Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Special Day

Dear Dad.
It amazes me that you would have been turning 75 today!
I would call you first thing right after breakfast to make sure I caught you at home. 
I always knew if I waited too long you would be out somewhere on the farm,
or that you may go to town and shoot some pool with your friends!
I am not sad today. I am sure you are with so many of your friends that took the road before you.
I am sure everyone was glad to have you show up last May.!
I bet Reinhald, Leo, Bernhardt, just to name a few
have been losing at cards to you!
And you are loving that.
As for us down here, we are making it most days,
Your spirit is always around,
sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry,
the nice thing is we have our memories,
Many have come back that I had forgotten about,
Mom is fine, she is keeping herself quite busy!
She is not baking as much now, she and her friends go to the theatre quite a bit.
I try to phone her everyday and say goodnight.
She finds the nights hard without you there.
She has been taking pretty good care of the dog,
I know she was taking him for runs and even brushing him.
As for us girls we are all very close and have leaned on each other for support,
Your youngest is planning a wedding, so we are having some fun with that,
I guess we have learned that llife does not stop, 
it carries on, our love for you grows more and more
as I have learned to appreciate so many things I took for granted.
Oh by the way, the other day when all the chickadees showed up.
I knew you sent them my way, or at least that is what I am choosing to believe.
Same as when Harry sends us the bluejays,
Okay now I see you giving me the raised eyebrow look,
wondering where I get these ideas~
So Dad know I love you,
now you would thank me for calling!
I know you always hated talking on the phone/
But you would do it anyway.
Oh by the way,when we were home last year just before you passed on,
I know you tried to tell me something,
with that extra squeeze you gave my hand!
Well Dad I have to go lay down, see I told you some things never change!
Just so you know I  am going to have some cake down here for you!
Love you now, always and forever!


  1. That was so very touching, Cinner.
    It is a special day indeed, your dad's birthday!
    Not quite a year since he passed on.
    May his memory always be a blessing!

    Hugs to you!


  2. Happy Birthday Dad!
    great tribute, Cinner.

    may your day be blessed.

  3. awww cindy....what a beautiful tribute to your memory of him is alive and wonderful.....xo

  4. Lovely Cinner. A beautiful post about the love you have for your dad. My has been gone for 25 years now! Just doesn't seem possible. And isn't it amazing how understanding comes after the fact? Oh well!! He knows...dear one...he knows.

  5. Today is a special day and we can all have a piece of cake in honor of your dad today!! He has always sounded like a special and loving father and I so enjoy reading about him on your blog.

  6. Oh me that was so sweet. I know he hears you, sees you and is with you always! I'm sure he will even taste the cake with you!
    You are a good daughter!

  7. Precious Cinner...
    Be comforted, dear one.

  8. Your love for your father shines through today in your post......he knows cinner, he is with all of you when you call him....:-) Hugs

  9. beautiful thoughts and memories

    even though they're gone, they are never gone from our hearts

  10. That was so sweet and sad. Thinking about my dad and who knows maybe mine sees yours up there every now and then!


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