Monday, February 15, 2010

Beauty Unfolding Before Our Eyes!

I can not imagine that some people
never get to see the beauty of a sunset,
I like this photo with the tree
in the foreground,
it gives me a very warm feeling.
A new day,
a new
The sun rising higher in the sky,
highlighting the snow
and casting shadows to and fro.
Soon it will be daylight!
 No shadows left to see.
 The time passes quickly.
The golds are gone now,
and the day has begun.
All that is left of the sunrise,
are the soft pinks of the sky!
Today is a special day in Alberta,
It is a Holiday that is called Family Day.
I believe there is free admission into most places today.
I may venture out to our new Art Gallery,
The building looks amazing from the outside!
I love Art Galleries, I always feel like I have gone on a holiday.
To me it awakens the senses, gives you different perspectives,
reasons to say Wow, or just to ponder thinking to yourself Why!
One day I would love to have pictures in a gallery.
Anything is possible!
We just have to remember our dreams,
Sometimes we push them into a dormant place within our minds,
It is nice we can revisit them whenever we want!
Have a wonderful week,
if I am not around much that will mean I am painting!


  1. Oh what a beautiful sunrise Cinner!! Yes the rays kiss the earth and make us pause to appreciate it's handiwork. It is such a show off sometimes.
    Ah yes...working on new art is always such a thrill. Enjoy yourself. And enjoy that art gsllery!

  2. Family Day, eh?
    How sweet is that?
    Happy Family Day, then, Canadians!

  3. What a wonderful idea, Family Day, free admission to galleries and places for families. Have a wonderful day!

  4. three fabulous shots! family day and visions here!

  5. ELK, Hi, glad to see you here, I like your self portrait at lens us together. have a great day.

    TechnoBabe, yes it is a great idea, they used to have it in August, but I think they figured everyone needed a break in February. Usually the weather is cold, It was just gorgeous today, sun shining, plus six I believe....knocks the heck out of the minus 25 days we usually have this month. It has been a very strange winter for sure. I hope you had a good day too.

    Anne, yes them Canadians always up for a day off from work. lol. It is so nice here, just a beautiful day, so I got out and took some pictures.

    SueAnn, it was so crowded we could not even get in today, so instead went for a walk down overlooking the river and the cross country skiers, sat on benches having coffee. My husband was working but I had an outing with my sister in law. Nap time and the rest of the day ahead of me. Hope you are well, be around to see you soon. take care.

  6. cinner, we have had such a beautiful sunny day for Family nephew and his family went down to the Legislature Building as they had family events planned there. They called for me to go but I wanted to watch the Olympics....I so love these beautiful days.
    I hope you keep dreaming and some day you will have a picture in a gallery....I love the pictures of sunset...breathtaking....:-) Hugs

  7. I love a sunrise just never get up in time!!


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