Friday, March 5, 2010

One moment at a Time!

Sometimes the most simple of things can amuse us! 
Sometimes for hours...... 
Hey give me that back!

And then the moment has passed.
I hope you all enjoy all your moments this weekend.
Take care,
Until next week


  1. Oh those wonderful moments that are little treasures in our hearts.....have your best weekend ever my friend.........:-) Hugs

  2. Ha ha...I feel like a cat sometimes...amused by something simple...then bored in 2 minutes...and always ready for a nap. Have a beautiful weekend too :)

  3. That ball of fur looks's wonderful how one can spend hours simply observing something or someone and it can all be worth it.
    Love the simplicity of your posts.

  4. The simplest of things do bring us the most pleasure, Cindy. I wanted to update you on my water...I think that now would be a goooood time for us to buy stock in it. I'm drinking it like crazy! How are you doing with yours?
    Thinking about you.....of course.
    Hugs and smiles,

  5. I got a cat that knows when the camera is on. She's camera shy. No, no... she is camera-snotty. She quits antics whence on lens.

    I'll sneak upon the ol' Rook-ster some time. Meanwhile, nice to see one frolick so in front of F-stops...

    Slainte, Lady Cinner!!! I think you've finally inspired me to use the photos of the four 'Ladies Of The House' to do a blogspot I been wanting to do.

    Now... just a few more photos, and...


    Salinte, Lady!!!

  6. How precious is that? It does take so little, sometimes, to amuse us all!! Love the photos Cinner! She is a beautiful cat!

  7. Hello Cinner, I do hope you are well! Cats are funny, I laugh my head off at the TV when worlds funniest videos are on! ((hugs))

  8. I am just like the cute cat. I am easily amused. I always a cheap date too!!!

  9. What a fabulous take-away for today!!! A wonderful thought to ponder, and terrific photos to fit!!! Loved this!! Your blog is looking extremely beautiful as you!! Love you much, Janine XO

  10. So sweet. One of the best simple pleasures- looking at our pets while they're playing!

  11. You know that now I want a cat of my own....

  12. What a cutie. My kitten actually grabs the rope and toy and takes off running with it all . . . right up to my daughter's room (which he thinks is his). I guess he figures it will be safe up there. The game ends pretty fast though. Karen


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