Friday, March 5, 2010

One of These Days, I am jumping the fence.

I have been spending quite a bit of my time out in the sun the last few days,
I am speaking for myself , not the neighbors dog Luca.
This is Luca looking over the 5 feet high fence.
Luca has the biggest saddest eyes and whines at me something fierce.
Of course she already knows that every time I am outside I will be over to pet her.
Her owners work alot so she can be a little lonely or bored throughout the day.
In the summer Luca loves to chase the water hose when I am watering my flowers in the flower bed
between the two properties. She will sit up on their picnic table and the game is on.
A few more months and we can play again..
So I have been enjoying every waking moment outside and have been soaking up the Vitamin D as much I can. There has been lots of time sitting on one of the benches outside, My big ole dog Kula sits out there with me on the bench soaking in the rays too. He never goes too far from me.
Well my hubby has a three day weekend off, looking forward to that.
The best surprise of my day was my best friend calling and we had some girl time on the phone.
We have been best friends for fourteen years and now lives eight hours away up in the bush.
She is planning to come and visit in the Spring.
That really lifted my spirits!
So I am wishing you all a happy weekend,
and may you all have your best days ever.


  1. hooray for girlfriends who can spend hours chatting on the phone.

    enjoy your day, cinner.

  2. I once had a BFF - she and I would talk on the phone 8 or 9 hours a day....EVERY day.... Once we talked for 12 hours!

    So good you have a friend in your life like that, Cinner!

  3. Luca is adorable!! Glad he has a friend in you. I always wonder why people have dogs when they are gone from them most of the time. Not fun for the dog at all!! I have been enjoying the sun as well but I haven't been able to soak it up...been too busy! LOL! But I sure enjoy seeing it coming through my windows and skylights.
    Thanks for stopping by sweetie...and I am glad you like my newest WIP!!

  4. I like this title. We all need to "jump" once in a while, and that's usually what our BFFs remind us to do!

  5. So glad that you are enjoying time out in the sun...and am excited that your friend is coming to visit you in the spring. You will jump that fence one day (but be careful!)
    Smiles from Jackie

  6. best friends are the best, even if most of the time we only get to talk on the phone to them.....and luca is very lucky to have you right next door...and i agree.....those eyes !!!

  7. Nice neighbor dog. Glad it is warm enough there for you to be outside some. We are seeing the sun and snow melting so we have hope it will be warm soon. Either way, we have a nice quiet life and are blessed. Nice chat with your friend and you have her visit to look forward to!!

  8. Well who says you can't be good friends with a dog...I bet he's a good neighbor! He certainly seems to love you! Cute!
    Yep those GF's are great cause they love to do those girly things with you!

  9. Cora, Luca is really precious but is going to knock my fence down one day, nothing like Girlfriends. Have a great weekend.

    TechnoBabe, we do have nice lives don't we. Today is laundry day, how 2 people can get so many clothes dirty is beyond me, does not help having the dog jumping on us. Plus 8 here today. I am enjoying while I can. Hope you have a great weekend. and keep enjoying the sun.

    Beth, oh yes best friends. She lets me have it with both guns when I need a swift kick, only she could ever get away with. I am able to dish it out as much as she gives back to me. lol. When I go to her place to stay, she always tucks me into bed, makes sure my feet are not under the blanket, gives me an extra pillow, and then yells at me why she always has to tuck me in. I know it sounds silly but she is a real sweetheart. Big hugs to you Beth. I am glad your in my life. Have a great weekend.

    Jackie, you are too funny, I don't think I will ever jump that fence, but if I do I will be calling you big time. How are you, I have been meaning to email you, I don't know what happens with my time, but I DO think of you often, Hugs to you.

    Amy, that is the truth for sure, I just want to sit with her and laugh. My husband thinks we are crazy when we get together. Hope you are well, have a great weekend.

    SueAnn, I am quite intriqued by your new WIP. i have never done anything so big or even like that, never knew there was a felting machine, so yes I love seeing the progress. I am so glad you have been enjoying the sun too.Oh and skylights would be wonderful. Take care, I agree with you about dogs that are left home alone....sheesh.

  10. Anne, I think 12 hours pretty much beats me. My one sister and I talk every day morning and night, or we will talk for an hour, I will get off the phone, my hubby will say whats new and I say nothing....he just shakes his head...makes me laugh lmao. Have a great weekend.

    Kamana, I love my girlfriends, I read your post today and was so glad your hubby is home for a week. enjoy, enjoy.

  11. Way to go cinner.....lots of Vit.D, it has been so nice out there. Love your neighbors dog, and oh those eyes. Girlfriends are the best, my best friend who winters in California/Arizona will be home next month. I am so looking forward to her coming home. Enjoy your long weekend.......well you can if you stay off those stairs...LOL)

  12. Hello sister, I am glad you have been enjoying the sun. I love it too. I can't wait till I come down and see you. Only three more days!!

  13. Yes, Cinner 12 hours. Just once though. Most of the other times were just 4 or 5 hours...but this was everyday.
    First thing in the morning till last thing at night.
    I never missed work, and always was a great time for me.
    Good memories.


    I'm thinking some time in may lady...sooner rather than later


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