Thursday, February 18, 2010

People of Haiti. My sisters Poem, and a Prayer.

Today I want to share a poem that was written by my younger sister Lijvan .

Her words are as follows!

Like all of us I have been drenched in information of Haitis disaster. My heart aches at what they are going through.  I can not even imagine in  my safe little world what these poor people are going through .I was inspired to write this after i saw a disaster stricken young boys face on the evening news.

Slowly, my body tired and beat,  I continued on with small steps,
looking down at my feet, the chalky gray dust mixed with the
blood of others that I had climbed over to reach the sky.
Up and out of the darkness into the light.
Where was I?
Where would I go?
I hear too much,
too much screaming,
too much crying.
What has happened?
Feeling so lost my feet keep moving forward.
Maybe my eyes will bring me to a familiar face,
to a familiar place,
I do not know this place.
My body crumples to the ground,
No more can my feet carry me.
Tears have welled up inside my eyes,
As I blink they seem to flood my cheeks below.
Now it is my own voice I hear,
crying, screaming,
I must scream louder than all the rest,
I must,
Mother it is me Jacob,
Mother help me,
please mother help me,
someone, anyone please help me,
My voice grew weary,
I closed my eyes and in my mind said the words,

When I read this poem I was touched by her words, saddened by all the hardships the Haitian people have had to endure. I try to keep my blog a happy place, but there are times when one must speak out and I ask that we all continue to do as much as we can, even in prayer. Sometimes life becomes too hard to bear, we want to just shut the news off and close our eyes and cover our ears. We can not become complacent to the needs of others, no matter how big or little. Today a lady told me about a soup and sandwich event every Thursday at her church, each Thursday they have a bowl of soup and a sandwich and contribute ten dollars. They are raising money to send to Haiti.she said to me that this would be the last time she went because she really does not think she was getting her moneys worth. As much as I try to be understanding, I was not this time. I said that maybe it was not her thing, but that it was for a wonderful cause. I also asked how much someone in Haiti right now would enjoy a bowl of soup and a sandwich. It just struck a nerve. AND she said, oh yes, yes, of course!  Today I pray that we can all look inside of us and remember that there are more good in the world than not, that there are more people in the world that choose to help than those that don't, and that when there is love anything is Possible. Love and Blessings to you all.


  1. I too think it is easy to lose sight of the plight of others. We get so into ourselves; we forget! But there is suffering and deep misery and we must pray at least. Help as best we can and never forget the plight of all! We are not alone..we are the sum of many.
    Hugging you

  2. that poem certainly touches the core... very well written!

  3. Very well written.
    Touching, Cinner.

  4. i think maybe sometimes some people need to have a bowl of rice a day to see how millions in this world are living and then maybe they would have a better appreciation of poverty.

  5. Beautiful poem. Sadly, We do need to remember for at least 10 years. It is so sad how the media just moves on to the next story. I am glad that Canadians and the International Community has given so much.

  6. Words like your Sister's make sure that we Human who have short memories, get a reminder to stay focused on what is needed. Love To YOU!

  7. "When there is love anything is possible". Very nice. Of course you rubbed a little sandpaper on the woman who thought she wasn't getting her money's worth at the soup & sandwich lunch. Good for you to say something.

  8. That is a touching strong poem Cinner. What a thing for that lady to say, glad you put her right! ((hugs))

  9. this is such a moving piece, Cinner. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks to your sister for penning it.

    prayers sent up for my Haitian people.

    one love.

  10. Wow, sister, thanks for the kind words about my poem. You have the most positive people surrounding you in here. I am so happy for that. There are much more healing people in this world than toxic. We are blessed to be among them.

  11. Penguin, I am very lucky to have met the people on here that I have. It is a place we can all share, and no matter how far apart there are kind caring people out there. Your poem was touching, thanks for letting me share it. love you.

    Se'Lah, We will not stop the prayers Se'Lah, one love to you too.

    Claire, I could not believe what I heard and I thought how can they not understand what is really the grand picture behind things....take care.

    TechnoBabe, I never thought of it as sandpaper, but yes that is a good analogy. When there is love anything is possible. yes. I hope you had a great day.

    Holly, yes sometimes it seems how quickly we forget or become oblivious to things, sometimes things are hard to face....but we got to keep caring....most do. hugs to you Holly.

    Karen oh for sure, the generosity amazes me, what sometimes makes me shake my head is that the people will get involved before some of our governments, Although I appreciate them matching the peoples generosity, if they would give more if people gave more, then that means they have it to give....I guess that is why I run a household and not a country. lol. Take care my friend, glad you are well.

    Char, yes I agree, I feel very strong about our homeless as well, saddens me because so many seem to be lost in a system. Char your a very understanding and caring soul. I love that about you. Take care, have a great day.

    Anne and Shadow, my sister will be pleased with your comments, thanks to both of you for reading it. Any feedback I give her, she just thinks I am being the kind sister. Have a wonderful day ladies.

    SueAnn , exactly we are the sum of many, I don't know if things are pushed to the back corners of our minds because it is too hard for some people to take,,,,at least in prayer.
    Big hugs to you my friend, take care, glad you are doing so well....Can't wait to see the final picture of your mirror...Maybe it will be a magic mirror where people always see whats right. Amen to that. Hugs.


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