Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wedding Flowers!

Hi I just wanted to post about the wedding decorations that my sister
and I worked on while I was at her place.
There is nothing like Spring and being in love.
I just think everything turned out beautiful, 
The wedding is not until September.
I am so excited for her,
we laughed, we cried, 
I am blessed I get to share in her happiness!
Have a wonderful day.
if you celebrate Easter,
Happy Easter to you and yours,
if not have a great weekend.


  1. Happy Easter my friend, are the photos the flowers you made on holiday.....if they are they are beautiful.......:-) Hugs

  2. They are boooootttifullll flowers... I think I wanna get married now :0)

  3. Oh wow the wedding decorations are beautiful!!

  4. Hi Bernie, yes they are the ones I made with my sister. I love being creative. we had all kinds of fun. I hope you have a great Easter.

    ED....I could be a bridesmaid, or maxs date. lol.

    Gayle, thankyou, I will tell my sister, she is the typical bubbling bride to be. Have a great Easter Gayle, are you playing Easter Bunny.

  5. What fabulous flowers. The colors are amazing! Everything looks fantastic. Happy Easter to you too

  6. You and your sister are talented. My SIL has a flower shop in Michigan and I think she would even be impressed with what you and your sis made. These are wonderful. Hope you and your husband have a wonderful Easter, Cinner.

  7. Simply gorgeous.

    Have a Happy Easter, Cinner.

  8. The flowers are just beautiful Cinner!
    Happy Easter!

    Margie :)

  9. Margie, makes me want to do the wedding thing all over again. No, Lol...Have a great week.

    Se'lah, thank you. I think they turned out because we are so in sync, so I knew what she wanted. Hope your Easter was filled with love and family members. Hugs to you.

    TechnoBabe, oh to own a flower shop, I would be in heaven. That was one of my dreams at one time. I had a friend that had a flower shop for years. He has retired now, but I loved going to see him. You are getting a lot of recognition out in blogland, I read about you on Edddie Bluelights. I think that was it.
    You are most deserving. have a great week.

    Thanks SueAnn, my sister and I had lots of fun doing them together. Her Beau was even in on it. Take care, I can hardly wait to hear what your clients thought about your last piece of artwork.Have a great week.

  10. Great job! So much work but will last forever. Wonderful! Hope you had a Happy Easter and enjoy the long weekend :) Karen x0x0


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