Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Bit Of Heaven.

Walking through the trees,
smelling the moist ground being disturbed by my feet,
I could not help but look up high above me
for the openings  above me,
that cast the suns rays,
bouncing off the earth beneath me.
Slowly feeling the warmth comfort me,
like a long lost blanket.
I was lost here in this quiet,
comfortable with my own thoughts,
grateful for the beauty surrounding me,
Something was beckoning me 
further and deeper into the forest,
Was I being adventurist or perhaps foolish,
I was living and breathing and feeling,
I was alive all my senses stimulated by my surroundings.
I could touch the branches as they swayed as I walked past,
I could feel the sweat dripping down my forhead
I could feel a slight breeze tenderly touching my arm,
I could taste a droplet of sweat as it graced my lip,
I could hear birds calling, perhaps in warning
of a stranger fast approaching.
I could see beauty all around me,
some hiding in the shadows.
I could smell the fresh air.
I leaned against a tree,
resting, watching, listening,
just being.
I was snapped to alertness
by the breaking of branches
not but ten feet away.
A deer stood gallantly facing me,
studying, challenging me or was it fear.
With one lunge she was gone,
both of us safe,
I waited a few moments
hoping she would come back,
It was not to be,
I turned and started back,
still enamored,
still grateful,
and I whispered 
softly to myself.
Thank you God
for this beautiful day!


  1. deer are one of the greatest gifts god has given us.....i think !

  2. Beautiful!
    How close she came to you.

  3. your use of words.
    beautiful, indeed.

    one love
    hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  4. How wonderful to take me on this walk with you. I could feel and taste every moment!
    Hugging you

  5. How well you have expressed your wonderful day, I could feel myself walking beside you and seeing that beautiful deer...thank you for sharing this with us cinner......:-) Hugs

  6. that was just beautiful...sounds like a divinely orchestrated moment...just for you. smiles.

  7. Close up and personal encounter with a lovely deer, great thing to happen.

  8. oh how wonderful a deer and right in front of you. Your words are wonderful Cinner a lovely tale of wandering through the forest.

  9. Kim, it was very nice, one of those moments that was perfect. have a great week.

    TechnoBabe, it really was, Back home there is quite a few deer around, but living in the city, not as like to encounter. Did you have a great weekend I will be around to visit.

    Brian, it really was, just to short of an encounter...I did lock a badger by accident in a chicken coop once, now that was an encounter all right...poor chickens.

    Bernie, and SueAnn, you were both right there with me. glad you enjoyed the walk, your both sweethearts, hugs

    Se'lah, thanks for commenting, it was beautiful, I am an outside girl for sure. one love to you too. Have a great week.

    Anne, oh yes and I waited all this weeekend to get shots of the birds in the yard, to get close to them. They all seemed a little rambunkscious. if you know what I mean. lol.
    Wain is mailing tomorrow, the package is on its way. yeah finally.

    Beth, man when it goes in to great gifts, there really are so many. These days I am in love with your birds, they were just beautiful. I had to laugh because I took a picture of a heron accross the water. cropped it and laughed,,,,,I thought Lord Beth would have sent this one just right outa there and in a hurry. Take care, I am glad you are well.


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