Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day!

 Hi everyone, what a beautiful day we had in Alberta, 
We had a plus 4 degrees day, unheard of in our parts,
plus it was a holiday here called Family Day, and there were people out taking in this beautiful day.
I had originally planned to go to the Art Gallery, but it was so nice we decided to stay outside.
I think the first photo is just beautiful, the cross country skiers were skiing down there,
unfortunately I did not get any with my little point and shoot camera, but that is okay.
I stumbled upon this statue by accident,
I have lived in the city for approximately twenty years and had never seen this statue.
So this was my version of Art outside.
It amazes me the details of the statues, they always have made me stop in my tracks!
As I did with this second statue,

I love the eyes and the eyebrows on this one,
My sister in law said, the eyebrows, what,
I said well yes, see how the fine lines for all the individual hairs,
and she just laughed at me, she is more of a sport fanatic,
And sometimes takes me on these outings just  to humor me.
 I know I am very lucky,
 The two statues were just behind where we were sitting on the bench.
There were all kinds of people out walking and running,
people holding hands, laughing, taking pictures, walking their dogs,
which I have to say were some of the cutest I have seen in a while.
A little pug that made me think of Char with hers.
This one was dressed up in a little ruffled skirt,
I thought it was so cute, I forgot to take a picture.
As we walked we came to these stairs,
and now I have a new goal,
to be able to get up and down them 5 times by the end of summer.
I know it does not look like much, but it is a mountain to some people.
So today I found my mountain....

This is us from the top looking down. this only shows about a quarter of the way.
So the fresh air was wonderful, the sun was some much needed vitamin D,
And the best of all is knowing that there will be another week of this lovely weather.
Whoo Hooo!
Have a great day.
Take care.


  1. cinner, I agree we did have a beautiful day here in Alberta. I hadn't heard we had another full week of it but I do hope so.
    I was out for a walk this afternoon with my neighbour, only for half an hour or so but I loved every second.
    I don't go into Edmonton very much but I have never seen those lovely statues. I'm not sure I could walk those stairs cinner even once.
    Have a great Tuesday.......:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie, I am not sure I can or not, but I am going to try, I must have been out for about 3 hours, the fresh air was wonderful,oh I was tired tonight, and now have insomnia....probably just excited about tomorrow. big hugs to you, I am glad you got out and was out with your friend. what did you think of the opening show of the Olympics, I thought it was really good, Have a great Tuesday too, my husband is off tomorrow, so can spend some time together. Bye for now.

  3. I am so glad you were able to experience such a beautiful day. You immersed yourself into it and that is wonderful! Those stairs??!! I know I could only get half way at first. What a goal you have set before you! Wow! You are so is a mountain. Loved the statues...the workmanship is incredible.

  4. aunt cindy i love you blogs background, it is so pretty. And i am so happy to hear you had a nice day out in the sun. Love you

  5. it most certainly looks like a beautiful day. and maybe we should all explore and act the tourist in our own towns... just look at what you found.

  6. dear sister, I am so glad that you had such a nice day, it all looks so beautiful your pics. It sounds so peaceful.

  7. 4 degrees...
    and I thought our 26 degrees was cold yesterday for our 2 mile walk...

    I'm soooooo glad you got out for fresh air and photos.....

  8. Looks like you had a fantastic day out and about. The weather was is so nice to be able to get outside and soak it all up. Good luck with your mountain..I know you can do it!!


  9. amazing photos. and those stairs.
    stay warm.

  10. Beautiful day and beautiful photos!!
    Cindy....Those stairs look PLENTY steep to me....and it looks like a lot of steps, too.
    I think you have a marvelous goal...and I wish you the best as you strive to attain it. I have no doubt that you will. Thank you for a lovely and positive blog. It was refreshing to be here tonight.
    Smiles from Jackie

  11. Jackie,The stairs are going to be huge for me, my husband will go with me, because of the risk of what would happen if I had a cataplexy spell.
    I have no worry about getting down them, getting back up will be something. when I was out walking I did have more oomph in my step, thank gosh for sunshine. I am glad you enjoyed my post. Have a great day.

    Christina, so nice of you to come by. you look as gorgeous as ever.

    Cora, thanks for your support, and it was a great outing for sure. take care my friend.

    Beth, oh I love the outside as you know, without an outing the walls start to close in on me at this time of year...all is good...

    Penquin it really was peaceful, I think that is what we all need in our lives.

    Shadow, hi, I think there are lots of things and places in our cities that we know nothing about. I know I even tend to stick to the same area of the city because everything is so close....I need to venture further out, so glad you dropped in Shadow, your poetry continues to astound me every day.

    Khande thanks chickadee, I like the background will probably keep this for awhile.
    just think in less than a month we will be able to enjoy things together. whooo hoooo. love you.

    SueAnn, oh I can just see me doing this the first time, I will have to time it so we can all have a good chuckle. it is a mountain for sure for me. I love your mirror you are doing, it is going to be so nice, because the work there seeems to be impecable too. hugs to you.


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