Monday, March 22, 2010

My Day

I am grateful for my time alone,
Today it has rained a bout ten times,
the sun managing to peek its head above the horizon.
It has been teasing us all day.
Because fo the rain everything is a beautiful fresh green,
The smell of the dirt, I so long to feel the warmth as I play.
I watch the community alive with the planting of flowers,
the scents of food grilling has wafted by
reminding my senses that soon I must eat.
As I am typing a squirrel has just scurried its way to the birdfeeder,
they are quite entertaining as they knock the food to the ground for some of the others..
I thought today about my Dad how he loved to watch the birds and the squirrels.
He would be so thrilled to see his oldest grandchild enjoying the same things.
I have some of the bird bools from my Dad so when I get back home I will send them to my nephew.
It makes me happy to know that as these children have grown,
that they take the time to appreciate their surroundings and that they know all the gifts that are right here.
I am my fathers daughter. If he were here with me he would be thinking the same.
So today I am very grateful for the day, new memories and being reminded of the old.
I hope you  enjoy your day.I have no idea why this picture is on here twice.


  1. The picture is a wonderful reminder of Olympics glad you are enjoying the time with your nephew as well as with yourself. Are you able to do any drawing Cinner, you are in such a beautiful area and at the right time of year for all things beautiful.......:-) Hugs

  2. Time is precious and even more so when shared with a loved one or with a beloved memory of one so dear! I covet my times alone and the good memories I have of my father still fill my heart with joy. Glad you have those wonderful memories Cinner!

  3. I would have gotten along so well knowing your dad. I too love to watch squirrels. We have so many here and I don't tire of their antics. You have such nice memories of times you spent with your father.

  4. Lovely memories you have of your dad!
    I am an avid bird watcher and also enjoy the squirrels too!
    Enjoy the rest of your time away!

    Margie :)

  5. So happy that your memories are bringing you such joy!! And that you are having such a wonderful get away! Look forward to your return! Miss you, but very glad you are enjoying every moment! Love, Janine XO

  6. Lovely and joyous memories, Cinner. Arent they precious?

  7. A beautiful day you have made for yourself despite the rain.

    Smiles and hugs

  8. I think your dad would be smiling to see that you have taken on his role and sharing the enjoyment of a favourite past time now with you nephew.

  9. From one "Daddy's girl" to another, I send you a smile and a hug tonight, Cindy.
    Feel them...always.

  10. hi there. i hope your day is good. filled with fond memories of the past and enjoying making new ones for tomorrow.

  11. Lovely Poem always you have the power of words to describe you most inimate of feelings. Refreshing :)

  12. What loving feelings expressed for your dad. Sending you a big hug. Love your poems.

    one love.

  13. A lovely post Cinner. Great sentiments :)

  14. Just came by to say, "hi!" Hope you are having a lovely week! ~Janine XO


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