Sunday, February 14, 2010

Loving One Another.

There is love all around us.
check out the heart shape in the upper corner of my neighbors window,
this was taken looking through my window,
that will tell you how cold outside it was.
This picture was actually a reflection as I was taking  a picture of a tea light!
It was a very unexpected surprise
and I think my favorite photo because of the surprise
I wish a day filled with love for everyone,
I wish for an outreached hand to a friend,
I wish for a smile to a stranger
I wish for warm meals for the homeless,
I wish for comfort for the people in Haiti,
I wish for a hug for the lonely,
I wish the joy in just being,
I wish today of all days,
when there is so much love in the air,
that we can just reach within our hearts,
and today of all days share the love.
Mother Theresa once said,
There are more people in this world that die from loneliness,
than from hunger and starvation!.
The true joy of love is to share it!
We have to give it to receive it.
Peace and love to you all.


  1. Cinner, I think the hunger isn't for food - it's for Love!

  2. what wonderful wishes from the biggest heart I know....

  3. You're a good woman. I like it that you remember the homeless and the people in Haiti and the lonely. I think this particular holiday causes pain to people feeling lonely. That hurts me so much to know that society commercializes a holiday founded around love to the point that some people feel left out. I know you understand what I am saying because you are a caring person.
    I hope you have a love-ly day!

  4. ((hugs)) happy valentine's day sweetie

    hope it's a beautiful one

  5. A beautiful glow from the tea light...
    Happy Valentine's, Day, Cindy.

  6. Oh I love all your wishes for everyone...a very thoughtful post......:-) Hugs

  7. I hope this finds you feeling loved, sharing love, and emracing love!
    Happy Valentines Day Cindy!!


  8. Thank you Cinner! Beautiful hearts! Blessing and love to you dear one!


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