Sunday, March 7, 2010

Odds and Sods and pretty landscape!

Happy Monday Everybody!
I had a great couple of days,
The sun was shining, and we barbecued,
on both Saturday, and Sunday!
The first time this Spring!
Is it Spring?
For right now it feels like it,
although calling for snowfall on Wednesday!
To me in my mind Spring is in the air and that is just how I am going to deal with it.
Lot's of things in my world seem a little up in the air lately,
my husband has a new job interview,
which would save him about 2 hours on the road a day,
this would be a joy of joy for both of us.
So I have my fingers, toes, and anything else I can cross,
that is a vision for all of you. lol. note to cautious. lol
We watched a bit of the awards show tonight,
I was thrilled for Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges.
I was a little disapointed for James Cameron.
I did not see a lot of it, but did manage to get the main part at the end,
You see in my house if Hockey is on,
well it overrules any other possibilities.
I refuse to have more than one T.v. in the house.
I worked on some stuff crafting for my younger sisters wedding in the fall.
I had more energy this weekend in a long, long, while,
We sat in the sun and enjoyed a beer and clamato,
not my drink of choice, but it did taste good.
I could not get hold of my Mom for 3 days,
Since my father has passed,recently she has been getting out with  a bunch of
her girlfriends, going to theatres and lunches.
There were lots of things My Dad was not able to do,
so mom never either, It is good to see her going out.
I told her she has a better social life than I do,
Last night I was in bed by ten,
she was out until 230.
There was a contest at one of the casionos
and one of her granddaughters were singing in some contest.
She had fun, said she does not want to learn to play the casino.
I know she misses my Dad, but am glad she has continued on.
There are sixty five widows in our small little town,
and everyone knows everyone!
My one sister is coming to pick me up on Wednesday,
I will be at her place for six days,
and then my older sister is kidnapping me
for a week,
then my husband is coming to pick me up
and we are off to the farm at the end of the month....
I love visiting them all,
they know I have little energy and need my rests,
but they are insisting a change of scenery will do me good.
Plus I don't stay with anyone that does not know what to do if I have one of my major spells.
So I am looking forward to it.
So I am hoping I will be able to stay in touch,
if you don't hear from me much just know I am thinking about you
and will probably be having blogger withdrawals.
any spare moments I have I will be on here.
I thank all of you for following me and for all the fabulous comments.
You are the reason I blog, so I hope you stick around.
Hopefully when I get back I have some exciting stories to tell.
One last thing, i just about broke my leg on some ice yesterday.
I really believe it was a close close call.
So I hope you all had a great weekend,
Have a wonderful day.
Next week I will be at my nieces and nephews
where the flowers are already in bloom.
And that just makes every day
a happy one. 
Take care my friends,


  1. Daffodils are already in bloom here but you know, they are one vexed flower --- DAFFY!
    Have a great week, Cinner, dear Cinner!

  2. I think it is nice that your mum is getting out with friends. It can be hard to take that first step but we have to remember she is still living and needs a life. It is nice that she has good friends that have taken her under their wings.

    It's sounds like you are embarking on a busy family time, but a happy one. Enjoy.

  3. Oh you will have so much fun at your sisters'. Take your camera and take some pics of those gorgeous flowers! I need to see them. I so want spring already!!!!!!!!
    I am so glad you didn't break your leg. That would have been awful!
    Enjoy sweetie...!!!

  4. Your weekend sounds great, glad it was so nice up there for you and you did the barbeque thing! I laughed when you said your mom has more of a social life than you do! Good for her! So much better for her to get out and about than to be missing your dad and getting depressed. Your sisters sound loving and caring and just like you!
    Good luck to your husband on the possible new job.

  5. Thanks TechnoBabe, he will save so much time and money on 8 till 430. I am really glad for my Mom, she is only 66 so this is great for her....just odd to not get hold of her for 3 days, I always check in every morning and night. She does not have an answering machine and is 10 hours away so I was starting to get a little worried, but I agree good for her. Yes my sisters are really good to me, I am lucky. have a great day.

    SueAnn, oh for sure that camera is going with me. Just a change of scenery sounds great, snow is on its way tomorrow, so they say. take care, have a good one.

    Liss, I agree, she never went far from my Dad, although she misses him she loves going out. She is only 66 so has many years ahead of her hopefully. Glad you are well, think of you often.

    Anne, oh how I love daffodils, can hardly wait. you have a great week too, I will be around a bit I think.

  6. Will miss you!!! But look forward to hearing all about your "adventures" when you return!! Love you! Janine XO

  7. wow....what a trip you have coming up.....almost 2 weeks away ?
    enjoy enjoy enjoy !!!

  8. I hope the interview goes well for your husband! How wonderful to be able to have his job closer to home! Your mom sounds a lot like my mom! She has made new friends and been able to get out and do more things in the almost 2 years since my father has passed away. I'm so happy to see her enjoy herself after taking care of my father.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm feeling much better. My body is under a lot of stress and reacting to it with my hubby gone.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  9. All sounds great. Looking forward to your tales of adventures :0)

  10. Please take care and have lots of fun!! Enjoy the spring like weather. Glad your mom is enjoying her life again...just keep tabs on her...heehee :)


  11. Have a wonderful trip!
    Love the flowers!

    Margie :)

  12. i hope you have a blissful trip!
    sending you love.

  13. they're right, a change in scenery does the world of good. enjoy! and i'm holding thumbs with you for the job interview. now revel in that spring feeling and i'll see you soon!


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