Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Gift!

I love flowers,
I especially love roses.
I thought to myself today,
I wonder how many boquets
are purchased for Valentines!
Some friends and I were 
having a discussion
on whether it is an easy gift.
One of us feels that no thought has to be put into them at all,
And usually they are bought for her in some form of an apology
She said it is like buying socks and shorts at Christmas.
That it just becomes something you do!
Then I said well I appreciated the thought behind the gift,
and I was reminded about a certain piece of lingerie.
I think a man tempts his own fate,
it is either too small and then I sometimes think he must be blind if he thinks my butt will fit into a triangular piece of cloth which would probably fit better as a patch for a pirate outfit for halloween!
Then if they buy something that is way too big, you think well just how big does he think I am?
So I really believe they set themselves up for heartache.
one year I was asked and I said,
oh just some nice sexy pjs, how hard can it be right.
wrong, he came home prouder than a boy that had just hit his first homerun.
and gave me the brightest pink and blue mumu tent dress I had ever seen!
Comfort is definately one thing, but I also believe nowhere, nohow do they come across as sexy.
I guess I have watched Mrs. Roper too many times on T.V.
to ever be able to appreciate them properly.
So I think the best gift is chocolate,
advice to all men, don't give it the same time as a diet book!
That could definately be a real no no!
My idea of a great Valentines Day
is too spend it with my husband.
we usually write each other a poem,
sometimes there serious, sometimes hilarious,
and we usually cook supper together!
The best gift I could have is just being together!
I always say don't get me anything,
he says he won't but usually those roses come home!
Because he knows I love them.
I would love to hear what your idea of Valentines is!
Love to you all.
Have your very Best Day!


  1. Guess I am a traditionalist! Flowers because I love them. And a nice letter, card or note. And spending time together. That is my ideal Valentine's Day!
    PS Love the look of your blog!

  2. Hubby and I are only together four and a half years so we don't have many Valentine Days under our marriage belt. For the most part, we do not exchange cards or give presents. We are much older than you are, my dear, so maybe that has something to do with our thinking at this time of our lives. We have been in and out of previous marriages and did all the presents and cards and flowers. Nothing against those wonderful displays of affection. We only have just so much money and money does not rule our lives, so for us we want to make each day matter. This is a conscious decision and one we talk about and work on so we are each happy and at peace as much as possible. Wow, I really got into this one huh. Hugs, Cinner.

  3. Hello dear sister, first of all I love how you changed up your web page. Now on valentines, well lets see this is the first valentines ever that i am spending it with someone that truly love me. I have shared my distain for giving flowers too him only because in my first marriage which was as you know a huge error in judgement that I would get the most huge bouquet and the nicest of cards. All of which the card was full of deciet and lies and the flowers a lame try at covering it all up. So I guess that is why for the past 9 years I never wanted flowers again. But now as I have this wonderful man truthfully I would love flowers, except for maybe the cost of them i always feel like they die too quickly. So lets face it what i really want is the same thing I have everyday, I want to wake up my head on his chest, with his arm around me, a few gentle kisses starting our day. We would spend the day together talking, laughing, speaking our minds and enjoying whatever we do together. We often tell eachother how lucky we are to have found eachother, and that we never there was a love like this. I am absolutely blessed in love and can wish no more for valentines day! My apologies sister this is wayyyyyy to long. lol

  4. Oh my, you changed your blog again!
    But I love it, so beautiful!
    I need to change mine but I'm so technically impaired...Lol!
    Can you help me???

    Anyway, I have been married for many years but I'm with you, Cinner, my most favorite thing is just to spend time with my hubby on Vaentine's day and this year he's taking me to San Francisco, I can't believe it, he told me last night he got the tickets.
    We will be gone for 5 days.
    I have the best hubby in the world and I love him so much!
    Oh, I always write hubby a poem and he usually gives me chocolate as he knows how much I love chocolate!

    Hugs to you!


  5. What a GORGEOUS background!I LOVE it! I LOVE Roses..they are my favorite! Nice story...

  6. Thanks for the laugh today! Cute story..At least HE thought the mumu was sexy! :)

    Roses are beautiful and special!

  7. roses are so special...and you yotally cracked me up with the sexy jammies story.....too funny !

  8. I like the poetry writing thing; no matter how daft a poet, the effort is seen-- and so very personal! I think, on top of that, the only rose will be one in my teeth as I dance my sweetie towards the bedroom...

    Have a great day, Lady Cinner!

  9. OMG!!! I wasn't "officially" following your blog!????? What T.F.?!!

    Well, I can't say that anymore! ha!

  10. Cygnus, I thought you were, your photo was right beside spotted wolf. anyway I am glad you are here. LOL. I see you have your valentines day all figured out...good for you. take care.Have a great day, I love your new profile pic.

    Beth, My girlfriend threw all my mumus out, she said it is no wonder I never had any children. lol. you would love her. Have a great day.

    Cora, oh I am glad you had a chuckle. Be by to see you soon, I have not been feeling well.
    I feel I have been neglecting everyone.

    Terry, thanks, I loved it too when I saw it. I love Roses, too bad they don't last longer.
    I love the smell, I want to put a climbing rose in my yard this year. Take care.

    Margie, oh SanfRANCISCO, how wonderful, that will be so much fun. I have never been, but it is on my List of things to do. Margie I would love to help with your blog. It really is easy once you get the hang of it. I will put directions into easy form. have a great day. I am excited you get a romantic holiday.

    Penquin, Your day sounds perfect to me, I am just thrilled for you all the way around, have a great lunch with sis today. love you.

    I love that outlook, we don't have much money either, I find it is the silly stuff that really gets me. It is the everyday life that makes it the best. I am happy for you and your husband, Have a great day. Hugs to you my friend.

    SueAnn, thanks, I love it too. Being a traditionalist,, As long as your with the one you love, there is nothing better than that. take care. I am coming to see how that mirror is making out....Have a great day.

  11. i love flowers - easy or not, it's the thought no matter how big or how small.

    and the sexy pjs - hilarious!

  12. Char that is true, oh the stories I could tell you! lol have a great day!

  13. hi Cinner:

    i'm one of those people who are allergic to flowers...yes ;( so, a simple dinner, ok, make it fancy, will do ;)

  14. Selah, my Mom is allergic to flowers too, any of them. You would not do well in my yard in the summer, but hey in the winter not a flower to be found, how about 2 feet of snow....Have a great day!

  15. Being taken out for dinner maybe a movie, never flowers though.....just prefer time with my friend......:-) Hugs

  16. Roses were my moms favorite and they are mine too!! I wonder if they would have been if she had not died so young!!

  17. Bernie, that sounds awesome too,,,time with your friend, that is the most important, the time we get together. Hugs to you Bernie, take care.

    Gayle, I am sorry to hear that! Yes you must wonder sometimes what would have been. My Moms Mom passed away when my Mom was two. I know she often wonders about her. My Mom is allergic to flowers, Now I know why when we were little kids that the flowers only ever lasted a day that we picked her. Here it is because she was allergic! Every time you see a rose I am sure you think of your Mom, I know you cherish all your memories. Big hug, c

  18. My and Valentines Day and me just don't agree. In my whole entire life I have only been given a Valentines day gift twice.

    This year will be no different as there is not a man insight in my life currently.

    As for gifts if a man gave me an ironing board, I'd think that more romantic than anything I have experienced in the last 12 years.


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