Monday, January 4, 2010

Ice Skating ...Maybe It's Cold Outside!

This is one of my nephews who was home over the Christmas holidays.
He is one of the nicest young men I have ever known.
Years ago I figured skated, oh I think I got my first 3 badges.
I would love to be out on that ice with him,
His girlfriend took this picture of him.
Last night when I got my camera back
this is what I thought.
The cold was breathtaking,
The warmth of the breath billowing in the air,
mixing with the fog and minus 25 weather.
The blue moon providing light from overhead,
casting shadows this way and that.
The sound from the blade of the skates cutting into the ices surface.
Swoosh from one leg and then the other,
The speed becoming faster and faster,
exhilerating, beckoning, freedom.
And then the skates were together and he slid towards me
and came to a glaring stop scoring the surface of the ice,
The powder from the ice lay dormant on  the front legs of my jeans.
He was laughing, said come on Auntie, you can hold onto a chair!
We will make sure you don't fall.
And with that he was once more around the pond.
I struggled to see him through the fog,
I could hear his laughter and feel his excitement as he skated round.
The quiet of the night mixed with laughter, the sight of lovers,
A wave to a stranger, Someone drinking hot chocolate slowly feeling some ease from the cold.
I imagined myself twirling in my little yellow skaters outfit,
And for a moment I was there,
Until my phone rang,
I smiled, I set the picture down.
and I said Hello,
I could feel the warmth of my fire,
the comfort of my home,
Soon the conversation was over.
I looked again back at at the photo!
For a moment I was there and that had been enough!
Maybe someday again!
Perhaps when I feel more steady on my feet!
I put the photo on my mantel!
There will be many more photos,
Some with and without me.
And I smiled.
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Embrace your day, May it be filled with love.


  1. Beautifully said Cinner! Love the photo. That blue moon was something else.

  2. Thank you for showing me the blue moon. It has been covered by cloud here and I didn't get to see it. Oh well I'll just have to wait until 2028 when it returns.

    I'd love to ice skate gracefully.

  3. loved the blue moon!
    i have always dreamed of being able to figure skate!

  4. That's actually a good picture. Tell your nephew's girlfriend she did a good job taking the picture. He looks so comfortable on the ice. And the moon, wow.

  5. Sigh, Cinner, this is a beautiful post. I'm home from two weeks of traveling and wanted to make you one of my first stops. I wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to opportunities to deepen our Friendship. I love you!

  6. Great post, I so well remember the fun and thrill of figure skating, it has been so many years since I have put skates the photo, love you......:-) Hug

  7. HI CINNER - "hey"

    I love the picture of your nephew AND I was right with you on the ice - my skates have multi-colored pom poms and my hat and skarf match - I am wearing black leggins and blue high thick socks and a long bulky wool sweater to my knees - I grab your gloved hands and I skate backwards pulling you along - we get in stride and glide across the ice - we are in ryhthm - feel it?

    Love you

  8. I love walking through your mind of dreams with you! I can just picture it too! And smile with you! Lovely thoughts.....

  9. Oh hon..I loved this post..Looooved it! I used to skate too. I so loved it and you just made it come to life.Honestly..I could smell the rink! Feel the cold. Oh I loved it!
    Thank you for the wonderful memories hon!!
    Hugs and Happy New Year hon, Sarah

  10. Love the photo..oh to be young again so I could ice skate!!

  11. Cool pic and even "cooler" story to go along with it!

  12. For a minute there I was in that picture with you...that blasted phone!

  13. mmm...i adore this photo. so expressive.

  14. Oh what an amazing picture! With the blue moon shining above, the mist and the slight pause in all the action. You can just tell he is ready to blast off again soon. Great picture! Karen


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