Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning.

I  have had this bouquet of roses for about four days,
This morning when I walked into my kitchen 
the scent was beautiful. 
They are completely open now.
It appears my cat is enjoying them as well.
I hope you have a wonderful Monday,
and that you take time to smell the flowers.


  1. Hi Cinner, I thought these were artificial flowers, they look so perfect and a beautiful color. Enjoy your day, I hope you are feeling well and strong.

  2. Those roses are gorgeous...the color...Oh My!! Have a wonderful day Cinner!!

  3. What a fabulous bouquet! Fresh flowers are such a treat, arent they!
    Have a terrific day, Cinner!
    Monica xo

  4. at least I can enjoy flowers through your photos...allergies and all. thanks for brightening my day.

    one love.

  5. ah but none so beautiful as the ones you brought us today...wish i could smell them. have a wonderful week!

  6. Oh they are beautiful, the white roses I received for Easter only lasted about 3 days except for 2 of them which are still pretty today, so strange.......:-) Hugs

  7. I love the smells of spring! I was parked on a street in Vancouver that had some cherry trees and some other flowers, and within a few minutes I counted 3 people who stopped to look or smell. It's so nice to see busy people take a second to stop and enjoy nature.

  8. They even look like they smell sweet! :)

  9. They are absolutely gorgeous...a light pink throughout with a darker tint on top!

  10. Those roses remind me of you...a favorite soothing color. A welcome into simple experiences and the unexpected treat of a moment divinely inspired.

    And, a fragrance of familiar and wonderful.

  11. I love the smell of fresh flowers....warms the heart and soul!


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