Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday I awoke to the most beautiful sun beaming through my windows.
Any of my doubts about the day vanished,
My dogs were anxious to get outside,
As I was about to open the door,
I was stopped by the most beautiful sound of happy birds.
I grabbed the muzzles  for the dogs,
 opened the door, they were gone in a flash,
There had to be about 50 chickadees,
I knew if I moved to get the camera,
they would mostly likely fly away.
I just stood watching and listening,
They were playing with one another,
very curious about me,
moving their little heads from side to side.
I love the sound of chickadees.
I stood with the backdoor open.
the freshness of the morning was beautiful,
I sighed, content in my peace.
loving this moment, wanting it to last longer,
thinking of the many moments I had sat watching
the chickadees with my Dad.
This was the most I had in my yard.
I was so blessed to have ten minutes of their day,
a calming effect, their happiness opening my heart to their true beauty.
Suddenly my Jack Russel Sparky came running 
towards me, still with muzzle on,
and proceeded to jump about seven feet high straight in the air,
With that the chickadees were gone.
I had enjoyed every moment.
and it set the mood
for the day!
there is beauty all around us,
we just have to have our eyes and hearts open.
Have a fabulous weekend.The picture
is courtesy of the web!


  1. Thank you sweet Cinner for a wonderful start to my weekend. I could visualize those chickadees and I heard them sing! Rapturous!! You have a wonderful weekend as well!

  2. Isn't it a pain that you never have a camera during these moments... but then seeing it through a lens would definitely spoil the effect.

    Happy day to you Ms Cinner :0)

  3. Wow - My dear Mother LOVED birds.
    She had bad vision -so blind she qualified for books on tape...
    But she could see any bird, anywhere!
    And had tons of bird books.
    I'm glad the little birdies came to share such a beautiful message with you!

  4. Shame about not having the camera but more importantly you got to enjoy the moment and it will last in your memory for a long time to come. I'm sure your dad was sitting beside you enjoy the songs of the chickadees to.

  5. those are the best visitors ever....
    I think an angel sent them to you just to brighten your day...because angels are like that, you know ?

  6. oh, how beautiful - i would love to see that many. what a wonderful gift you were given.

  7. What a beautiful moment....a promise that spring is just around the corner!! :)
    I love to hear the birds singing too...they sing nature's songs that God created!

  8. Birds and Sun and puppy dog tails!
    Happy morning indeed. You were being serenaded by birds and shown love by your dogs.

  9. It was so nice that the birds picked you to visit today and the meomories!!

  10. cinner, I was so happy this morning to wake up to the sun as well. Just to feel its warmth was heavenly.....been way to long not to have sunshine.....have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

  11. wow . you caught that sweet little one so well cinner!

  12. Oh yes...there is beauty all around us! I too love the sound of chickadees!

  13. Caroline, oh me too they are my favorite bird.

    Elk, I got the picture off the web as I did not have mine with me. how I had wished otherwise.

    Bernie, I know, it sure makes a difference in the day does it not.

    Gayle it was a nice and appreciated surprise, Yes I have many memories of my Dad that I do cherish.

    TechnoBabe, it definately was one of those wonderful mornings. Have a great day.

    Cora, they really were happy that the sun was out, Chickadees are my favorite.

    Char, it was so pretty, it was wonderful. The sun makes such a difference in my life, I am sure for everyone. Take care.

    Beth, You know I agree, it just had to be an angel. Big hugs, hope your team wins today.

    Liss, how many times does that happen that I find myself without a camera. Yeah I think Dad was watching with me.

    Anne, I loved the story of your Mom, when Dad was alive, you should have seen all the hummingbirds and the canaries that would be at his feeders, and you would see the hummingirds dive at one another....I have never had a hummingbird in my yard....maybe because of the city...Have a great day Anne, cherish your memories!

    ED, your right looking through a lens would not have really done it for me. I would not have enjoyed it as much because I would be concentrating on getting the photo rather than just enjoying it. Have a great day.

    SueAnn, oh I am glad you could hear them sing, it was a gift. Have a great weekend, do you get into the Super Bowl. Take care.

  14. i so love when birds visit. aren't they just darling?

    hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Thanks as always for stopping by my necessary room. i so enjoy your company.



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