Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Buds!

the tree is bare,
but suddenly they appear,
new tiny buds of renewed life,
that yesterday were not there,
soon the lilacs will bloom,
the aroma will fill the air,
I will put a few vases in the house,
the smell to linger there,
the beauty  seems to stay just a few weeks.
A few of my friends will visit,
and leave with their own bouquets.
and shortly after this
the petals will float to the ground,
They seemed to do their dance
and not miss a beat.
But sadly shortly after life
they lay beneath my feet,
 Every year I am reminded,
Of the joy to me they bring.
As I grab a branch and bring it closer to my nose.,
I feel a slight tingle from my head to my toes.
The lilac starts a cycle, at least in my yard
Soon there will be many flowers blooming.
all special and unique.
I can not choose a favorite,
that task for me is hard.
So I will enjoy every one,
as precious as the last,
and I know that it will start again,
The lilacs will return
when the next winter shall pass.
What a blessing.
Have a great day,


  1. A sure sign of Spring...... Lilacs, I so love their smell.......:-) Hugs

  2. Oh how I love lilacs too! We visited the rose garden and they had two large lilac bushes in full bloom. The smell was divine! I could have stood there for hours.
    Loved your poem of spring. Well said!

  3. it is a blessing....we have a bench we put in at the end of the path out the grapevine and the to go sit there...

  4. My old fashioned Lilacs have bloomed, but my Korean Lilac is just starting! They and the Lilies of the Valley are my favorite scents of spring!

  5. Hubby and I have been in awe of how quickly the leaves grow and the blossoms show up here too. Each day there is tremendous growth and it is more beautiful each day.

  6. how wonderful to know they are coming.

  7. soon there were be blooms all over.


    lilacs are my favorite - my lilac bush is blooming :-)

    Love you

  9. Gail, love lilacs, oh you are lucky. it had been so nice, last night a storm blew in and it is cold...maybe some snow, I hope not, but it sure feels like it.'LOVE YA TOO.

    Kamana, I can hardly wait, however today does feel more like a winter day, a coldness in the air. Take care.

    Char, yes it is great, loved your post yesterday, you actually got me going on my other blog. lol. have a good weekend.

    TechnoBabe, you guys sound a lot like us, loving the nature and simple peaceful times. I feel that a lot when I read your posts. take care.

    Wanda, it sounds lovely, I have not heard of a Korean Lilac, I will have to look it up. And yes Lily of the Valley. I have them in the front of my house and along the side, I love the white flowers. have a great weekend. take care.

    Brian, I can just see you and your wife and boys out there. sounds like a lovely spot. have a great weekend.

    SueAnn, they do have a wonderful smell, sad they only last such a short time. So I enjoy them while they are here. I think you sent the rain this way...maybe the cold too. lol.
    Changed overnight, feels like snow. have a great weekend.

    Bernie, if your like me you are wondering what happened to our good weather. It was so cold last night, we had to turn our furnace back on...oh there is a chill in the air. take care hope you are feeling okay. hugs.

  10. What a lovely poem! There is a beauty and wistfulness about it that truly touch my heart! I love it! But I must tell you...when your page loaded this evening, I gasped! Your new header is stunningly beautiful!!! Simply spectacular!! You are an amazing photographer and poet! Have a wonderful weekend! Love you, Janine XO

  11. Lovely, lovely words.

    ha ha... My word verification is "tater". No idea why that's making me laugh so much.

  12. Janine, thank you, In our city we have the Muttart....which is 4 pyramids and in each one they have different climates. The above picture I took there. So much beauty at the Muttart. You just can not go wrong. They have remodelled it. I have not been there since, so it is on my list of things to do...I would love to sit and spend the day drawing. Have a great weekend, until next week.

    Reyln, some of these word verifications make me laugh I really do understand it. lol....would that be like a tater tot....Have a great weekend.


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