Thursday, April 29, 2010

Because You Asked!

Hi everyone,
this is the picture of one of the dried flower frames
made by a girlfriend of mine.
It is eleven years old so the colors have changed slightly.
When she made this for me I being the sap I am
had a big happy cry.
These were some of the flowers from my wedding.
I remember one of the mothers saying that night,
"Someone is stealing your flowers,"
I thought nothing of this thinking well it is the end of the night,
if they want them they can have them.
About a month later my two friends
Judy and Pat
brought this over to me
for a wedding gift.
Of course I loved it.
The two red roses
were the roses we had exchanged
with our mothers at the ceremony.
Both of them were happy
that they ended up in my picture.
I should say our picture,
as it is just as important to my husband.
In reflecting about our wedding,
It was beautiful,
my husband had his father as his best man,
I think it was one of my hubbies proudest moments,
and his father was so proud to stand up for his son.
My father in law passed on about seven years ago,
and I was blessed to know him for about 4 years.
He was a wonderful man, very funny,
My father passed away , it will be a year the end of May.
He really liked my husband and his family.
I am so pleased that Dad and my hubby got to know 
one another.
Both of our mothers are still alive,
and my MIL lives in the same city,
so we see her often, and she is in good health.
And my Mom lives ten hours away,
We usually talk twice a day,
I try to call her in the evening
as that is the most lonely of times for her.
Back to the wedding,
we had so much fun
we were the last ones at our dance.
My husband was 46, and I was 35.
It truly was the best day of my life.
And it is a reminder of how important family is!
Sorry I was just going to show the picture,

my friend Judy also made a memorial picture
for my MIL after my FIL passed away.
It was beautiful
and hangs on a wall at her home..
So if your into recycling there is an idea
for a project.
Save the earth,
one old window at a time.
Have a great Thursday!
Be well.


  1. what a beautiful keepsake of happy memories

  2. Oh oh oh hon..that is beautiful..what a treasure! What amazing family and friends you have!! Oh I just love that Cinner!! Wow!

    I wish my Mama was still here..both my parents have passed. How wonderful to have her near. Blessings and love my friend, Sarah

  3. that is so beautiful cinner....yeah our wedding day was a pretty amazing memory as well....

  4. The window frame idea is great. This particular one has so much meaning. It is beautiful. What nice friends to make this for you after your wedding. The red roses for the moms is so sweet. I like this so much.

  5. A beautiful and thoughtful you will always treasure! Also a great idea too!

  6. Beautiful Cinner! What wonderful memories! I love the flower framed art...that is spectacular. Family is important!!

  7. That is beautiful...what a great hand-made keepsake.

    Hope you are well, beautiful Cinner.
    one love.

  8. Oh my goodness! What a touching and special gift. Love that the 2 red roses are there.

  9. What a wonderful keep sake and nice of your friends.......:-) Hugs

  10. What a fabulous thing to have done - it seems you have some great friends Cinner.

  11. WS, I do, I don't see them as often as I would like...but we are all busy. My best friend lives almost ten hours away. we used to live in the same city. we did so much together...i am so glad you enjoyed your visit with your friend. take care, always ready for your next story.

    Bernie, I really love it, I was very surprised, I had not seen anything like it before. GLAD you are feeling some better. Hugs to you.

    Caroline, yes I was glad the two red roses were there, it is a great treasure.Have a great weekend Caroline.

    Se'lah, I love it, I love homemade anything, I was so touched by it.I have some kind of a bug, can not see the doctor until Monday. The last two days almost sleeping around the clock. no complaints I will be better soon I am sure. have a great weekend Se'lah. hugs to you.

    SueAnn, oh I am so glad you liked it, I love it, and yes families are important. Have a great weekend, take care.

  12. Cora, it is a great idea, she has done some really beautiful work with sunflowers. she is very talented. It is a great keepsake, take care and I hope you have a great weekend. hugs

    TechnoBabe, oh I am glad you like this, I love it, was very surprised by it, because I had not seen anything like it before. I love homemade things, and the older they look the drives my Mom crazy...we are all different which is a good thing. take care.

    Brian,I just wanted a small wedding, but his parents were so excited we ended up doing everything, which I have no regrets about at all. I am glad it brought back special memories for you also. take care and have a great weekend.

    Sarah, oh I wish you still had her too. It is simply terrible losing a parent, it was my Dad that held our family together, and I miss him so. It has gotten easier, I will be home the end of the month in May to be with my Mom then. I don't want her to be by herself for that. I am glad you liked my treasure, Hugs to you, I am thinking about you. Be well.

    Char, hi, oh I am glad you like it. hope you have a great weekend, I am under the weather, so it will be a quiet one, doctor on Monday. take care and be well.

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  14. Naveen, hi thanks for stopping by, good luck with your project...take care.

    ed,,,I put ws, obviously my hands were wacko when typing...take care have a great weekend. it is the first day since the sun was shining in about 5 days. yeah.

  15. Oh, it is simply gorgeous!! No wonder you had a happy cry! I would have, too! And I'm so glad you included the story behind it for us in this post! It makes it that much more beautiful! What a wonderful piece, and what lovely memories! Love, Janine XO

  16. What a fabulous gift!!!! These are the best, aren't they?? With precious memories attached!
    Hugs and many thanks for your sweet comment and thoughts,

  17. Monica, I am hoping your leg is much better. It was a great gift, I am such a sentimental gal, it does not take me much. AND if it is homemade well then, swoon. lol. Have a great weekend, I hope the sun is shining there for you.

    Janine, oh yes me and the happy cries, I am such a sentimental sap...I mean that in a loving way to myself. lol. I was just so surprised by it. It is the very first thing you see when you come into my home. I hope you have a great weekend, and that the sun shines for you. Be well my friend. love c

  18. Beautiful Cinner...
    the picture and especially you.

    Your a very genuine loving soul and I'm delighted that we get to visit with each other here in the blogging world.

    Have a great weekend
    x Robyn :)

  19. Robyn, thank you for your kind words, I love visiting you, and you were one of my first blog friends I made, I found you so kind, and you made me feel right at home. have fun my friend.


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