Friday, February 19, 2010

All In A day's Rest!

Teddy Sofia pic from Art Freebies.
I don't think anyone is too old for teddy bears.
I just love this, I think it is a vintage picture,
but really is just so precious.
So how was your day,  I had a low key energy day,
I was overtired so my Cataplexy episodes were really kicking in for me today.
The more tired I get the more Cataplexy spells happen.
So with a sense of humor this was my day.
I woke up, danced to Bob Marley hoping to get some energy,
I had a coffee, I forgot to take my morning medication,
So by eleven o'clock I could hardly stay awake,
I had a salad as I had not eaten breakfast,
no that did not help,
So I laid down for a nap. at which time I woke up at 4 o'clock
Then I bonded with The Young and The Restless for an hour,
And during this hour I combed my cat, She is long haired so this takes me awhile because you got to calm her down, and I have one of those brushes that gets all the hair underneath!
So five o'clock the phone rings it is my hubby and this is how the conversation went.....
me...Hi honey, how was your day?
him....busy, one more day to go and it is the weekend, did I need anything?
Him.....What did you do today?
Me....I combed the cat!
Him...You did what?
Me....I combed the cat!
Him.....He burst out laughing and as he was laughing, I thought to myself, that is really sad if all I did today was comb the cat, As I was thinking this, I started to laugh and could not speak to him because of my Cataplexy, about every minute I would snap out of hit, but he was still laughing, so I would have another Cataplexy spell. I swear after about 5 minutes we both seemed to come to our senses,
Me......Do you have a problem with that!
Him....Laughing again, so here we go all over again. after about 5 minutes,
Me....Are you on your way home?
Him.....I am just calling to see if I should pick up anything for supper or was wondering if you did anything.
Me, not thinking said, No I have not made supper, all I did was comb the cat,
Him, he bursts out laughing,
Me, more Cataplexy, the more you have the more tired you get. So when I could finally collect myself, I said, don't laugh just come home, we will figure something out.
He said Goodbye and I said Goodbye,
and I thought to myself I should just go suck my thumb and stand in the corner!
I was walking when I thought this,
So down I went falling from having another Cataplexy episode.
I thought to myself,
Oh Lord at this rate, I think I did pretty good today combing the cat.
And I thought you should see what happens when I brush the dog!
I had to sit down until this silly mood passed,
I took my evening pills and I was good for a few hours.
Hubby came home with supper,
He was not going to take any chances.
He is the worst person to be around with my Cataplexy,
We have the same sense of humor,
and he can make me laugh like no other,
So when he is around I usually am sitting down.
Life is good as long as you can see the humor in any situation.
And how was your day?


  1. Aww! Sweetie!! What a day you had and that you could laugh was and is a good thing. I spent my day working on the mosaic mirror. I am beading it now. Very cool! I hope photos will show the beading so I can share. All in all, a good day.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugging you

  2. Ah - the luxury life for you AND the cat.
    Even a Low-Key day can still be a good one, eh?

  3. I adore both of you! That story made my night :)

  4. that sweetie of yours is such a blessing....

    and you know what.....somedays the only thing I get accomplished would fall into the category of combing the, clipping the dog's toenails or taking a shower :)

  5. I really like it that you and your husband laugh together so much. Humor is a main ingredient in a happy marriage isn't it?

  6. i love how the same things make you laugh - that's beautiful.

  7. i am lol so hard! girl this is too much!

  8. oh cinner I'm sure you missed your calling, you could be a stand up commedienne...well I'm sure the cat had a great day...thank you for the chuckles.......have a great weekend..Hugs

    PS: I love this page, my favorite!

  9. Thanks for the laugh taday! I laughed with the both of you! I love this story!
    I can't wait until you brush the dog!

    Take care...
    Hugs!! and smiles!!

  10. I wish I could say my day was as fun as yours! I miss my hubby and I'm having a hard time lately.


  11. Lois, Oh Lois, I am sure you do, I always have thought how hard it would be for you and the other families, Hopefully the time flies by fast for you. Do you get a chance to talk to him much. I don't know any military families, so I can only imagine how you feel. My prayers are with you and Colonel. Hugs to you my friend.

    Cora, the dog is half American Eskimo and Bassett hound. He is just a a bundle of fir. I will need a weekend for that. Have a great weekend.

    Bernie, If you can believe it I used to think I would be, But if Every time I laugh I fall over...about all it would be is my impersonation of someone who is drunk. lol. I am really liking pink these days. you look great in pink that picture of you and I believe both looked so good. Have a great weekend....Sunday is supposed to be plus 5. Happy happy me.

  12. Hi Christina, oh I am glad you had a chuckle, hope all is well with you. I think of you often, every time I look on my fridge at my magnet. Hugs to you.

    Char, we are complete opposites, except our humor, it works pretty good though. Hope you are well and that you have some time to yourself over the weekend. take care. hugs.

    TechnoBabe, I think any relationship needs it, When I quit working because of my illness, things were really put in perspective for me. Life is too short to worry about the small things. You have said before that you and your husband laugh a lot too. I can not imagine it any other way. Have a great weekend. I hope you have many laughs.

  13. Beth, thanks you made me laugh, I can not cut my JacK Russels toenails....theres a post for me....Today I went out for lunch with 3 girlfriends. It was nice to get out. I told them about combing the cat and we were just rolling at lunch. Have a great weekend. I did get your email, filled it in and tried to send it, but Outlook is not working...take care.

    A nurses curses, well we adore you too. I can hardly wait to see all of you in is not too far away. big hugs to you, say hi to the other kids....or young

    Anne, oh for sure, but a whole lot of low key days in a row, no wonder the cat is afraid of kidding, all my pets let me vacume them, when I am cleaning, my dogs will lay on the floor waiting there turns...I have done that with all of them since they were real little. How are your size 12s working out for you. I was and am so proud of you. Have a great weekend.

  14. SueAnn, I loved the shots of your mirror today,,,how are you holding the wire on, you could see the beads...I love it. have a great weekend my friend. think of you often.


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