Saturday, May 1, 2010

Relaxing Friday afternoon!

I finally ventured out of my house yesterday,
I was feeling somewhat better and thought it best to get out for some fresh air.
It had been raining for three days, and I had been housebound.
The birds frequented the bird feeders most of the afternoon.
This is my next door neighbor,
He is a metal smith, 
and one of the nicest people you could ever meet.
He was in his shed that he built to do all this metal stuff,
and I was sitting on tthe bench in the back yard,
the warmest spot in the yard,
I  was quiet, Dennis did not know I was there
when all of a sudden my dog Kula
ran to the back gate and there is Dennis giving him treats,
and loving him up and talking to him like he was a baby.
I watched for a few minutes, It made me smile.
He did not know I was in the yard, and I said,
Dennis your spoiling him.
you should have seen the look on his face,
totally busted, it reminded me of that commercial 
where the one guy is loving up the cat,
and his friend is watching and wants to go play golf.
Dennis had his own music playing,
it was nothing like this.
creedence clearwater, van morrison,
and he was banging his hammer beating the metal in rythym with the music,
Every once in a while he would break into his own rendition of  the song,
I sat on my bench smiling as he was so into what he was doing,
and so laid back and carefree and just enjoying being creative.
So I worked in my flower beds getting them ready for the season,
I tried not to overdo it and my dog Kula lay at my feet.
He is usually pretty close, while I was in one of the flower beds 
a huge bug startled me, and I had a cataplexy spell, and I was thinking
as I was falling be careful of the metal, I did not fall on the metal
but fell on the hoe, so I skinned myself all down one arm.
you know of all the times I have fallen that is the first time I had hurt 
myself, and there was my dog licking the back of my arm.
When I got back up, I went and sat back on the bench,
and my dog came with me and we sat there together,
listened to the music and the banging,
After about ten minutes I decided 
I better go have a sleep to avoid
any other Cataplexy spells
during the evening.
I awoke tonight felling  a little stiff and sore
from falling, my husband is around for the next
three days, so hopefully we can get the yard 
So I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
I hope you embrace your days and make the most of them.
Good night.


  1. Oh dear Cinner! I bet you did feel stiff...and you will be sore for a few days.
    Your neighbor sounds delightful. What a sweetheart and feeding your puppy treats...that is so cute!!
    I hope for you to have a blessed weekend as well!
    Be careful dear one!
    Hugging you gently

  2. I hope that you feel better today/...

    Your post really made me smile. It was filled with sunshine and happiness :0)

  3. Hi Cinner, Nice photo of your nice neighbor. I like it that he listens to his music in his work shed, do you have any pics of the metal work he does? Is he an artist? So sorry you fell on your hoe. Enjoy your weekend with your dear husband.

  4. what sweet music that must have been...i can hear a slight ring that bench is just the best place to sit and watch the world. i hope you have a great weekend and feel better...

  5. so sorry you fell. i hope you rest up today and feel better. xo

  6. Animals are so amazing and sweet....he was there for you! So sorry you fell and are now sore....take care! It is good to have great neighbors too!

  7. Oh Cinner, hope you're well now. Sweet puppy to lick your arm :))
    It must be lovely to have neighbors like yours.
    Hugs, and take care!!

  8. Hello sister, I am glad you are feeling better, and your day sounded very relaxing and enjoyable. Hope you have another one today.
    Luv u

  9. Oh dear...I do hope you are feeling much better now. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. Beautiful photos.

    one love.

  10. ♥ the bird on the feeder ♥
    Thanx, for sharing your day!


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