Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple Things,,,,my wish for others.

Today I am participating in The Simple Things
that is being hosted by Christina at Soul Aperture
Please check out the other blogs that are participating
by going over to Christina's blog.
Some things on my list would be,
an uttered I love you, an unspoken word, a comfortable quiet,
a smile, a hug, a pat on the back, a thumbs up!
a pair of shoes, a pair of glasses, a comb, a toothbrush, a bar of Olay soap.
It is sad to know that some have none of these.
The ability to read, to feel warm, to feel safe,
to be a child with no worries,
to experience no hunger. no sorrow, no pain
to have hope,
to have friends
to have a family,
to have a pet,
to go to school,
to play sports,
to dream of college,
to have a house.
to live today,
and want a tomorrow.
to have clean water to drink,
to have water to bath,
to have a change of clothes,
the sound of laughter,
to see children playing,
to see their eyes twinkle,
to make someone feel special,
to hear a thank you and a your welcome.
to take not knowing and turning it into understanding,
to have no fear to fall asleep,
to have no fear to wake up,
to believe
to want,
to understand,to have no more worries.
to not have to be afraid,
to have medicines.
Last time I wrote the simple things that I love,
Today I wrote this list thinking of the children and people  of  Haiti!
A simple thing would be respect given to those who have endured such hardship.
A simple thing to feel strong and proud as a community!
strength to have faith and to rebuild!
Everything should be done to help anyone in trouble...
It really is just that Simple!
Thank you for Christina from Soul Apperture
for inviting us all to do this to kick January's behind.!


  1. It can be so simple! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Each of us can make a difference. this list highlights some great priviledges...may we never take these for granted. Thanks for raising your voice for the people of Haiti. It is really comforting to see the love and generosity of mankind (and womankind ;)

    one love

  3. A toothbrush and the ability to read...YES. Thank you for reminding me of the these simple but precious things...
    xo country girl

  4. Dear Cinner, good morning to you via Christina! Thank you for your list and reminders of the simple things that make life lovely. It may seem selfish that we enjoy such privileges, but if, like today, we are all taking a moment to show our gratitude, then there is a ray of hope for us all...

  5. many of the same simple for me as well...i relish your special list friend!

  6. Beautiful Cindy and very heartfelt indeed....
    All things we are so prone to take for granted day to day.
    Thanks for sharing....

  7. beautiful and nurturing, just like you!


  8. all the things we take for granted... how soothing to know i can read and laugh...

  9. dear january,
    have you read cinner's list? this is what it's all about. love, thumbs up, soap...
    so much appreciation here cinner, you bring me to happy tears.
    i love ya!

  10. That was simple....thanks Cinner for your message.
    God bless the people of Haiti.

  11. Hello, Cinner! Find myself here via Christina's Simper Things...such delight shared here--thank you! You have such a beautiful blog! Happy Day :o)

  12. what a special list! you have a beautiful soul, my friend.

  13. This is a lovely list! A comfortable quiet...oh how I understand what a simple gift that is. Thank you for sharing you list.

  14. Your list is so beautiful, one of the simple things i enjoy the most and think of often is sitting on a couch beside my sister and us just holding hands. love you can't wait to see you!!

  15. it's good to point out what you're grateful for...sometimes it reminds others to be grateful too.

  16. Wow - so simple, it makes me feel grateful today. You make it sound like poetry.

  17. Wonderful list. So many people don't have many on the list. Especially children. This is a kind and caring post.

  18. Yes, respect for others for certain...and making sure we have the same respect for ourselves. I love your list and how much you value the simple things you know you have which some others do not.

    An unspoken word; a pat on the back...some of the most simple things in our everyday life that can mean the whole world.

  19. May we all awaken to a more loving way of life...

  20. Cinner you are so right! So much we take for granted...the ability to fall asleep without fear, clean water to drink and bathe in... Thank you for putting it all in perspective!


  21. your list is an amazing gift to the people in haiti....

    sleeping and waking without any we take that for granted, yet so many other don't.....


  22. friends and family...truly a blessing :)

  23. It really is the simple things in life that make us the happiest!

  24. Life is good cinner and even more beautiful when one appreciates the simple things life offers especially a kind word.....:-) Hugs

  25. Cindy...I read your list with love in my heart...
    Look back at your list...from a distance, it looks like an angel. How wonderful.

  26. Thank you all for such a kind response to the simple things. Christina is a wonderful lady who inspires anyone she meets. Before I got sick 7 years ago, I focused on my work, and since I have focused on life and living and being appreciative. For me everything was put very quickly into perspective. May we always appreciate the simple things.

    Jackie, I have been trying to access your blog and it keeps saying not found....?

    Much love to you all, I truly enjoyed meeting some new people today. Take care, I can not wait until we do this again.

  27. A simple list, but the things in life that make it worthwhile.

  28. Oh I thought I left a comment here yesterday. It must not have saved. I guess it pays to check.

    I like the path you have taken with your simple things list it really does highlight how rich and how grateful we all should be.

  29. Your list is perfect. Profound, even. Obviously coming from a loving heart.

  30. Such a caring post!
    Thank you Cinner!

    I hope life always gives you much joy!


  31. hi cinner, just wanted to say that yes i did teach english in school before, but now i lead a team of educators in developing the national school curriculum; also do work in schools, providing professional development sessions for teachers. all lots of un, being back in school :)

  32. Cinner, you always write the most inspiring words- thank you!!
    Carolyn in NZ has already received her gift, hope yours is close to you!
    Have a wonderful Sunday,


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