Friday, April 2, 2010

Check These Guys know you wanna!

Can you believe I stumbled across these amazing statues in British Columbia.
A bunch of us were driving to meet my cousin for Sushi for dinner.
I said stop. and quickly got this snap!
Oh how I believe a day without laughter is a day wasted.
Can you imagine if we all could laugh like this everyday,
I believe we would be less stress free,
healthier, happier.
These little fellows (about 8 feet tall) are very moving when you see them in all their glory/
They somehow appear a little goofy.
Here is to all the goofiness and laughter you manage to have today!
Keep smiling my friends and I hope you Have Your Best Day Ever!


  1. It is indeed a very unique sight and makes for a wonderful subject for a picture. Laughter is indeed the salt of life without which all dishes would be tasteless.

  2. I am indeed laughing my big, fat ass off... (I know it's big and fat because I just had the pleasure of looking at it in a swimming costume!!)


  3. Oh I love them!! I want to laugh like that too! Every day!! Thanks for the pic!

  4. This is an awesome sculpture. Laughter is contagious so even though they are statues they lead us to laughter. Wonderful catch.

  5. It's great!
    Love it!

    Margie :)

  6. Interesting sculpture! Ah, laughing is soo very therapeutic.
    Happy Easter, dear Cinner!

  7. Oh I love these guys, what a great reminder that laughing is so much fun.

  8. Liss, they are huge when you see them in person, Everytime I look at them I smile. They kind of remind me of the Maybe I am losing it. take care. Happy Easter.

    Monica, there is nothing like it is there. Have a great Easter Monica. Hugs.

    Margie, Hi hope you are well. cant help but smile can we. Have a great Easter.

    TecnoBabe. If I had not looked up at the stoplight I would have missed these little gaffers. That would have been a shame, because they do make me smile. Take care. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    SueAnn, it would be wonderful if we could everyday. sometimes when I am overtired everything strikes me as funny...thank goodness for chairs or I would be falling on my pass. Lol.

    ED, you are quite hilarious. I have not tempted to get into a swim suit for years. My idea of a swimsuit is a big baggy tshirt and shorts....oh yeah I am the cute one at the pool. Actually since I got Cataplexy there are no more playdates there in case I have a spell in the water....Have a great weekend.

    Jana I love that quote! the salt of life. Hope you have a great weekend and keep laughing. take care.

  9. They make me smile.

    Laughter is such good therapy. Thanks dear.
    one love.

  10. Just wonderful! It reminds me of the Gossip Girls we saw in Old Montreal last year. Perhaps the same artist? These guys are just great! Karen


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