Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Color My World.

Could you live in a house made of glass bottles and mud!
I think I could, strictly for the beautiful color that 
would simply be stunning in the morning light,
I have crystal hanging in some of my windows at my home,
when the sun is bright,prisms of color bounce upon my walls,
my cat will be interested as well and with her paws
she tries to catch the colors, you can tell there is no understanding,
but she wants one, continues trying to catch one.
I also have some colored bottles that once again will shine bright,
and make me smile as they are highlighted at different times throughout the day!
On our news last night, they said we will probably not see the sun for another ten or so days,
So until it comes back I have in my heart all my memories and know that soon the sun will shine again,
when I get up in the morning I am going to light all my candles,
sit and have a mornimg coffee,
read  a  Gardening  Magazine,
then my Tai Chi,
And remind myself that some days the sun does not have to shine.
After all if not for the cloudy days we would not so appreciate the Sun.
I am embracing my day to make it the best it can be,
After all it is all a frame of mind.
I hope you have a bright and colorful day!



  1. You are so right! I must remember to embrace mine as well. I have been so bummed about all the snow! And so anxious for spring; that I forgot to appreciate the beauty all around me! Thanks hun

  2. I've appreciated the sun enough and would like to start to appreciate some cooler days and autumn colours. I'll tell the big ball of fire in my sky to head your way.

  3. can you bottle that attitude of yours and send it my way....by the case ?
    10 more days or so with no sun.....yikes !

    we are getting snow today and tomorrow, but it sure looks sunny come the weekend....

    and there is a house in our area made just the way you described and guess who lives there ?.....an artist of course :)

  4. I definitely could live in a house made of glass bottles and mud. It is 0 degrees here this morning. Still lightly snowing. So pretty and so cold. We went out yesterday to run errands and ending up hurrying in the bitter cold, it was biting on the face with the wind blowing. But it is still a wonderful place to be. You have a great attitude and I think you have enough sunshine in your heart that in your house you and your husband don't even notice the great big sun outside is hiding. I bet your husband would agree with me.

  5. The sun is just coming out here now and it is glorious!
    It's so very cold though, only about 9 degrees!
    Sending sunshine your way but I don't think you need it as your attitude about life speaks for itself!

    I'll send you an email about my blog when I get back from San Francisco.
    Thanks Cinner!

    Have a wonnderful day!
    I know you will!

    P.S Yes, I could live in the house of glass bottles and mud!

  6. we've had a lot more cold and grey down here than usual. i've learned a lot about creating a colorful soundtrack for the day ~ music, lights and movement! yay for your attitude!

  7. Beautiful post. I love the crystals hanging in your window...so nice! YOu are right about the frame of mind thing!

  8. Okay I have made up my mind, I will not complain about these cloudy days anymore, won't tell anyone how much I miss the sun nor look up at the clouds with a frown...like heck I won't.......love how you are handling these gloomy days my friend, they really aren't that bad though as it has not been real cold. Embrace your day my friend, I will have a good day as well as I am meeting friends for lunch.
    .........:-) Hugs

  9. i would love the sunlight and moonlight shimmering through my glass house. i would just have to be careful about throwing stones ;)

    hope you are having a wonderful day Cinner.

  10. SE'LAH. there would be no rock throwing or spinning tires, so really no Nascar, what would a girl do? lol. I did have a great day, and surprise, surprise, the sun came out.

    Bernie, I hope you have a great lunch, and we did have the sun here a couple of hours, it was what I would call beautiful, I opened my front door to get some fresh air in. Have a great day!

    Cora if I had my way there would be hundreds of them there...no I just have a few, maybe five, someday though. The sun did come out, so that made for a very special day here.

    Amy, you have a great attitude, I love some music. For about six months I have been on a Bob Marley kick. Take care, I am coming by to visit. I don't know what has been happening with my days lately, but poof there goes another one.

    Margie, oh glad you had some sun, have a wonderful time, I think it is just a magical city! The city of love, but really are'nt they all, if your with the one you love. Email me when you get back. take care....

    Oh TechnoBabe, you are wonderful,,at about 4 oclock I woke up and the sun was beaming in here, Those weather gals.....lol. Anyway I feel like Spring in my heart today....Your story about the biting cold, I know how brutal that can be,,glad you see all the good in life too. maybe kindred spirits. Take care,

    Beth, Can you believe it the sun came out today, not for long but it showed her face here! Cool an artist lives in that house. I watch that show Extreme Houses, and boy I could have fun with some of those. It is amazing what people dream up. Most of them I like...I guess thats the artsy fartsy in me.
    Hopefully the sun will arive your way soon. Hugs to you!

    Liss, send it here and I will gladly send you some cooler weather. I often wonder how I would do in the heat there. I have a feeling I better just stay here,,,I would come in your winter though, which would still be like our summer! lol.

    SueAnn, well it is easy enough for us to do, I decided this morning, enough is enough with the glum attitude, and the sun came out....I think I was lucky. Take care my friend, I was thinking how can a girl with such beautiful nails be so crafty. If I had them I would never get my hands in goop again. Hugs my friend.

  11. As long as the sun continues to shine from within like that, the rainbows will continue to dance!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  12. hope you had a beautiful day too - i hate i'm having such a late time in visiting everyone

  13. Char, don't worry, we know you are busy, work comes first , we know you will find your way when you can. think of you lots. Hugs to my friend.

    Cygnus, what a kind thing to say. you are a sweetheart! Take care,

  14. I wish I could read you first thing in the am to start my day off right!! You have a positive attitude!!


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