Friday, February 12, 2010

What do you See?

Am I only one tree,
Or am I a forest,
It depends how you look at me.
From the richest to the poorest,
we all have eyes to see.
For some I am their shelter,
For some they come to play.
Occasionally a bird will perch,
and linger for the day,
For some I am an old tree,
Broken and rundown,
all they see is wear and tear,
branches falling to the ground,
For some I am the best of trees,
for I live on, I am still standing,
my years deeply rooted,
and still solid I am found.
So when you take a look at me,
Please take a second glance.
You see all the saplings in amongst the grass,
I could one day be a forest, just like in the past.!


  1. Excellent. I like to take the meaning as we plant seeds all the time and they could take root just like the saplings in your post. Maybe we show kindness to someone who really needed it and they then are able to show kindness and it keeps going. I like you say take a second glance.

  2. Beautiful poem! And so true! We need to "see" to really really "see"! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Love this...thanks for sharing. Something to set you thinking....

  4. beautiful pairing of words and photograph. beautiful new template too

  5. this is good to think about cinner...great photo

  6. I see a gorgeous tree. And strength and beauty. Great post!


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