Thursday, February 4, 2010

3 Surprises!

I had such a wonderful Day today!
It did not start out that way!
I had no energy but I am used to that,
and I am not complaining,
but some days are just draining!
When I grabbed the mail,
look at the wonderful items that came to me,
I had entered a giveaway over at
Monica's from The White Bench 
These items are handmade,
3 beautiful cards,
and the lovely heart,
and the packaging. 
true bliss!
Thank you so much Monica,
they are truly treasures!
Please check out her blog, if you love romantic and beautiful, you would love to stop by and have a visit. I have been following her now for about a year, and every time I go, for a few moments I feel like a princess.She also has the most amazingly photogenic dog Kim, check her out on Monica's 
sidebar. I love Kim with the big Hat.
Monica is very talented and creative, often she shows what items looked like before she got her hands on them and then the after results. She is a true artist.!
And then my oldest sister phoned,
and she has bought a ticket for her and I
to go visit her daughter, son and future daughter in law.
I was so excited, It is not until the middle of March,
but it was a very special surprise!
I really have the best sisters in the whole world.
They know I can't really get out by myself!
So often they are very generous and kind!
And the third surprise,
my husband came home with
an Ice Cappucino from Tim Horton's!
My fave!
It all turned out to be one of my Very Best Days!
I hope you had a great day too!


  1. I am so happy you had a good day! We are all blessed to have eachother that is forsure!

  2. Oh your gifts look lovely, so happy for you. A trip with your sister and then a thoughtful husband, you did have a good day, I hope tomorrow will be just as wonderful....:-) Hugs

  3. Hi Cinner, a heartfelt thank you for your very nice and sweet words! I'm honored for what you said.
    Glad you had a great day, what beautiful surprises, your trip will be fabulous!
    Have a terrific day,

    P.S. My fave is Starbucks Latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon ;))

  4. What wonderful gifts you received. They are beautiful! And there is nothing like having a "good" day! Your sisters sound amazing!! I visited Monica and you are right...her blog is wonderful! Thanks for the link!

  5. Once, I was dreading something.
    And I said, maybe it'll turn out ok.
    I fell in love and had the best time of my life.
    It changed me forever.
    Good thing we are learning to trust things that might be in our own best interests.
    Every day is a gift!

  6. What lovely items to receive in the mail. I checked out the blog as you suggested and you are right, very nice. I am glad for you that you had the surprise in the mail. And the call from your sister with another surprise which will be next month. Great day for sure.

  7. Yay, I am so xcited your coming. Mom told me last night. We will have so much fun and I promise we will let you rest as much as you need. Its going to come so quick. Love you say hi to uncle pookie.

  8. Hi Cin...........just a quik 'drive by'to see what sort of 'pretties' you were thinking on.....ya know Cindy.....I always send 'things' your way.

  9. wow....that was a lucky day....don't you just love it when the universe gives you a day that feels so special.....

  10. what a day filled with beautiful surprises

  11. so happy the day turned into a five star...your winnings in the giveaway are lovely ...have a great day cinner!

  12. You did have a wonderful day and I love your new look!!

  13. Thanks Gayle, I could not leave a comment on your blog today but I did love how your little one reacted to being said no to. Very cute, have a great weekend.

    Thasnks Elk, and the pictures don't do them justice at all.

    Char it was a nice day, I hope you slow down a bit so you can take a breath. thinking about you. Take care.

    Beth, it was a nice day, now if every day can run as I am pretty lucky, I loved what you did for your daughter today. have a good weekend at the cottage.

    Spotted Wolf, I know that and it is not in the form of emails, although I do appreciate them too. IT would have been my dads birthday on the 10th of this month. We are all doing much better. Strange how you can feel their prescence. Have a great weekend all the best to you and Sue.

    khande, I sure hope you the time flies by, It will be so nice to get away from the snow, even if it is into rain. I am so excited, can't wait to come see you and do girlie still do that right! lol. love you, give my love to the other two, and no not the dogs, well them too. soon little poohkey!

    TechnoBabe, I was very excited. I have never gotten a package from Italy before, so I was on the moon! I think it will be the closest I ever get to that part of the world. I have always wanted to go see all the statues, etc.
    So now I feel like I have a little piece of it here. Have a great weekend. Hope you are well.

    Anne, yes thanks for reminding me that everyday is, and what will be will be. I am glad you fell in love, and I trust we just keep getting better. Big hugs my friend. Thanks.

    SueAnn, Oh I am glad you had a visit, I saw you became a follower. lovely! The pictures do not do what she sent me justice at all.

    Monica, if you were here I would go to Starbucks with you. I can't say enough good words about you and your blog. Thank you so so much. Take care. Big hug

    Bernie, they were lovely, I am excited to go for a visit out west to see my niece and nephew and spend time with my sister. Hope you had a great day. I appreciate all your visits Bernie, you have a special place in my heart. You are always so kind. Hugs to you.

    Penquin, yes we are lucky for sure. love you.

  14. what a great day. i have just received a note from the post office that there is a parcel waiting for me there (unfortunately we have to go collect parcels, they dont get delivered to the door here). not sure what it is, so very excited to go pick it up later this afternoon :)

  15. Kamana, oh lucky you, I usually only get bills, so I love getting packages. I hope it is something lovely, as lovely as you are. Take care, have fun.

  16. Wow what wonderful surprises! Just when we think our day is less than perfect....we have some little miracles pop in! Life is sweet!


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