Monday, January 25, 2010

It is a Mixed Basket of Everything!

So this little one is Boogie,
which is very appropriate because Boogie
loves to run and run!
Boogie belongs to my best friend Neener,
and well I have been missing both of them for awhile!
But what a cute picture.
I just love how it turned out.
Today we are getting loads of the big white fluffy stuff,
and it is just like air when you step in it or hold it in your hand,
and like any other snow it melts right away when you stick out your tongue,
so the city looks all fresh and clean again.
The roads have been so dirty, had rain and vehicles in the snow
due to the freezing right away.
So I just ventured out once this weekend,
I am turning into quite the bargain shopper,
and I have even started clipping coupons!
There is a new blog called Armed with Pen, Paper and Passion
You might want to have a visit with Penquin
There is a poem on her blog about a Child from Haiti.
It is very heart wrenching. Penquin is not only a friend of mine,
but she is also my younger sister.
So if you want to have a visit,
I am sure she would be thrilled you dropped by.
As for any other news I have been up all night with insomnia,
Put all my addresses in a new book,
worked on my Wellness Book,
which is my latest project,
and for whatever reason,
the brainwaves are working overtime.
I tried meditating,
Listening to some music,
Had some warm milk,
to no avail.
At  least I have a bed to toss and turn in!
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
had a wonderful story about a woman
who with her first paycheck,
had sent her money home to Jamaica
to buy shoes for children  where she had gone to school when she was young..
During the show they sent over a thousand pair of shoes...
Now when I think of this,
how so very much we take for granted in life.

And I am glad I realize my blessings,
some take them  as granted and deserving,
some are oblivious to others,
But in the last few weeks,
people continue to rise up and amaze me!
And if  we really investigated
there are miracles that are happening each and every day,
hundreds of them!
If we all reach out and do one kind thing,
we could easily change someones life,
And you never know,
it could be ours.

Sorry, I ramble when I am tired.
 Do have a great day.


  1. Amen Cinner...amen!!! I touched a life this past weekend and I feel wonderful! She was quietly thrilled and had the sweetest smile on her face.

  2. I loved your randomness....really...seriously, I loved it !
    especially the shoe story...I missed that show.

  3. love the story about the shoes too

    hope you sleep better tonight

  4. So true.....We have a store in a city near me that sends the shoes over seas to needy children.
    Thousands and thousands of them...Awesome generosity. Such simple things we can do that really make a difference. Share your simple things on Wednesday along with Christina at Soul Aperture.

  5. Hi Cinner,
    I count my blessings everyday and when allowed, I share with others....

    Thanks for the message,

  6. The dog made me smile, for that...thank you!

  7. boogie is adorable! : )
    i loved reading about the woman, who sent her paycheck home to JA. so many more blessings were sent.

  8. Cindy...your blog is like a journal...and I'm always thankful that you share your thoughts with us.
    I love Boogie...and I know that you miss that li'l darlin'. Sooooo cute!
    Guess what! I have 3 cold bottles of water that I keep in the frig at all times now. I don't reach for the Coca Cola any more. I'd rather have water. Aren't you proud of me!!!
    I knew you would be. How are you doing??

  9. The picture did turn out great, really cute.

  10. Ahh Cygnus, tiredness and noninteruppted sleep. Hello to you at 3 am.

    Thanks TechnoBabe for your kind words. Have a great week.

    Jackie who hoo! way to go , that is a major accomplishment. Are you feeling better with the no pop. I am sure you are. I have one a day and the rest is water, after this week, no pop.I have had maybe 2 cups of coffee in the last week and I am finding that hard....But finally I am up to about 6 bottles of water a day. I want to get it up to 9. I am so proud of you, p.s don't tell anybody but I am starting to like family won't believe it. lol. take care. glad to hear you are doing so great.

    Christina, He is a cute little dog, There are so many wonderful stories. About 47 children were brought to Canada for adoptions and about the same amount coming again. I don't know if they were adoptions set in place before or not.
    Our government had put a cap on the limit they wwere sending but because of the generosity of Canadians they are taking the cap off and matching whatever is donated....I was pleased to hear this.

    Donna, thats all we can do is do what we can when we can. Your package should be arriving soon, I mailed it one week ago along with a little surprise to Holly. Please let me know you get it so I know it is there. Be well my friend.

    Cora,just wonderful some of these stories, I will be doing the simple things on Wednesday with Christina. It was very sucessful last time.Take care, thanks for visiting.

    Char I love the story would laugh at me when I watch extreme HomeMakeover, I cry and am so happy for everybody, there should be more helpful shows like that on tv. I used to like 3 wishes as well. I don't know if that is still on or not. Keeping doing the things you love, sometimes hard you said with your new job. Do what you can. Big hug to you.

    Beth, you and I would have been sitting with a box of kleenex. The woman on there was just a wonderful woman, so so happy. I was so happy for her and her family. Hugs to you Beth.

    Oh Sue Ann, that is wondeful, I always feel great when I can make someones day......It is a wonderful feeling. Take care my friend. Have a great week.

  11. I MUST have a copy of the Boogsters pic Miss Lady!
    You did a fab job on it he looks like a wee dear in it instead of the little heathen he REALLY is. LOL

    I remember that trip with some serious fondness. I wonder if we're ever going to have times like that again. (sorry, a little maudlin this morning)

    It's funny how vastly our lives have changed since we met, how truly different we both are, and yet we still remain close. We've come a long way from the times when the PARTY didn't start till we got there. ;o)

    Love ya....thanks for the smile seeing my Boo on your blog.



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