Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cataplexy, dogs, aunts and nieces....oh and goats..connect the dots!

Oh rest your weary head, it has been a hard day!
Cataplexy: A debilitating medical condition in which a person suddenly feels weak and collapses at moments of strong emotion such as laughter, anger, fear or surprise. In so collapsing, people with Cataplexy may injure themselves.
Laughter and other emotions trigger a reflex in persons that can bring many of the muscles of the body to the point of collapse. The phenomenon can be measured by sending electric signals through the muscles and gauging their response. In Cataplexy, what is known as the H-reflex, a neurological pathway that causes muscle contractions, virtually disappears.
Cataplexy often affects people who have narcolepsy, a disorder in which there is great difficulty remaining awake during the daytime.
The word "cataplexy" comes from the Greek "kata" meaning "down" + "plexis" meaning a stroke or seizure = a falling-down seizure.  This information was found on medicine. net.......

Maybe someone else has a sleeping disorder.
looking a little relaxed to me.
When I awoke from my nap this is what I found my niece studying for a nursing exam,
and maybe the dog was trying to convince her to she should become a vet,
or just take him for a walk.....
just letting you know Cataplexy was discovered in animals first,
I think that is what the fainting goats have,
because when they are called to there food they get excited so they fall down.
I am not saying I am right, but I think it is not a half bad theory.
You can look Cataplexy up on you tube,
a fellow from the uk is about the most accurate portrayal,
you can also watch the fainting goats as they are known.
Tell me what you think..
I hope you have a great day, 
I was thrilled yesterday by all the interest in my post.
Thank you all for your kindness..


  1. Awe, so cute you puppy resting on your feet.
    I love your theory about the fainting goats. It's such an interesting story to tell people.

    I really like your last post and the insight of what it is like to live with Cataplexy.

    I think I am an emotional person so I can't image trying to hold back on my feelings and not to over excite myself or get frustrated.

  2. Thank you for even further insight into Cataplexy! I just couldn't imagine living with are so brave!!
    Your niece is a cutie and your puppy is adorable! What a sweetie to sleep on your feet like that!!

  3. awww... look at de puppy face! treat time!; )

  4. This is all very interesting. Thanks for the info! Sweet doggie!


  5. You have a great sense of humour....
    Note the Canadian spelling, eh?
    You are a good writer, and can translate thoughts
    very well into type. Not alot of people can do that.

  6. Hi Cinner
    Oh, love that picture of your beautiful dog.
    So sweet!

    I shall be away from blogging for a month or so.
    Take good care of yourself while I'm gone.

    All my best wishes for happy days!

    Margie :) x

  7. So much to catch up with! I'll be back when I have more time to read your latest posts, as for now, a huge smile and hugs to you!!

  8. I truly loved reading about this..coming from you it is real and helps me understand you better. Wish there was some way for me to help you...but it is good that I understand better!
    Brave girl! Love the pooch..does he sense you moments?
    BTW your blog is stunning!! Wow girl!!
    Big gentle hugs to you hon, Sarah

  9. Sarah, this dog is actually my nephews where I was staying while on holidays. They have this one Angus and another one Bailey. My dog, well I don't know what I would do without my dog. When I used to have the longer spells he would lick my face and I swear it relaxed me enough to calm down and know I would be okay. He does not go to far away from me that is for sure. I think he senses it, although he is not a working dog. You have sparked a new post. Take care. Hugs.

    Monica, glad you stopped in even for a moment. take care.

    Margie, thanks for letting me know, I hope your doing something fun. will miss you, but you will have lots of poetry when you come back.

    Anne, thank spelling is atroscious, sometimes I catch them before I post things. see atroscious is spelt wrong. Hope you are well.

    Cora, he really is a sweet dog with a huge personality. He is my nephews and his fiances, which is good because he is a high energy dog.

    Christina, glad you stopped by. take care.

    SueAnn, the dog is actually my nephews and his fiances, he seems to have taken a liking to me. take care.

    Liss, that is the hard part, when something strikes me really funny, once you think that it is very hard to stop it. My husband is the worst, because he is so comical so when he is around I usually make sure I am sitting down. I have gained so much weight because I have not been very active. Oh well whats a gal to do. Take care and thanks for the lovely comments. I enjoy your visits.

  10. thanks for more insight into your life...and challenges. cant imagine having to keep my emotions in check.
    what a cute dog!

  11. the dog shots are so cute - you are so strong cindy - so very strong

  12. Char, so nice to have you visit again, most days I am strong, plus I have no choice but to be. You have been busy hey. I still feel I have not played touch up, since I was away, thanks for covering me for the theme or getting someone to. let me know if you ever want me to pick a them. be well and don't work too hard.

    Brian, thanks....sometimes it is hard to keep the emotions in check. and once you start laughing well then you keep laughing, so every time you have a cataplexy spell, it drags things out and sometimes you just laugh so hard. I really can not imagine A life without can one not laugh. and believe it or not when some people find this out they try to make me laugh, or startle me.
    take care, all the best.


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