Monday, February 8, 2010

Simply Perfect

I took this photo at The Muttart Conservatory,
there are 4 glass pyramids,
and each building has a different theme,
They have renovated now, and soon I will go for another visit.
It is so peaceful and the aromas are wonderful,
There is a waterfall, and a running river,
There are unique birds living amongst the trees.
The sun shines through the glass panes,
The warmth feels incredible..
Often you can see artists sitting and sketching,
It has been a great place for wedding photos,
and for school tours! 
As I sit thinking of it, I am reminded....
walked down the long corridors,
I needed my cane,
but I could take my time,
I was in no rush,
My sister was with me at my side.
we entered the pyramid
and the most beautiful flowers
were on display.
I smiled, my sister looking at me smiled,
I knew she knew I was happy,
WE sat on one of the benches
and I told her this was my idea of heaven,
We sat, talked when necessary,
talked too with unspoken words.
I took some pictures,
She patiently waiting, wanting me to enjoy!
We made it through all the pyramids that day.
Next time I shall take my sketch book.
I will make a point of doing it soon!
I am grateful for such a place.


  1. Gratitude just comes out from you, Cinner.
    All the beauty and peace you see around you is really inside of you.
    You simply see it being reflected back to your loving and kind eyes!

  2. I could hear the waterfall and I could see the river running! Your words painted such a lovely picture for me. Thanks Cinner! And I am glad you had such a wonderful time.

  3. What a beautiful picture! Love the shades of pink!

    Hope you're doing well!

  4. I can only imagine the aroma of those flowers...and now I want to take a walk, too....maybe a trip to our botanical gardens is in order :)

  5. oh how gorgeous - what a beautiful place to sit and take it all in

    so glad you all are having such a good time

  6. A great post... looking forward to seeing those sketches :)

  7. I have to admit that Canada has some of the most beautiful and amazing flowers and gardens ever anywhere!

  8. I love going to the pyramids, every time friends or family visit me I always take them there.......I understand how you feel as you look at the art and the is an amazing experience.......:-) Hugs

  9. hello Cinner, beautiful picture, just a quick drop in to let you know that I hae not forgot about your award, I will post it tomorrow all being well! time, where does it go eh? ((hugs))

  10. What a wonderful sister you patient and sweet, but most of all understanding. What a blessing for you. So glad you enjoyed yourself and that you were happy...a peaceful happy :)

  11. Hello, you brought tears to my eyes with that good memory. I so wish you were here again so we could be together and enjoy the simple things.

  12. this is beautiful! i am so happy you shared this time, with your sister. i felt the stillness, as i read this. beautiful!

  13. A precious memory to hold in your heart! I love time with my sister, too!!

    I bet the air smelled so sweetly!!

    It really sounds like a perfect afternoon!

  14. Cam it was a very special day, it was perfect, I will be by to visit soon, I am so glad you had such a nice visit with your family, I know how hard it is when they leave.

    Thankyou Christina, it really was beautiful. I loved seening your workspace today, one of our angels. I know this for sure.

    Gayle, it really was, I have to go again soon.

    Penquin, hopefully soon, It was a nice memory was it not. I will call you later.

    Cora, she really is the best, often we tell each other we just want to sit on the couch and hold hands, or when we talk on the phone, hours could go by! She is five years younger than me, she is a sweetheart, actually I am very lucky with my older one too. Hope you had a good weekend, I will be by soon.

    Claire, mo worries, whenever, no pressure, there is never enough time and for some reason as we get older, I am speaking for me the time seems to go faster.....I Hope it picks up the pace to get to

    Bernie, I can understand going there. I have not seen the Devonian Gardens out of town, maybe this summer, have you been there. i hope you have a great and happy day.

    TechnoBabe, my favorite would be The Bouchard Gardens out on Vancouver Island. Really so many treasures. There are so many places I want to visit in the States one day, and I have never gone to Eastern Canada....Maybe one day. Have a great day.

    ED. it really is beautiful, you know I have to get sketching know you have one of the most amazing sense of humor, i think that often when I come to visit you. take care.

    Char, it really is, I need to do it more often. Yes life is good. take care.

    Beth, oh you should Beth, especially if you have had any winter blues....Take care. I am glad your hubby was home on the weekend. and your team one right!

    Lois, so nice of you to drop in, I thought I was following your blog before, now I am so I can keep caught up with you. hope you are well. your blog looked lovely. I will be by to see you soon. take care.

    SueAnn, OH I am glad like you felt you were right there. Enjoy your well.

    Anne that is a beautiful things to say, golly gee, aw shucks.....p.s. like people are pulled together, my honorary Canadian. hugs to you. HOPE you are well.


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