Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whos Sitting In My Truck.

We drove into the yard.
Darkness had already arrived,
The stars sparkled overhead,
The wind whispered to us.
Welcome home.
We saw the barn cats sneaking around the corner,
curiosity taking precedence over caution.
We called out to the dog,
Buster, Buster,
Here boy.
There was nothing,
I knew he would be around in the morning.
There was no one home,
so we let ourselves in,
Odd to find the house empty,
Mom would be there in the morning..
We got ready for bed,
breathing the farm air,
settling in for the night.
I listened for Mom,
but was soon 
fast asleep,
Morning beckoned far too early,
we grabbed a coffee,
and proceeded to sit in the sun room.
It was so peaceful.
There on the back of our truck
lay Buster.
He had had quite a jump getting into the back of it.
We had totes in the back and he was on top of the totes.
My Mom, Wain and I all looked at each other at the same time,
and simultaneously we spoke,
He thinks your Dad has come home,
When my Dad was alive,
Buster rode on the back of the truck,
Dads and ours were exactly the same.
For two mornings we found him in the same spot,
waiting for my Dad to come out and take him for a ride.
It was not meant to be,
We took him for runs everyday,
I would yell out of the window,
and yell mush, mush and he would run faster.
We left the tailgate open at the back,
and he would lay there every day we were home,
I know in my heart he was waiting for Dad.
This is almost a year after the passing of my faather.
It is amazing what they remember,
I have no doubt in my mind
that he was my Dads best friend.
My wish for you today is to really feel
and let yourself get to know the real you.
Without the layers of our life,
we would not be whom we are.
A year ago I did not think I would
survive the loss of my Dad,
and now I understand 
so much more about life,
I hope you have a wonderful Monday,
Embrace the day
and Enjoy!


  1. A poignant post, Cindy....
    It's a heart-tugging one...and you shared it well.
    I love your header....beautiful flowers! Isn't spring wonderful.

  2. Aww! So sweet! I love Buster...he is fabulous and still missing his best friend. It is amazing how they remember. I just want to hug him. He is gorgeous!
    Yes we do survive the loss of our fathers'. But they are always missed and sometimes we need to sit in the back of the truck too!

  3. Good post - good writing..
    Good Buster!

  4. That brought tears to my eyes...

  5. oh how sweet....and yes what they remember is amazing....he was definitely waiting for your dad.....

    sophie got her neck pinched in her collar years ago and still to this day, she is hesitant to have her collar put on....oh they remember !

  6. Hello dear sister, well I read this post with my dear Rod this morning. At first I began to feel anger at my brother because i would not smell the farm air again or see the cats or sit on that sundeck all because of his own powertrip and now it been his farm... But then you spoke of Dad and suddenly i began to cry, the rest not important only that I miss my Dad, but i like Buster will never forget him or the smell of the farm or the feel of the farm. I remember it all like it was yesterday and if i close my eyes I can even feel Dad here beside me on the couch. Love you and I know Dad is proud of us for how we live our lives.
    love u sis.


    My last post is about living authentically and in doing so being able to "see" others authentic selves. Al the skeptricism leaves, judgment vanishes, and real is real -

    Love you

  8. oh yes, they remember. they do.

    (hugs) amazing what we can survive, isn't it? and the beauty of the lessons we learn, including the ones were we are stronger than we ever know.

  9. Buster must be a great dog. Nice picture of him on the totes in the back of the truck.

  10. This is beautiful! Thanks for sweet and touching!


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