Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where did This Come From!

Lately I have been looking at a lot of vintage graphics,
I like the look of my picture above,
somehow soft, but odd.
I was trying to get the shadows , and well needless to say,
Sometimes you just can't see clearly through them,
The shadows are like the tears that show up,
that you can't explain,
you try to shake them off,
but somehow they arrive again.
If only I could edit my heart,
get rid of this, change that, move this over, lose that.
Would it be easier to deal with grief,
But then would it really be living!
For some reason today I am embracing my past,
the bits and pieces you want to throw away,
the ones that somehow reemerge and laugh at you.
May I always be one step ahead of my shadows!


  1. That is a nice photo. I like the soft effect as well as the colors. Sometimes it can't be helped when emotions come on us. Maybe we need it sometimes.

  2. hey Cinner!!!

    Happy New Year! Hope you are well. thanks for being so good at keeping in touch.

    what a nostalgic photo!

  3. Sometimes that is what you have to do...go back and embrace your past. Make peace with it so you can move forward. Very healthy actually. Blessings to you today.

  4. beautiful shot - very vintage tones for sure. we do have to embrace the past to move past it

  5. embrace embrace embrace....and staying one step ahead of your shadow ?....wow, now that's going to be fun to watch....I feel like I'm always chasing mine.....

  6. Edit my heart...wow, I wonder if I would if I could. I don't think so.

    This is a January post when you wonder what lies ahead and you examine what has gone before. Keep/toss. Love/loose.

    I like this very much.

  7. this is stunning..i love the feel of it, so artistic

  8. I do think we all have days feeling as you are cinner.....I love how you are embracing yours. I hope you had a contented day my friend..Hugs

  9. "If only I could edit my heart...."
    Very nice words, Cinner. Wonderful!

  10. You're right there, Lady Cinner-- without the pain as well as the joy, we wouldn't really be experiencing a full life. Part of the journey...

    Dig deep, Lady.


  11. Wow...that was good...again!
    Our saddness and pains make us know how to love and enjoy more. A little bad for a little good is an equal balance for life.
    May we all stay one step ahead of our shadow!

    Love the new look too :)

  12. Cora, thanks, I guess without the bad we would not appreciate the good.

    Cygnus, Happy new Year to you. good with the bad....be well.

    Anne, I think you and I were in the same boat today. Edit our hearts.

    Bernie, yes after I rested I was feeling not so blue. Thanks

    Elk, that means alot coming from you. Be well.

    Holly, I need the sun to shine...I do not remember last time I saw it for more than 5 minutes. Tossed alot. lol.

  13. Beth I think my shadow needs a kick in the behind, or me. lol. feeling better.

    Char, yes that past seems to creep up when I least expect it.

    Se'lah, Hi, no problem I always love visiting your blog.

    TechnoBabe, I think we probably do need it...I try so hard to not remember the bad times. I still so miss my Dad...Jeepers,....

    Caroline, thanks yes I have to work through it to get over it, I guess. Thank you my friend.

  14. Very fluid imagery here, Cinner.

    Yes, the complicated beauty of our heart's capacity.

    Happy New Year to you, friend.
    May you be well, and one step ahead of that shadow all year!

  15. Amen!! Being ahead of shadows is a good goal and prayer! Love the photo!


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