Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A mixed Bowl Of Things.

I have no idea, I think I was trying to be mysterious, or maybe I was going to be a cowgirl and forgot the stetson. Actually when I wear green my eyes go green and when I wear blue they go blue, which I guess is kinda cool. Speaking of eyes my godchild was over the other day and we were drawing as we usually do.
She was looking at me pretty closely, I could tell she must be drawing me. keep in mind she is only seven.
She draws two eyes, put the pupils in, everything looking good and then she grabbed a red pencil and proceeded to go to town drawing road maps of reds on the white of  my eyes. I thought to myself okay this should be interesting. I said F what are you drawing, all those red squiggly lines in your eyes, she replied. You have a lot of red lines in your eyes and I am drawing you!
Okay, no cookies for her today I thought! Then the questions why does she not have any red in her eyes, I explained that sometimes if I am tired or my eyes are strained then they get those very few red lines.
Well they look strange today she said.....well bless you little sweet heart, I explained the difference between strange and strained. She proceeds to tell me that the only other person she has seen with red eyes is her Grandma when she is sick....I told her I was not sick and then I grabbed her and tickeled  her.Thank goodness she forgot my  red eyes.  Out of the mouth of children, they say some of the most amazing things.
Today the sun shone all day, the beautiful rays of light beaming through my windows. I was able to open the window and let some fresh air in here, I could hear the birds chirping outside, it really felt like Spring, My cat was looking out the window watching the birds. She was as happy as a lark and her tail kept swooshing back and forth. I started my house cleaning as all the dust from yesterday was still around, packed up a box for Good Will, packed up some books to take to the hospital  and the day just went poof. I did take time for a nap so I would not be overtired.....Ha last laugh on me, I must have overdid it because here I sit in the middle of the night. So I am off to try it again, put my Cpap machine on, listen to my peaceful zen music and 
just maybe I will dream of .......walking at the seaside, alone with the sun, the birds, and the waves, and the smell of salt, the waves splashing upon my feet, I am transported there in my mind, for right now it is the perfect place to be! Where would you want your dreams to take you?


  1. I think we had a similar day my friend. Still smiling over your little friend drawing your red eyes. Actually your picture shows very pretty eyes cinner.
    Love the beautiful sunshine and fresh air today, totally felt like Spring.....:-) Hugs

  2. I a lot of time over the weekend at the beach.
    So I guess you were with me in your dreams :)

    I'd like a day or two in the snow just for fun.

    love to you Cinner and may your red eyes shine clear again xx

  3. I would want my dreams to take me to Paradise Island!! Of course I have a great body too!! One that "can" wear a bathing suit!!
    "squiggly red lines"...HA! That is so funny. I think I would have done more than tickle her. Hehehehehehee!!! My eyes do the same thing...turn blue or green depending on what I am wearing! Hey! We are twins!?! LOL!
    Hugging you sweetie

  4. My dreams take to me Canada - in a log cabin, in the snow, by a fire, with one of those Hudson Bay blankets, all cuddled up. Maybe drinking some coffee, but not sear the blanket because they are SO expensive I wouldn't want to spill coffee on it...
    See - even in my dreams I 'm all OCD!

  5. my eyes do the same..naturally green, with hazel interiror but htey typically reflect what i wear...so cool.

  6. I am no fun at all, I know. I do not dream about something I cannot have. Probably another result of the long time therapy. I worked so hard to learn to be present. To be awake and in the here and now. To not be off somewhere else so I didn't have to deal with the pain of the present and the past. I am so happy these days and at peace that I really don't dream of something other than what I have and am now. Just telling you the truth, I hope I am not too much a practical person.

  7. Hello, my friend!!! I'm thinking the nap took care of the red ;-) Do take care of yourself!! All in all a lovely day...but I think your dreams sound divine...I'll take some of that, please :-) Poetic prose, dear Cindy! Love you! Janine XO

  8. My dreams would take me to the beach where there is a warm breeze in the air, the sand between my toes is warm and the sun beaming on my face is warm. Warmth...I am ready for that.

    Take care....

  9. Ha Cin.........at least she didn't ask you what you'd been smokin' b4 she got there !!! hahahahahahah!!!!

  10. I love to read a mixed bowl of your days...
    your niece is a hoot...children are so real, aren't they ?

    my dreams...they are on the beach, too....with lots of sand caught between my toes and I don't even care.....

  11. i'm with beth - back to the beach

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments, I enjoyed reading about your dreams, and understand living in the present too. As for eyes with the red lines, nothing like a nap to fix that. Take care all.

  13. You look lovely in the photo!! Your eyes must be hazel if they change from blue to green.
    (Don't worry about those red lines in the eyes...they are simply roadmaps...we all get them now and then.) I do love that photo!

  14. I hope the red from your eyes disappears soon. I am no a mission to rid my eyes of the bags.


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