Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Sunday.

Good morning, the sun is shining,
the birds are singing, my husband is home,
my hirstylist will be here in a few moments,
I am lucky he lives right next door!
So no doubt I will be feeling better with a new hairdo,
my grandchild is coming today so she is sure to lift my spirits.
I have just been feeling a little sad as it appears all around blogland!
After my hair is done, we are going to go out and enjoy some of the day.
Yesterday we came to our senses about our Jack Russell dog,
We have done everything to stop him from jumping,
but it is not to be done, My husband had brought him home a while ago,
without talking to me about it. The thing is that knocking me over has not been good,
So he has gone to a new home where he can run and run.
It still saddens me, but I had to do this so as not to get hurt,
I have to be careful with my Cataplexy.
So I put this photo up, today to cheer myself up,
and to remind us all of brighter days ahead!
Take care!


  1. Sometimes we have to do things we do not want to do and it saddens us. Maybe if he had been an older dog... I feel for you...really.
    Here's to all things that make you happy again!! New hair, flowers, sunshine and laughter!! :o)
    And of course some hugs!

  2. oh honey, i'm sorry ((hugs)) but the good news is that he will spread his love around even more. hope all the doings will help relieve some of the sadness - even though you are doing the exact right thing.

  3. Dear, dear Cinner.
    My Mother's dog did the same thing to her.
    It's a hard choice, but in the end the right one.
    Take it easy today and rest your mind....
    Brighter days ahead, indeed!

  4. Awwww Sparky is gone? Well i hope he enjoys his new home. It is beautiful and sunny here to. I hope it is like this when you come. I am so jealous joe is doing your hair. Mine is almost down to my butt and I want him to cut it so bad. I know ridiculous but i just cant find anyone else i like. Well love you and I cant wait to see the new do. Have a fabulous day and say hi to uncle pookey.

  5. Sorry about the pup, but I am sure he will be happy in his new home. Beautiful picture... brightened my day for sure. hugs to you

  6. I admire your strength and wisdom regarding finding the Jack Russell a new home. It hurts to think that you would be knocked down by your pet that you care about but would have possible damage from the jumping. So, what did you get done to your hair??? Pink and purple???

  7. It is better that you find him a good home before you tripped and fell over him cinner. I do hope you had a wonderful day, our weather has been so nice although I did find it a bit cool today....the wind really. Tomorrow is another day, a new beginning so I am wishing you a beautiful Monday.......:-) Hugs

  8. Cindy, your photo brought a smile to me...and I'm glad that you posted it. Your J.R. will be happy...and you will be safe; take those thoughts to heart and know that you did the right thing. I know it was a hard decision, but we have to make them...and do what is best.
    I hope your grandchild lifed your spirits. How can they not? We should have had grandchildren first, right? :))
    Have a good week....
    Smiles and hugs from Jackie

  9. Hi everyone, I am plumb tuckered from my day....and what an oops, she is my godchild, not grandchild, lol although I felt like a great grandma today. thanks everyone for your kind words about Sparky. It is amazing how calm our house was today without him here, so I know I did the right thing. TechnoBabe my hair is just shorter and pink and purple, although I have to say I have had those colors before. lol. Sorry everyone that I am not responding separately but I am off to bed in about one minute., I think the fresh air tuckered me out today, or maybe it was a 7 year old. have a great Monday and I will be by to visit everyone soon.

  10. I am so sorry about your doggie...but Jack Russells are some serious jumpers!!! But he will be fine and happy in his new home. I do hope you had a chance to enjoy your day...xo

  11. Lovely photo! I so need spring! Sweetie I am so sorry about the puppy! But you have done a wonderful thing for him and for yourself. Everyone will be the better for it.
    Hugging you


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