best thanksgiving of my life... and also the last trip the six of us are likely to take together (at least alone). My daughter is engaged now, and she is exquisitely happy... and that makes me happy. Still, I am and will be forever grateful for the tranquil comfort we found all together in a cabin in the mountains on a cold Thanksgiving week.

  6. Beautiful story of nice and romantic.
    Dream on girl...dream on! Where would we be without our dreams?

  7. how beautiful and sweet are these memories ?.....VERY VERY VERY !

  8. Your descriptions are so sweet and real, almost like peeking in the window of the cabin and seeing you two in front of the fireplace watching the dancing flames. Very nice.

  9. Oh hon..that is is! I understand the need to be in the woods in the mountains...I love where I live..but you know this..I would dearly love to be a wee bit north of here again..a cabin in the woods..yes..we loved it too! I would like to do it and not be poor as a churchmouse this time. I am joining you in sending your wish out there to come is to a sweet cozy cabin in the woods for Cinner! Hugs and love, Sarah

  10. love to read a love story...thanks for sharing this Cinner. it lifted my spirits today.


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