Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunny Warmer Weather!

I am enjoying an early morning cup of coffee,
The house is still dark, the furnace is taking the chill out of the air,
my dog Kula is laying at my feet and the cat Stinky is curled up on her chair next to me.
This is my time. As I look at this picture I am reminded of all the cloudy winter days,
and what joy I feel as the sun enters my world once again,
as it did when I was in the mountains, it was like a beam of hope.
It was a surprise to me today to see the heart shape in this picture.
I have looked at this picture how many times before and had never noticed it.
There are so many things we miss in the world everyday,
or have my eyes been shut, and my mind on sensory over load.
Whatever the reason, I am glad I can enjoy the sun on a mountain,
soon the sun will be beaming in my kitchen that faces east.
We have been so blessed to have the sun for about a week now,
my whole attitude has changed. I have noticed people passing with energy and excitement for the day.
No more dragging their feet behind them as they would sullenly have done on those cold cloudy days.
With the arrival of March has brought Spring, maybe for a short time.
I can now think of flowers blooming, the arrival of robins,
fresh rains, rainbows, the budding of the trees,
my lilac bushes providing wonderful fragrance and beauty right out my back door.
I really do love my life, especially this quiet time in the morning.
It is becoming lighter, the birds are chirping at the feeders.
And it is going to be a bright sun shiny day!
So I am off to embrace it.
Be well and enjoy.


  1. seeing the seasons change is such a blessing....
    the quiet mornings with nothing but bird chirps in the that's heaven to me :)

  2. I love the beginnings of spring!! I can feel the new energy as well. We have been blessed with back to back sunny days!! woohoo!!
    Have a great day sweetie

  3. Yesterday was sunny and got to 35 degrees F here and we are hoping for similar weather today. The snow is melting a little each day. One spot in the back yard has melted enough we can see the grass peeking through. Yes!

  4. It sounds as though you had a lovely morning. Sunshine is so appreciated when it rarely shows. Our winter has been so gray and when the sun comes out everyone is happy and the beauty is so obvious that the quietest of people shout about the beauty. Enjoy spring!

  5. It is such a special time of the year... the coveted re-awakening of Nature, and of our souls along with it!
    Love my quiet time in the morning too, while reading and sipping coffee with kim at my feet!
    Embrace life, it's GRAND!

  6. Hi Monica, it is a special time, when the phone is not ringing or I feel I have things I need to do. I still have yet to go and get some satin to make the rose flowers that you showed us, but I want to do that soon. Take care, glad you are well.

    Tammie Lee, usually our winters here are pretty bright, but not this year, so yes the sunshine is so welcomed. I am out there with open arms. Your photography is wonderful. I was sent your way by Spotted Wolf. Have a great day.

    TechnoBabe, no grass sneaking through yet, but I can hardly wait. I am going outside to see if I can get any pictures of the birds today. they are so quick I keep getting the sky, usually with a power line. lol. have a great day. take care.

    SueAnn, oh I am glad, nothing like sunny days. has your migraine gone away. Hope you have a fun filled day. take care my friend.

    Beth it is to me too. Well I am off to take my camera outside with me, I heard the chickadees, my first rainfall of will be a new camera, that will be another part of heaven. So sassy girl, I hope you are out and about flaunting your polkadot purse. Have fun.

  7. Hi Cinner
    I was just about to shut down my computer and saw you had just come by so I'm here to pay you a quick visit (so much to do before I leave on my trip in the morning)
    It's the most beautful day here, it feels like spring.
    Love your photo of the mountains, it's so beautiful!

    Wonderful spring days await you!

    Take care, Cinner.

    Margie :)

  8. Good writing, Cinner.
    Good post.
    Too bad it all get bogged down for me, sometimes, with all the endless errands, and tasks of day -to -day life!
    Guess we can still enjoy it!

  9. I wish I could get up this early cinner, I am so not a morning person. I missed the sun today but at least it wasn't cold outside. I am so looking forward to Spring....:-) Hugs

  10. aaaah, the spring in the step... a change is upon us, and its looked forward to by many. here i'm looking forward to my favourite season, autumn. and wearing my new jersey's heee heee heee. you do know that now i feel like a cup of coffee, don't you! aaanyway, time to slow down a bit, look and really see. as you say, we hurry along most days and miss the hearts....


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