Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hockey Night In Canada

 I have explained in the last few posts  that I love old photos. This was one I found while visiting my Mom. It is just a picture of the picture...Note to self...I need to purchase a scanner, Note to self...when I have money. ...Note to self...LMAO.  Sorry I got sidetracked there for a moment.  
When I was home last time for a visit, I actually met an Old timer who played hockey with my Dad. I believe it was just in a farm league. I got introduced to him and he told me oh yes he remembered my father well and that one night when he was playing against him that my Dad lost a couple teeth, spit them in his hand and kept on playing hockey....I thought to myself yes that sounds like my Dad. I had never known why he had lost his two front teeth, the things you do not think of when your growing up. Anyway my husband was very impressed with meeting this gentleman as one of his sons played in the National Hockey League. My husband is an avid sports fan. Tonight he is at a Hockey Pool that he has been going to for over 30 years, Both teams in our province are out of any playoffs so we will have to see which players he picks. Growing up on Saturday nights there was always hockey on, my Dad would lay on the couch watching....back then it was Bobby Orr, and all the old names....We even had the little hockey game as kids...boy we thought we had something, pulling that little lever and being able to make those men move...wow. Nowadays my husband and I are always disagreeing about the amount of testosterone floating around in any sports. I believe there is no place in hockey for a fight, that I do not see how that makes it a better game...I think I say this just to get my hubby going. My favorite part of hockey is seeing Don Cherry. I find him hilarious, a sharp dresser. I especially love his high collared shirts, his flashy suits well you either like them or not., and I have to admit I usually do! Not that I would want my husband to wear something like them....anyway I saw Mr. Cherry one night talk about his wife after she had passed away. Obviously he loved her very very much, and since then I have been a huge fan.  My older sister met her husband at a local hockey game. He accidentally knocked her over with his hockey bag. It caught her right behind the knees and they have been married about 27 years. It is unfortunate that hockey has become such an expensive sport as a lot of children have been unable to experience the thrill of being on the ice. There was a mother/son game once when my brother was playing. I think he was about ten. I went and played as his Mom....my Mom did not know how to skate....I do remember the little munchkins beat us badly....It was lots of fun. My first real professional hockey game I ever saw I went with my Uncle and was amazed at how different the rinks were compared to a small town. It has been a couple of years since I have been to a hockey game. we just do not have extra money for that, but watching on T.V. is the next best thing. Note to self...I am amazed I actually have written a whole post on hockey. I will have to show my husband as he will never believe this. LOL.
I want to share a poem my husband wrote for me on our first Valentines after we got married,
and you will see what an avid sports fan he is...

To my wife,
You are my super bowl of love,
You are the Stanley Cup of my life,
I am happier than I have ever been,
And the reason is you-my loving wife.

You are the home run that makes me cheer,
And the hat trick on a Saturday night.
This is the first Valentines since we wed.
Love is a Sport and We got it right!
Note to self, I still love him as much as when he wrote this.
I hope you all have a great day,
and remember Life is a game we only get to play once.
May you embrace your day, and Have your very Best Day Ever.


  1. I think it's such a cute story of how my future in laws met! I hope we can put our kids in hockey one day, I'm always impressed with how well Nate can skate.

  2. Hi sweetie, loved this post on hockey, play offs won't be the same without one of our teams involved but I still will enjoy the games, I really like Sid the Kid so will see how far Pittsburgh will go, what a nice poem your husband wrote you......:-) Hugs

  3. What a wonderful post! I grew up watching my dad watching American football games. He was so invested into them and I enjoyed watching his enthusiasm. Golf was another of his sports that he watched and that he played as well. Your post back back these wonderful memories for me. For that, I thank you.
    Yes life is a game played through only once. It is not about winning or losing; but how you play it that counts.
    Live to your fullest!!

  4. what a wonderful poem he wrote you...
    but the fight is art of hockey...smiles. been years since i went to a live ahockey game as well. used to go all the time when we had a minor league team...your dad sounds tough...spitting teeth and still playing...

  5. ice hockey is just a bleep on the radar here but I love your story.

  6. The price for being a fan and a spectator to a sport is too high in my opinion. Either a person has plenty of money like Jack Nicholson, or they scrimp and use the grocery or rent money to be able to see professional sports. Totally out of control. The Valentine poem your husband wrote to you is so sweet. You two are such love birds.

  7. TechnoBabe, it is amazing the prices they charge to go to a game or for the equipment. I am okay with watching from home. I agree it is out of control. Hah we were like old crows today.

    Liss, glad you liked the story, I figure maybe you got a kangaroo story for me though. lol.

    Brian, your sounding like the hubby. lol. the fight is the art of hockey....take care.

    SueAnn glad you were remembering your Dad, football was not as prominent as hockey for us. we both will cherish our memories. take care my friend. hugs to you.

    Bernie, I knew you would, I still miss Ryan Smith being here. I really liked him. He is my favorite. Especially after he went to that ladies birthday party that was turning 100, and he let her run her hands through his hair. Did you hear about that. Swoon. lol, have a great day.

    Nurses Curses, yes it was cute, and I have a couple of pics of Nate playing hockey...I probably can not even stand up on the ice now. lol. hope you are well.


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