Monday, February 22, 2010

I Don't Think You Would Want Me As A Neighbor!

I know I have posted this picture before,
it is right next door to us,
a couple is renovating it and we have become quite good friends,
They don't live in the house, but the fellow comes by checks on things.
He has a little metal smith  shop outback, and an older camper in his yard!
So this is how the story goes
Once D and M bought the house the next door,
the previous tenants showed up, I did not know the parents well,
but I knew there 3 lovely children,
So the Mom comes to the door with the kids and says they are just stopping to say hi,
that they are there to pick up their lawn mower that they left behind in the move.
No problem, had about ten minutes with the children,
and off they all went!
A few days later my next door neighbor comes over and says,
Cindy, did you happen to see anyone in the yard, because his lawnmower was gone.
I thought to myself Shite, Shite, double Shite,  and I say well yes I did the old tenants came and said they were there to pick up their lawnmower, I told them what date, I said I don't even know their last name,
but you should be able to get that from the previous owner.
Anyway that was really the introduction to meeting the neighbor,not really the best start.
So about two weeks ago, I see a truck pulled up to his camper out back in his yard.
It was a cold day, I thought the man was my neighbor,
Anyway I give it no further thought. I saw my neighbor today,
and I said hey D, Why did you move out your camper,
He says I did not move it, it was stolen!
I say you got to be kidding me!
No he figures it was last Tuesday,
I say I think your right, I saw a man in the yard dressed in a skidoo  suit shoveling the snow from
around it, I said D I thought it was you!
My husband and he were laughing, my husband said, oh yeah Cindy said D was over and took his camper, that maybe he had to use it for work!
Well then both Mr. Smartarses went to town.
Neighbor D said if I continue to keep such a good eye on the place, that the house should be gone by the end of the year, my husband said oh yeah you better get better insurance, blah, blah, blah.
Then my husband said maybe our house would be gone too,
I jokingly said keep it up and you will both be gone.
Then they started on about my pink hyundai parked out back,
that you notice how nobody takes that because it is pink, etc.
Anyway I let them have there fun, they dished it out,and well
sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do,
and I dished it right back at them.
I thought to myself I will get you boys back,
summer is coming soon, so I know I will have plenty of opportunity.
Anyway when D left I told him to not worry, I would keep a closer eye on the place,
And my husband says, we just had our eyes tested and she needs new glasses!
We all had a good laugh!
My next post I will tell you what happened to the neighbors on the other side  when we were watching thier house,
I will give you one hint,
The neighbor on the other side of the house we were watching phoned the police in the middle of the night,
because people were trying to break in. the police caught them.
And what were we doing!
Sleeping peacefully in our beds,
And we knew nothing until later on the next day.!
Trust me they all had a good laugh too.
And you know what so did we.
so next time your neighbors do anything to upset you,
just be thankful I am not living next door..
Think of me and they may appear a much better choice.
Have a great day and love thy neighbor!
If we have laughter amongst friends
we truly do have everything!


  1. Oh Cinner, you are a rubbish house babysitter but you sure are funny!! ;0)

  2. There's no way to "watch" someone's house these days!
    If someone wants to get in there, they are going to find a way!
    "Just wait till Cinner falls asleep" is just one of many ways!
    Good story!

  3. Oh dear! It is hard to "watch" a house!! You have to be so specific. Like, "no one is due to come over" so if you see a car or the police! LOL!!!
    Good luck on future watches.

  4. too funny...
    but sheesh....those stealers/robbers/thieves need a good old face plant in a snow awful that they can be doing what they are doing....i mean really...a camper ?

  5. Hahahahahah oh Aunt Cinner, hahahaha this is exaclty how your life goes. Why do the funniest things happen to you? and Uncle P is right no one will steal your pink car.Your poor neighbours must wonder what it will take for you to actually question someone in their yard. Well thanx for the laugh. Love ya

  6. Gads, did you get the owner's cell phone number so next time you can call and say "Is that you I am watching at the house?"

  7. Oh my, you made me chuckle :)

    Margie :)

  8. LOL I love this story!! But I would let you be my neighbor anyway, and I would just buy more insurance!


  9. I am still laughing at your house sitting, but somehow I think you would be a fantastic neighbour......:-) Hugs

  10. I am just like you! Something like that would happen to me for sure. What a great story!

  11. Kath, thanks for stopping by...oh for sure these things happen all the day I am going to write a take care. It is good to know there is someone else out there like me.

    Bernie, lets just say I am a better neighbor than a house sitter. Have a great day Bernie, what a clooudy foggy day we had today.

    Cora, hah that makes me laugh, maybe they cut off the insurance because I live next door. lol. Have a great week.

    Margie, how was your holiday. I have to come by and find out. Big hugs.

    TechnoBabe, yes I got it now, can you believe this, I would think people would not be so bold, but yes right from under my nose....take care. have a great week.

    Khande, you find this funny, wait till you see what could happen when I come and visit you. Lock up your silverware. lol.

  12. Beth, I know and it was an old camper, but right in broad daylight....maybe I am a little too trusting....take care Beth.

    SueAnn I should be okay on future watches, the only things still standing are the house and the shed....Inner city is just super fun am not right in it, but on the edge of it.

    Anne, oh for sure, and that is the thing, I don't even know if one area is safer than an other area, crime is everywhere and like you said if they want in, there coming in. take care.

    ED, well thank goodness I have something going for I think I am out of the house sitting business...Take care.

  13. oh dear! You are not allowed to have a neighborhood watch sticker are you?

  14. I say you probably won't be voted neighborhood watch captain any time soon, Cinner!!

    No future career at ADT, or anything along that lines!

    I don't blame you, I mean, I don't want to be THAT neighbor who comes over all the time tending to your business. I probably would have thought just as you did. Who steals a trailer? Just backs right up and takes it? It has to be an inside job, who else could know they weren't there? Weird!

  15. hahaha! I can't believe it happened twice in a row! I feel bad for your neighbour but that's just too funny!

  16. I can see me doing something like that!! So funny!!

  17. Sorrow, that is funny, never thought about that.glad you stopped by, hope you are well.

    Cam I agree in broad daylight, but then nobody is really expecting it, I just glanced out the door saw him from behind and well I thought it was the neighbor...Funny thing years ago I wanted to be a sketch artist....I may not have fared well at that. What luck I have...

    A nurses Curses, I was really more upset than he was an old old was it....old.

    Gayle, strange things happy to the nicest people,,,,I think that I am too trusting. Oh goodness.


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