Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Boyfriend Stanley!

This picture was taken a few years back.
I figured I would tell you about it today.
As that day I had to embrace my new friend, Stanley
Yesterday had started out as a day right out of a fairy tale,
I had awoken early, I stepped onto the balcony  and gazed out at heaven.
I imagined waking every day to this wondrous scenery that  was right there, everywhere,
No matter which way you looked there was beauty and the air.
I have never forgotten the fresh smell of the mountain air, it was fall, slightly chilly, there was already snow
high in the mountains. Soon the skiers would be arriving. We were there before any type of rush. In fact we were almost alone. My husband emerged from the room, stood behind me, put his arms around me, we both just gazed at the magnificent view that was picture perfect. We had a  coffee, shedding off any of the cobwebs. We decided we would go for a walk, yes I was having a good day and would probably be alright for a couple of hours. I made it down about 20 stairs, I could feel the strength of my body waivering, We held hands and went to see the ducks, we sat there and they all came to see us. We watched them play, when I stood up all my muscles seemed to have siezed. I spent most of the day in the hotel room, resting. I felt a bit better. Hubby wanted to go for  a drive.. We pulled up in front of a Shoppers and I thought to myself, what is he up to.....Well that was the day I got to meet Stanley, that I lovingly call my boyfriend. It turns out that Stanley is the prettiest cane I have ever seen. My husband kept bringing me canes to see if I liked any of the others. No I liked the one with the flowers and butterflies. Deep down inside I was devastated that I  needed a cane. So I named the Cane Stanley, I told Hubby if I had to use it, I would pretend it was my boyfriend.
And I think Stanley has made my life much better. The next day I could use it and walk, go and see the sights, had it for support when I felt uneasy on my feet. and lean on it when I was having a Cataplexy spell so as not to fall. So if you look really closely in the picture, my cane is there with me. I embraced my illness that day, knowing full well that on the bad days I could not do it alone, and on the good days I could. I made it mainly from bench to bench that visit, from store to restaurant, to different sites, but it sure beat the hotel room.
The next year we went back and that trip I did not need it at all, I have learned to keep Stanley around so he is there when I need him...I know it is a thing, but it is an ongoing joke, is Stanley coming with us today. Usually he is there. It is hard when your young and had lots of energy to be just a part of who you were before....But out of all bad things blessing have come as well. A wonderful closeness with my husband, knowing he understands this invisible illness because he has been with me through the very beginning.
So I embraced the long walk down the winding wooden path, with Stanley in one hand, with my head held high. I was no quitter and I never will be one. Through the struggles with this illness I have maintained my humor, my inner strength, and my joy for being able to live the best I can. A lot of people don't have that option. So the next time you see someone struggling, maybe reach out a hand, some days a smile is like a miracle. and if you see a stranger that might be struggling, remember we know not what his challenges in life have been. Don't judge a book by its cover, but maybe just for a moment you could be a part of a page in the book.. Today I am feeling very lucky, very loved, It really is a good life. It might be a little different, but it is mine and I would not trade it for anything. It made me a more loving, caring, considerate individual, and oh so grateful for everything! Be well.


  1. i enjoyed learning more about you.

    love the new header.

  2. I look at the picture of you and the first thing I think of is your many talents. Your art being high on the list. This is a nice post reminding us to be more gentle with the people we encounter because we are all struggling with at least one thing in life and we have that in common. Sorta makes us related doesn't it.

  3. After you pointed him out, I spied Stanley. Love to see a close up! Good for you hon! That is super! Two years ago, I was relegated to a wheelchair if I wanted to go anywhere if a lot of walking was necessary. This year I was able to make it without it. My chariot I called it..just like Cinderella!! LOL! I applaud your bravery dear one! I celebrate life with you.

  4. you are so real and authentic - i love that about you. i love the photo and 'seeing' you too.


  5. Hi Stanley...nice to meet you. Thank you for helping out my friend and being there for her when she needs you. Please take care of her and be a loyal friend, one she can embrace and lean on. Be kind and gentle, strong and sturdy as you spend your time with her. Simply her, cause she loves you enough to call you by your name...Stanley, with your beautiful butterflies and flowers! :)

    Hugs to both of you!

  6. Ohhhh...Stanley is such a great guy. Always there for you...never gives you hassles...supports you when needed and loves unconditionally! :)

    Nice to learn more about are such an amazing person!

  7. Oh how wonderful is is so nice that you have embraced him and he has given you it.....:-) Hugs

  8. I think I need to name my camera...everything should have a name, right ?

    and I'm glad you can have stanley as your boyfriend....and your hubby is okay with another "man" in your life :)

  9. A beautiful story. The last few years of my father's life, he used a cane. Not a new medical type cane, but an old fashioned one that I think my Grandfather might have made. But my dad needed a cane and used this great one. The night my father died I asked my mom for his cane and it's been in our house ever since. I love to go to it and just hold and picture my dad's hand on it. Wonderful memories. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I think Stanly seems like a perfect boyfriend. There when you need him and someone to lean on.
    He is perfect, don't let go of him.

    I think sense of humor has very import role in our metal well being. I know it has help me accept so tough changes in my life.

  11. i'm so glad you found your stanley!!! you had me worried there for a minute though, hee hee heee

  12. Stanley is perfect. Always there when you need him and fine when you don't. Wonderful post. Karen

  13. HI

    great post - and I love Stanley. I have a "Stanley" and a rollator too. I understand everything you said. wow

    Love to you my friend


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