Sunday, April 11, 2010

Looking Back, Thinking Ahead.

When I was home this last time I found some old photos,
I wanted to show this one today as my Grandmother
would have been 98 today, She died at the age of 91.
My grandfather passed away almost 25 years ago. He died from Cancer,
The good looking oldest son, well that was my Dad, He died at 74 and it
will be a year on May 30th. I love looking at old pictures. It makes me remember
many memories, though I miss them I know longer weep for them.
My Grandpa he was a farmer, he always pulled our ears, and he always had gum or candy for us,
And in his later years he always had cheezies in great big bags as treats. After he quit farming and they moved to town, he grew one of the best gardens, There was never ever a weed to be found.
My grandmother had been a teacher and taught grades one to nine in a one room school house. 
She often spoke of that time. I have many fond memories of Grandma teaching me how to knit, crochet,
needle point, sew, etc.  My Dad was the oldest son, and he took over the family farm.I think he kind of looks a little like Elvis Presley here....He would have been about twenty here.
This picture was my Grandmothers side of the family, grandma lived until 91
and her sister until 93. They were very very close.
The fellow in the center was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I don't know too much
about him or my Great Grandma at all. I do love to look at the pictures.
My great Uncle on the left, very uncanny but he looks a lot like my husband.
The fellow on the far right is my Dad,
This was a game played in the area called Belgium Bowling,
It used to be a great thing to get together on a Sunday afternoon
and play with the neighbors, There were about ten families
and they all had there own bowl. I would have come into the
picture much later, The game is still played in the area.
I believe the gentleman sitting down was my Grandfather.
The other fellow is unknown.
I had to show this bottom picture, This was a very common thing as we were growing up,
My older sister and I have already moved away. The other fellow is  my Uncle who was my Dads best friend. Many a happy time we all had either playing or working all together.
We would all scrape the ice in the winter and have hockey games, and usually a weiner roast after.
It is funny how all the things you can remember in one way  make me whom I am today.
I will cherish all my memories forever..
Families are wonderful, none  are perfect, but their yours and you love them!
The family farm is now a fourth generation and in two years will be one hundred years old.
Most of the old buildings are all gone, I was lucky to find one of the first family farm photos.
and compare how it looks today.
Last night on my husbands side his Uncle turned 90.
My husbands father passed on about 8 years ago.
The two brothers to me were like night and day,.
one very outgoing, the other quite reserved.
Uncle W still drives at 90,
and he like my Grandpa grows the most amazing garden.
I was not able to make it to the party last night,
My husband was there and about a hundred people in total,
My love was sent and we will get together once all their company has left.
What blows my mind is all the changes that they have seen in their live span.
From cars, televisions, trains, electricity, telephones, and so much more.
I  have so much respect for the elderly, love to talk to them and learn.
Life was different then compared to now, 
Life was not as rushed. I think so many changes in their lifetimes,
Makes me wonder what more changes we will see ahead of us.
If you have family find out all you can know about them,
Once they are no longer here you may wish you took the time to ask and learn as much as you could.
I grew up on a farm, and my husband is a city boy,
Living was different, but yet it is amazing how much our values and love of family is the same
I wish you all well, and hopefully a day spent with your loved ones.
Have a great day. 
Love to you all.


  1. Your love of family definitely comes through in your writing, Cinner. How wonderful that you husband has the same values. Your dad certainly was a good looking young man. Your mom must be good looking too because you got some good looks from them. Do you have a picture of you and your siblings all together?

  2. How fun is that, Cinner - I love old photographs...
    They all have a thousand stories to inspire.
    I noted the Mountie first thing....they all seem to have
    "that Mountie look," eh?

  3. beautiful the pics. there is something to be said of family and your reminiscance brought that to the surface. thanks for the smiels and hope you hav a onderful sunday as well...

  4. I loved looking at your old photos! Your dad was very good looking and I agree he looked like Elvis!! You are right about talking to family ....I hope all the young ones reading your blog will listen. Ask questions and write the answers down. I wish I had done more.

  5. Thank you for sharing these wonderful old photos with us. I enjoy looking at them and hearing the story behind them.

    Have a great day! xx

  6. The old photos are fabulous and so touching. To see people at work and play and to know they are your flesh and blood. That is special and makes life rich. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What terrific photos...and such precious memories...your family has both longevity and beauty! How very fortunate you have been...and I am so glad...And the photos are truly a wonderful to look at them, and feel your family members are still with you...Thank you for such a beautiful reminder! Love you! Janine XO

  8. Janine, hi, I love old photos even of people I do not know. My family is all in my heart, After writing this I dreamed of my Dad, so I must have been thinking of him when I went to sleep. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. It seems it went by in a flash. take care.

    SueAnn, It is special and does make life rich, Our family is not as close as it once was, but I hope we can one day all find our way back to some peace and harmony with one another. I should write a post about this, just dealing differently with our Dads death. I guess it is normal. Hope you had a great weekend probably did some amazing art work. I will be checking in. be well my friend.

    Sara, oh I am glad, I could look at old photos all day and they do not even have to be people I know. Times they have changed. take care and have a great week.

    Gayle, in this picture my Dad did look like him, his younger brother when he got older he really looked like Elvis. I remember my older sister and I crying our eyes out the day Elvis died, our dad thought we had lost our minds....I think my Mom shed a tear or two also. strange things we remember.

    Brian, yes family is everything, my husband and I never had any children, but my sisters have said we are the best Aunt and Uncle to thier children. I always say it is because we could send them back. lol. I often wonder what our children would have looked like, you having children I am sure understand this. I am glad these brought a smile to your face, they did mine. have a wonderful week....

    Anne, yes you seem to be able to pick them out right away, I think it is the stoic demeanor. I just love old photos, I have an old one somewhere of a lady walking on a doc eating watermellon. no idea who she is but it is my favorite photo. I will have to dig it up and share it. Take care Anne, have a great week. The sun shone today, so was feeling really good in the afternoon today.

    TechnoBabe, I will have to find one I am sure I do somewhere. I should have posted it with this post. My Mom was really pretty and she is still quite young, sixty seven. She walks on her tread mill every day, and eats healthy. She has done so much with her friends since my Dad died, it is really good for her. She married at 17, so it is nice to see her find things she enjoys to do. When we were home she bought a digital camera, dvd player, so we were showing her how to operate the she phoned me from her car, she was programming numbers in, so then had to call me from her car. She quite likes that I am usually at home. She calls me lots, and I the same. Sorry to ramble on and on. I hope you and your husband had a wonderful weekend. and have a great week ahead. hugs to you.

  9. i love reading about your family. this one showed your love so clearly.

  10. Hi Kamana, oh I am glad, I like history. I have a Brother in Laws brother who works in the Archives. I find his work very interesting. I am working on our family tree....I do some, then put it away for months and then pick it up again....I hope you and your family are well. take care.

  11. I really like looking at those old pictures of Grandpa, thank you for posting them.

  12. I love old photographs..they are such treasures that pour memories out through their beauty and history!!!!


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