Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Flowers to Sexy Feet!

I  thought we might need a little color to brighten up our day,
These are poppies that I grew in my garden.
I know we are all looking forward to a new Spring,
oh yes I am, it can not come soon enough!
Simple Things I have been enjoying.
1. the days are starting to get longer,
2.  my morning coffee with my husband this week,
3. The beautiful foggy day with horror frost on all the trees yesterday, beautiful.
4. Enjoying the peace and quiet and less tension I feel with one less dog.
5, accomplishing some household tasks I have been putting off for a while.
6. Watching the Olympics with my husband, holding hands.
7. Feeling content.
A story for you,
Sometime last summer I had a doctors appointment,
so off my husband and I go. My husband runs around all summer in sandles,
Anyway there is a reason you will need to know that later.
So we are sitting in the waiting room, which is the waiting room for about 40 different doctors,
so I have to say the people we see are quite varied, ecclectic, excentric, characters some of them.
It is always interesting. So we are waiting, my husband reading his newspapeer, I am sitting there just resting, everything is quiet and this man about 30 says to me, He sure has nice feet pointing to my husband,
my husband kind of peeks over the paper, glances at me as if to say , Don't you dare Cindy.
Well I just had to, I could not stop myself, I said, yes I think he has nice feet too, the fellow said,
oh yes, they are nice and slender, and he has strong legs.  Now other people are glancing over at his feet and legs, he was wearing shorts, tshirt and sandals........Then the fellow was telling me that he hates socks in the summer as they usually stink, and he had taken the bus over and what a full bus, but that he likes to talk to people but that nobody will talk to him. I thought how sad, he is such a lonely young man. Then he started on shoes, how he likes red ones with heels and I am thinking to myself, he must have a foot fetish or something because he keeps going back to feet.. My husband was feeling so uncomfortable, I could feel him fidgeting in his seat. I said to him oh I like heels but just can't wear them, then he asks my husband what kind of shoes he likes to wear, Cowboy boots, oh are you a Cowboy and he seemed all excited. Luckily at that moment, my doctor came out of his door and waived us over, and I kid you not this young man says to my doctor, Does'nt he have nice feet.  My husband took my arm because he knew I was on the verge of having a  Cataplexy spell,  My doctor just kinds of nods at him and into the office we go, I said goodbye and have a nice day.
I sit in the office and my husband says, Did you really have to play along! I said well if you were not reading your paper we could of had a talk, I said come on you got compliments on your feet, that does not happen too often, you should be having a great day! Anyhow my doctor said that sometimes that fellow waits out for his doctor sometimes 3 or 4 hours ahead of time. I say to my husband, you should just be glad we did not have long to now every once in  a while just to bug him, I will say oh your feet are sure looking fine today! I don't know how I kept it together because I found the whole thing ridiculously funny. what would have you done. Have a great day, be careful whose feet you compliment,,,,they just might not appreciate it.


  1. That is hilarious. I could've spoken to that guy all day... and I have fabulous visions of your poor husband shuffling around on his seat, counting down the seconds until the Dr's door opened!!

    And the one thing I miss living here is that the days never get longer... the sun ALWAYS sets between 6.30 and 7. ALWAYS!

  2. Horror Frost....great term, Cinner!
    Poppies! You KNOW I love them!
    And the feet - omg....
    What people don't get is that if their sock stink,
    then it might be their FEET that actually stink!
    So sandals? Maybe, maybe not.
    But yeah, ya gotta watch it -
    there's a lot of crazy people around these days.
    And not just eccentric -
    but "Law and Order" SVU - type crazy!

  3. The flowers are perfect!! I need spring too! And the frost on the trees always transform the landscape into such a surreal place. I love it! My husband talks to strangers all the time. He would have loved to talk to this fella. LOL!! Beautiful feet huh? LOL!!

  4. i probably would have answered with "and his nails aren't even polished today....they are really pretty when he has a little color on his toes" the story !

  5. love the story.

    enjoying the olympics with my kids.

  6. I am glad for you that you are noticing less tension with the one dog in a new home. That should help your health too don't you think?
    I love Beth's comment, I wouldn't have thought to say that. This is a really funny story. I think I would have talked to him too. It is fun to hear the little funny things we all say to each other.

  7. Oh my gosh I can just see your husband now and with saying the "cowboy boots" well that is hilarious. I agree with Beth I would of said something about not having time for a pedicure and polish....LOl. I did love the the hoar frost cinner, we have had it out here many times the past couple of weeks but it is so peaceful and beautiful that I hate to open my gate to disturb it. ........:-) Hugs

  8. I love poppies so much. Do you ever grow the blue ones?

  9. always have the funniest stories!! Thanks for these...its always good to laugh!

    psss....take a picture of his feet for us!!

  10. ROFL!!;))) You have a real talent in telling hilarious stories, Cinner!


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