Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drawing Lessons

Little Muffin showed up again today after school.
So in she marches, school bag in hand, all excited to be here.
I had cooked but Daddy had already fed her.
She was not thrilled that we had to do homework first before we could play,
No homework, no playing.
So we did lots of spelling words,
So she placed her book, back in the bag,
She tells me to close my eyes!
She pulls out an Artists sketch book, she would like to teach me how to draw.
Any time she has ever visited, we are drawing, painting, doing crafts, or watering my flowers.
She was very good and quite thorough with her instructions..
Inside I was smiling, I think she got that love of art from me..
So back to the drawing,,,,
we were going to draw me,
and she wanted me to draw the same as her.
She says the body will have to be fat,
I thought to myself,
they know not what they say,
and then she proceeds to draw too thin lines for a body!
Not my idea  of fat, but She is suddenly back in my good books!
Anyway we had lots of fun.
She had all kinds of things to tell me,
Her Mom had just remarried,
and she was a flower girl.
The next thing we were drawing brides dressings.
She told me we needed to draw a handsome man,
so I drew a bald guy,
and she laughed and laughed and then tried to tell me what handsome was.
I tried to explain that everybody has a different idea of what handsome is.
Finally I just gave in and drew hair on his head,
I was just bugging her anyway
She told me we had to put ears on the side,
so I put ears on the side of the arms,
How so very silly I was.
When her Dad came to pick her up she ran to the back porch,
and she told him she did not want to go home yet.
Anyhow all is good because she gets to come tomorrow.
I  had not seen much of her in the last 3 months,
so I am really enjoying this.
When she left she told me I need to sharpen all the pencils.
I guess we are drawing again.
I am a huge believer in playing with the children.
My sister says that is why they all love me so much!
I know it is because really I am still just a big kid at heart..
With my Cataplexy I am limited to how much time I spend with her,
Sometimes when my head drops forward,
she puts her little hand on my cheek and says,
Hey silly, wake up!
Someday I will tell her about it,
I will just let her think I fall asleep for now.
I embraced the love of a child,
and turned a bad mood around,
and laughed, and played.
I think the shadow I was running from yesterday.
May have gone on vacation, or at least a detour.
Works for me.
Embrace your Day!


  1. Sounds like you had a great visit :) I love the ears on the side . . . of the arms. I can hear her laughing at that one! Sharpening the pencils is certainly a good sign. All ready for your next visit. Enjoy! Karen

  2. how lucky is this little one to spend afternoons with you, being silly and laughing and drawing and learning about life ?

    she's very lucky....but so are you !!

    your love just came pouring out in this post !

  3. it's so nice that you play and draw with her! thats what my girls love to do most too. and how lucky she is to have you!

  4. this reminds me of one of my favourite quotes...

    'we do not stop playing because we grow old,
    we grow old because we stop playing'
    george bernard shaw

    love to you

  5. what a wonderful aunt you are - i love the imagines dancing in my head of you two drawing together as i read this. sweet and perfect.

  6. What a precious child! And you are such a blessing to her as she is to you! I can see you two, drawing together. How fun is that? A bald handsome guy....I can see that!! LOL!!

  7. That does sound like a lovely visit and full of silliness and laughter. No wonder she wants to come spend time with you!

  8. Little Muffin is so cute! I bet she was a gorgeous Flower Girl. And I bet you are making a huge impression on her young life. She's lucky to spend time with you and it sounds-- vice-a-versa too.


  9. Muffin is so blessed to have you as an Aunt, I too play with my nieces and nephews most of the time and they are always excited to see me, just warms my heart......:-) Hugs

  10. For cute, eh?
    Before I was a Hospice Nurse, I was a Pediatric Nurse. 13 years.
    We played and played all day long.
    I didn't even wear scrubs. Some kids don't even know they are "sick."
    Don't have any kids of my own that I know of.

  11. Cinner:
    Something has changed in you, and in your writing. Somethign wonderful is emerging and it's splendid to read it.

  12. I loved to draw with children, unfortunately my friends with children live far away and I am an empty nester. So I draw by myself!
    I also drew dresses when younger!
    Have fun!

  13. P.S I had saved my FIL's pipes (together with some other things) and I was soo surprised to find the JUST PERFECT one for my Sherlock bear!! A 'normal' straight pipe wouldn't have been the same!!

  14. What precious times you can have and cherish with her. I love that innocense she has...seeing things through her minds eye. Their world is so simple and sweet.
    An embracing moment for you :)

  15. So very beautiful, Cinner...I'm so glad you chased those shadows away...You are a treasure...and you are so obviously great with children!!! What a lucky little girl to spend time with you!!!! BTW, I love your new header and background...or is it just new to me? Fits your blog and blog name PERFECTLY!!! Love to you! Janine XO

  16. What a wonderful Aunt you are!! She will always remember this time you are spending with her!!

  17. gayle, I really think there is not enough time spent with children...when the kids come here, we play...I sound more like my father all the time, but i am not a big fan of all these toys of theirs

    Janine, I like the header and background. This very well could be the one I keep. I am always changing it, I like to see different, different.

    Cora, we both enjoy each other, she came again tonight, was a little tired, I asked her if she was grumpy. Yes she said...i told her no grumpy kids allowed. I told her she had to go back out and come back in. so the doorbell rings and the most pleasant little girl with the giggles showed up. We had a nice time.

    Monica, I am so glad you saved the FIL Pipes, because like you said it is just the perfect one. As for drawing with her this is a luxury for me this week. Usually I am drawing by myself too. Take care, see you soon.

    Holly, what a nice thing to say, I think I might be digging a bit deeper. Not so much grief with my Dad, and I think a change like that maybe changes you somehow. Love ya.

    Anne, that would have been nice playing with them, as for you last made me laugh for two reasons. that was cute, and every fathers day, my hubby goes to the mailbox, comes back and said no cards again from the kids this year....he does not have any! He thinks its hilarious...I just go with it and tell him that maybe your children just don't want to claim you. It is a standing joke in our house. Silly Canadians.

  18. Bernie, I can tell you would be wonderful with children. how could they not love you.

    Joanna, she really lifts my spirits when she comes. I am the lucky one.

    TechnoBabe, there is always silliness here, even when she is not around. Take care my friend.

    SueAnn, a handsome bald guy, oh yeah, better than a receding hairline with a ponytail. that is just my opinion....but too me handsome is the smile, the eyes and oh the voice, a deep deep voice, I am a gonner. Yes my hubby has a deep voice.Hugs to you too.

    Char, I think it could be a tie. you and I aunt's of the year. Their smiles are reward enough. I am thinking of getting involved with the Big Sisters program....just not sure if I am mobile enough for that. will see, I am embracing all the possibilies. Big hug to you.

    Ribbon I so like that quote, I need to play more often....can you come

    Dani, we drew on the computer tonight, she thought that was very cool! Her Mom comes home tomorrow, her Dad lives right next door, so I get to visit when Dad has her. Make the best out of the moments. take care.

    Beth your always a darling, this embrace word is really good for me...your patience is working too...your a wonderful woman.

    Karen , hi we did have fun, the sharpening of the pencils were a give away. Whem we moved in this house, ANYONE that used the bathroom could paint their hand, put their hand print on the bathroom door and then sign their name...oh the kids though it was wonderful. at aunt cinners they could paint and put hand prints, but at their homes oh now they were not allowed. I did repaint after a few years...but the memories were really worth it. Take care, By to see you soon.


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