Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Sense.

Pretty Birdie, you look a little strange,
I can not see you for the sun is in my eyes,
I squint, your still there, to me your out of focus,
But that is my problem as you are perched above,
As I edit your picture, little heart shapes I see,
I see little tiny buds waiting to burst alive.
It is way too early, tell them to stay inside!
This is another picture that I took today,
of a water droplet from my tap.
It is strange how the line is in the bubble,
I am trying to see things outside of the box.
For sometimes all is not as it seems...
Have a great Wednesday!
I hope your wishes all come true.


  1. I too see the heart shapes!! How wonderful is that! You have a wonderful day today Cinner!
    Hugging you

  2. outside the box is gooooood !

  3. i always believe in thinking outside the box and coloring outside the lines.

  4. Out side the box of the universe!

  5. Love the water picture and thinking outside the box! And love your background!

  6. Wise woman to know all is not always as it seems. Good for you to think outside the box.

  7. It's a little bit 'down the rabbit hole' Ms. Alice...I love it! ;)

    Do you enjoy Alice in Wonderland? I love it!

  8. You are right about all is not always as it seems!!


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