Friday, January 29, 2010

Soon Comes February!

Well the end of January is almost here. I am excited for February
because of the Olympics being in Vancouver.
My favorite part of Vancouver is Granville Island.
If you have never been and get a chance it is a must.
They have the neatest stores and a farmers market.
Once you enter the building, oh my you are met by aromas, spices, music,
Every time I have been, it is as if I have just taken a holiday around the world.
So as busy as the city is, it will be even more abuzz with tourists and Olympians!
Although I find this exciting, I will be in the comfort of my home watching from the sidelines.
I took the above photograph the other day, and love the splash of color!
It actually makes me smile and soon Spring will be here,
which personally for me can not come soon enough!
I had my first 8 hour solid sleep in almost 4 weeks,
And I awoke feeling as if I had my batteries recharged!
And if feels good!
My nephews spent the night on Wednesday,
and as usual, we laughed and laughed.
They helped me do a bunch of stuff around the house,
not bad for being 16 and 11,
after the work was done, the youngest even said how much he loves being here.
They were not saying that Thursday morning when I woke them with the clang of a silver spoon
on a silver pot! They were up in no time saying only in my house would they be woken up
like that!  I have definately decided that if they lived with me that they would eat us out of house and home.
They were only here one night and I kid you not a restocking of the cupboards almost needs to be done!
So they came and went and as usual, I miss them before they are even out of the city!
I had a quick visit with my sister, Her fiance and she were spending a romantic evening out, and then the next day they were all at the West Edmonton Mall for the day and night.
They wanted me to go, but knew it is not the place for me!
So that was my last few days. I enjoyed all The Simple Thing posts on Wednesday
and was overwhelmed by the many visits to my blog!
Christina from Soul Aperture really did kick any of the January blues that were out there.
I know she could take on anything and the outcome will always be positive and loving.
Today My Simple Things that I am grateful for are,
Waking up with Energy, the brewing of the coffee,
the morning quiet,
and starting my day with you.
Embrace all your day can be!


  1. I enjoy starting my day with you too Cinner!! Sounds like some terrific nephews there. Glad you could have them to yourself! What fun! I am excited about the Olympics as well. I will be sitting there watching with you.

  2. Cool cool for all the Canadians!
    And for you, my dear Cinner!

  3. I just came in cinner and it is not as cold as yesterday.....more snow is okay, I can handle that but I don't like the cold.
    I enjoyed reading about your nephews and the joy you find with them.
    Have a great weekend......:-)Hugs

  4. It sounds like a great time with your nephews. Helping you around the house and eating and laughing and enjoying being together. Good for you to have some quality time with them. The Olympics are special to everyone I am sure. How great for Canada to be hosting.

  5. Wonderful post....I know you had fun with the nephews....LOL about the way you woke them up!!
    Christina did a fab job with her simple things project! She is awesome. I too loved all the reading and comments that I received. It was really over-whelming how everyone came together.

  6. TechnoBabe, I really have a good time with them. The Olympics will be great for everyone. You know I have not really been into them before, or maybe I am just more aware of it this year. Thanks for all the times you visit me, they mean alot. Have a great weekend.

    Bernie, yes it is much warmer today Bernie, I had to turn my heat down. Have a great weekend. think of you often.

    Anne, it should be great fun for everyone! Have a great weekend my friend.

    SueAnn, I love the kids coming to see me. They sometimes surprise me that we can still have fun doing things like housework. They told me they always have so much fun that is always like camping here...kinda a strange comment but it is pretty laid back...when your watching, think of me and I will think of you my friend.Have a great weekend.

  7. we showed january that we really are the boss, after the simple things with christina...didn't we ?

    and hopefully my hubby will be at the olympics....I'll know for sure in a week if he's going or not.

  8. I'm excited about being the Host country for the Olympics too, but oh SOOOO worried about the lack of snow so far. Can you imagine what a panic those poor organizers must be in? (making snow, bringing in hay etc, etc.) Hope they get about 20cm of the real stuff soon. Fingers crossed. Karen

  9. Karen, I have my fingers crossed too, we are supposed to get snow here, so maybe it is coming from the west. It is supposed to snow the next few days. Usually they have so much snow up there. I would be having a panic attack for sure. lol. Take care. Hugs.

    Beth, it was lots of fun...Oh that will be fun for him. you always make me smile, hug to you my friend.

    Cora, yes you should have seen the look on their faces, I have to be careful when they are here because they make me laugh so much that my Cataplexy is triggered. They have been around enough to understand it though. Christina did a fabulous job with the Simple Things, she is so generous and loving. I just love her to pieces.
    I meant to tell you I loved your photo today. Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Cinner
    That is wonderful that your nephews were so helpful to you!
    And you had fun time together as well.

    Hope you are enjoying your weeeknd!
    It was the most beautiful day here, sunny and warm.

    Always nice to read about your life, Cinner.


  11. I feel like I haven't been by your blog for ages :0( i love reading about all that you are up to... your photograph is fab too.

  12. Eight hours of sleep. Good for you! I know that you feel sooo much better, and that makes me happy.
    It sounds like your nephews are fun to have around...and I smiled at the spoon on the pot-banging 'alarm clock'.... I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. I bet they wondered, "What in the world is THAT?" :))
    A nice post, Cinner....loved being here.
    Continued blessings to you, my friend.


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