Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Weather is Confused!

I am writing this Thursday evening!
Once again as in the last previous weeks
I have been blessed with beams of light
shining through my windows.
The same had happened today,
there were very few clouds in the sky.
the trees stood motionless,
content to remain still and enjoy the warmth on the branches.
I grabbed my morning cup of coffee,
checked the weather on the computer,
there was the Weather Warning Sign.
I thought to myself, not today Mr. Weatherman , not today.
Your wrong!
I thoroughly enjoyed my morning,
had my nap as scheduled for my health everyday at two o/clock.
When I awoke from my nap, I lay in bed and I thought to myself,
the wind must have picked up, you could hear the howling echoing as it swirled,
around the exterior of the house.
I grabbed my housecoat, I went to the window in my front room to look out.
Some of the trees were meant down to the ground,
It was a very strong wind,
I went to leave my dog in,
He could not get in fast enough,
He looked at me like he was saying,
Where were you.?
Then the rain started, sleet, hail and finally the snow.
My husband came home from work,
he said the roads were treacherous,
and now about a half an hour ago
he got called back to work
as it is his week on call.
He was just going to bed.
So he is on his way and the wind continues to blow,
I can hear my chimes outside by my front door knowing the wind is picking up its furious pace.
Yesterday I was thinking of putting away the winter boots and jackets,
I thought no I better wait just a little longer.
I  do have to admit that we need all the moisture we can get this way
as it has been very dry with our early Spring.
I will sit up and wait for his call so that I will know he is safe....
One of my sisters left yesterday for Mexico.
and my other one is leaving tomorrow night for another part of Mexico,
They sure knew when to get out of town.
So they will be in bathing suits
and I very well could be in a parka and  winter boots.
I just pray no matter where we are or what we are doing
that we all are safe.
I am going to go put some music on
and wait for his call,
then back to sleep for this little chickadee.
Be well my friends,
Until next time.


  1. The weather is weird here too. I still have all my winter gear as well as my spring outfits out and ready to go. I am like a girl scout..prepared for anything!! LOL!!
    Hope you didn't have to wait too long for his call?
    Take care my friend

  2. So far we have had a week of what appears to be spring. I know it can just be a trick by Mother Nature, so I enjoy her humor and I keep the boots and sweats ready a while longer. Sounds like you are taking care of yourself. Hubby and I have a nap almost every day too, sometimes just a half hour sometimes an hour. We are usually up so early that by 1 or 1:30 we can use a little cat nap. If you husband is called back to work at night does he have the next day off?

  3. There always seems to be one last blast.
    Almost every year.
    And I'm always caught off-guard.
    You would think by now, that I expect it!
    Stay warm, Cinner!

  4. weather confusion here, too....
    but it finally looks like smooth sailing from here on out :)

  5. We actually hit 80* the day after we had a thunderstorm with hail and then last night it went down to 34*, but the temperature is on the rise again! Thankfully! I like the mid 70's myself! Enjoy your weekend Cinner.


    I love the image I see of the storm approaching and its promise awakening you - I can se you feeling the chill and putting on your robe and heading to the window to see the promise of a storm come true. Great images told in words.

    Love you girl "hey"

  7. We hit 90 a couple of days ago but now it's grey and rainy. I'm enjoying it all. Change is good ;)

    Peeking in to say HI Cinner!

  8. SELAH thanks for stopping by, 90 degrees sounds like heaven to me, I truly love all seasons. We should know up here that it is too early for Spring, Change is always good. Hugs to you my friend.

    Gail, love you too girl...I love a storm, reminds me of my Dad...he used to like to sit and listen to the rain on the top of the vehicle. It was surprising the wind came up so quick yesterday. still blowing....I am inside , all is good.

    Wanda, wow what a difference, The weather just seems all over the map. Have a great weekend too. Thanks for visiting.

    Beth, I hope so...I took a picture of a Heron in Vancouver. I knew you would laugh if you saw it. It was a far away speck. I need to hang around with you. have a great weekend.

    Anne, one day it will all sink in,lol. One year we had snow in July, that was just crazy. They always say wait a minute and the weather will change. hugs to you.

    ThecnoBabe, yes my husband worked this am, so he just stayed overnight because the roads and wind were so bad. he is snoring as I am typing this. He only has one week a month that he is on call, so it is not bad....I stick to a schedule as much as I can otherwise my cataplexy gets really bad, so some days 2 or 3 short naps....Like you guys I am an early riser,,,,if I sleep in I feel like half my day is gone...take care have a great weekend.

    SueAnn, he ended up staying out there because of the wind,,,he said it was like driving in a horror movie....I am staying in where it is warm. hugs to you.


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